Pure Awesome: Japanese Dominos Releases R2-D2 Pizza Box

R2-Pizza box

The good news: Somewhere in Japan, Domino’s pizza has collaborated with Star Wars to market this crazy awesome pizza box, shaped like the 3D bust of everyone’s favorite character (after that Ewok that tried to wake up its dead friend, but really, that’s just a pity vote), R2-D2.

The bad news: the closest thing I can find to an explanation is all in Japanese. From the visual context, I believe we can safely assume that Star Wars is set in space, and there are people. What that has to do with movies or pizza, I’m not sure.


The point is this: Japan has an R2-D2 shaped pizza box. It’s 3D, it’s adorable, and its contents are delicious. Foodbeasts, enjoy.

H/T + PicThx Nerdalicious

By Aziza Sullivan

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