Portland Police Are Using A Donut Scale To Show Everyone How Much Weed Is Legal In Their State


You don’t find too many police departments creating cute little visualizations… but Portland Police Bureau did just that. As of June 1st, Oregon’s Measure 91 allows adults 21 and older to posses up to one ounce of marijuana outside the home, eight ounces in the house, and four pot plants. For those who don’t want to carry a scale around with them, PPB created this visualization comparing the legal limits for weed… to a doughnut!!!

We’re not sure if this is poking fun at doughnut loving police or stoners (hey, they’ve got things in common!) but the graphic is surprisingly handy for Portlanders familiar with a local icon – the Voodoo Doughnut voodoo doughnut.

Oregon has much higher limits than other jurisdictions allowing possession, with Colorado, Washington State and Alaska allowing up to one ounce, and Washington DC allowing two ounces. While a doughnut may not seem like the most accurate way to measure your mountain of weed, research from Colorado suggests that arrests for over-possession are significantly less than possession arrests prior to legalization.

Will Portland Police be required to carry a Voodoo Doughnut for scale? We hope so.

Written by Benjamin Starr of VisualNews || via Portland Mercury


How Much Sugar Do You Consume In A Day? This Video Might Scare You


The best visual content has beauty, substance, and a strong takeaway. It keeps you captivated and makes you think—even about things you don’t want to (like how much sugar you consume in a day). So, when we came across this video, “Sugar of the Day,” by Tien-Min Liao, we had to give it props.

Using bright colors, papercraft, live-action, and graphic overlays, the video shows us the scary truth about sugar consumption in a neat package. The simplicity in set design and presentation, as well as clever data display, make this particularly compelling. (It’s a great reminder that you don’t always need a big budget to do a job well.) After watching this, we’re ready to skip the sweets.

Written by Katy French of Visual News


Smart Machine That Feeds Stray Animals When Bottles Get Recycled


In the large city of Istanbul, Turkey, an estimated 150,000 stray cats and dogs roam the street. It’s a polarizing topic in the country, and any attempts to eliminate their presence is met with strong opposition. Local animal activists attribute the core problem to the city’s many illegal pet shops and active animal-smuggling trade. With only small fines issued if caught smuggling, many purebred puppies are brought to the stores. There, people buy them as pets but often abandoned the animals when they are too much to handle. The animals are left to fend for themselves on the streets, often malnourished, which is why an innovative company has decided to do something about it.

To raise awareness, a Turkish company, Pudgeon, has designed an innovative vending machine that not only helps feed these stray animals but takes care of recycling, too. When you feed the machine a plastic bottle, it disperses food and water for stray cats and dogs—genius, right? The money made from the recycled bottles is used to purchase more dog and cat food and create more machines. While the machines may not be a sustainable long-term solution, they have brought attention to the issue. For more information about Pudgeon, check out the company’s website and Facebook page.







vending-machine-feeds-stray-animals-in-exchange-for-recycled-bottles-1 (1)



Written by Shawn Saleme of Visual News // Via Jezebel


In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby: How To Make The Best Mint Juleps

This Saturday marks the 141st running of the “greatest two minutes in sports.” Or, if you’re not into that sports stuff, one of the greatest reasons to drink of the year: The Kentucky Derby.

Besides being one of the premiere events for horseracing, the Kentucky Derby is famous for ridiculous hatscelebrities in seersucker, and its signature drink, the Mint Julep. Want to celebrate this weekend? Learn how to make this Derby mainstay and more twists on the classic Julep below.


Written by‘s Jan Diehm


Visualizing The Decline Of College Drinking, One New Freshman At A Time

College drinking is on the decline, and it’s been that way for the past decade. That’s according to “The American Freshman: National Norms” reports from UCLA (CIRP/HERI). It found that over the last 10 years entering freshman consistently reported less and less drinking, with the number of students reporting “frequent” or “occasional” beer, wine and spirits drinking dropping by a sizable 25%. Students also reported a large decline in partying, with a growing share saying they didn’t party at all.


Written by Benjamin Starr of VisualNews


This Is The Age You’re Likely To Die Of Alcohol Poisoning [CHART]

For many people, the term binge drinking conjures up visions of wild frat parties filled with poor youthful decisions. But if you look at what age group is most at risk from alcohol poisoning, the majority of deaths are actually happening to middle aged people between 45 and 54 – a staggering 34% of total alcohol poisoning deaths.

In the US there are about 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths each year, or about 6 per day, according to a recent study by the CDC. Of those, 3 in 4 are between the ages of 35 and 64. Most of those deaths are men; a sizable 76%.

Extreme levels of alcohol in the body causes the shutdown of critical areas of the brain that control breathing, body temperature and heart rate. The CDC recommends a number of community and state based approaches to reduce alcohol poisoning deaths on their site.


Written by Benjamin Starr of VisualNews


Visualizing The Top Beer Consuming States In America [NATIONAL BEER DAY]


If there’s one holiday to remember, it’s National Beer Day. And just so you don’t somehow miss it, here’s a hint: it’s April 7th, and that’s today!

In honor of this celebration of America’s exceptionally well rounded (and growing) brewing tradition, we asked the question: which State would celebrate the best? While we don’t know numbers for this exact day, we tapped into a study by industry trade publisher Beer Marketeers Insights and found the ten states that consume the most beer on an annual basis. Who topped off the list? The Roughrider State, North Dakota, with a per capita beer consumption of 43.3 gallons per year. Do the math and that’s about 77 six-packs per person!

So what to drink? While Bud Lite and Blue Moon are the most popular beers in most states (our home California is an oddity and favors Corona), there are a TON of good beers associated with each state.

Thrillest put together a great map of each states most iconic beer. We’ll leave it here for drinking inspiration:


Written by Benjamin Starr for VisualNews


This Is The Scientific Reason Colors Stick To Egg Shells


Dyeing Easter eggs is a beautiful tradition; it’s also a weird process. Somehow eggs, food coloring, and vinegar create those pretty hues. But why does it work?

Why do egg shells take the color?

We wanted to find out, so we created this graphic to break it down—clean and simple. Time to head back to science class, kids.


Written by Katy French for VisualNews