Bacon Moonshine, You’re Welcome ‘Murica


Loyal Foodbeast readers are, by this time, familiar with our obsessions with liquor and bacon and anything that combines them. The rest of America (taking a page from us, we assume) has also jumped on the bandwagon, largely due to something called “fat washing,” described here by mixologist Don Lee:

 Fat is non-polar, while drinking alcohol (40% abv) is mostly water and thus polar. This prevents the fat from being dissolved into the alcohol. The alcohol itself (ethanol), however is both polar and nonpolar, allowing water to be dissolved into itself as well fat soluble compounds. What this means is that flavorful compounds from the fat will transfer into the alcohol while keeping the fat itself separate…That, in a nutshell, is fat washing.

The point of all this is alcohol and bacon were basically made for each other. Because science.

Blogger Christian Grantham agrees and so has brought us this bacon-infused moonshine (or bourbon). Basically, you cook a couple slices of bacon and add a little rendered fat to your moonshine. Let it sit, pop it in the freezer, then remove the frozen fat.

Voila. You, sir or madam, are a magician, with all the big science-y words to back you up.

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By Aziza Sullivan

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