Latest Jack in the Box Burger Has Bacon IN the Patty, Dubbed ‘Bacon Insider’


In an attempt to one-up the competition, Jack in the Box has released a bona fide bacon-infused patty. Candidly named the “Bacon Insider,” the new item comes decked out in a gourmet brioche bun, melted cheese, bacon mayo sauce and several bacon strips on top of a burger patty embedded with chunks of bacon.

We spotted the signage for the new item at a location on Main St. in Santa Ana, California. Naturally, we had our go-to fast foodie Peter snap some glamour shots.



Curly fries were a must to this mini adventure, naturally:



Bacon mayo drool porn:


Another photo of Elie stuffing his face, per usual:


The shot below gives you a real closeup of the bacon chunks in the patty:





Overall, the burger was really tasty, with the bacon adding a nice crunch to the beef patty. Protip: order an extra side of bacon mayo to add a nice juicy sloppiness to the whole bacon-happy shebang.

At the moment,  the Bacon Insider is available for a limited time at participating locations. The price is $4.99, but may vary by location.

OH, we also discovered that the new sandwich will be tied to a Super Bowl campaign featuring Jack and an animal dubbed as ‘Bork,’ a beef-pork spotted pig with horns that squeals “moink.”

Seriously, we can not make this biz up:




I kid you not — check this spot out, and watch it live on February 2nd:

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