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A&W Launches High-End Merch Line Called ‘Cheddar Weather’ Collection

A&W is ready to stake claim to the best fall food merch in the game with their new Cheddar Weather collection. The 102-year old franchise has come on strong to the fall season by debuting a high-end collection of apparel and accessories that spotlight A&W Cheese Curds made with 100% Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese.

Though the subject at hand is a cheesy item, the actual Cheddar Weather collection is far from it, boasting a handsome lineup of premium cut & sew pieces like a letterman jacket and sweatshirt, and even hand-painted Thorogood boots. Truly, this is food merch taking itself seriously and shining, creating a quintessential fall collection with licks of Americana.

Created by Kentucky-based ad agency Coomer, Cheddar Weather is now available for purchase here. Choose from hand-painted Thorogood boots, letterman jackets and patches, fanny packs, hats, t-shirts, scarves and more, with price points ranging from $25 to $700.

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.