Bacon-Flavored Lollipops

Bacon’s unofficial reigning title as Nature’s Candy has been sweetly cemented.

Vat 19 is now distributing Bacon Pops, a new line of hard candy lollipops, for those who like their breakfast portable, pocket-sized, and on a stick. Each six-pack comes with an assortment of flavors to tickle your epicurean fancy — choose from BBQ Bacon, Maple Bacon, and Honey Bacon. The bacon bits inside the hand-poured hard candy base consist of soy and flavoring rather than pork meat, so fret not, vegetarians. Proceed to salivate.

As of now, the product offering is sold out, but according to the website, more stock is scheduled to arrive next week. Stay tuned.

By Sophie He

Sophie He is a twenty-something year-old Silly Billy who recently moved to the bizarro neighborhood of Los Angeles that is Koreatown. She lives walking distance from an excess of dive bars, AYCE BBQ joints, taco trucks, cafes, and restaurants up the wazoo. She drinks black coffee in the morning everyday and puts Sriracha on pretty much everything.

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