You Gotta Try This Bacon Fat Popcorn Hack

Suicide Squad opens this weekend and, despite depressingly bad reviews, I really enjoyed it. It’s a solid popcorn flick. However, if you’re set on passing this new entry in the superhero genre, just enjoy a movie night at home. Maybe Netflix some Stranger Things and make yourselves some bacon-flavored popcorn.

Yes, bacon-flavored popcorn.

According to People, all you have to do is cook up some bacon and save the excess fat on the saucepan. Then, add your popcorn kernels and start cooking your popcorn on the stovetop. You’ll get fresh popcorn with the aromatic bacon favor. If you’re really into bacon in your popcorn chop up the pieces you cooked beforehand and throw them on top of your freshly-popped popcorn bowl.

Check out the video above for more details.

Movie night, guys!

h/t: People

By Peter Pham

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