The Etiquette Of Drinking With Your Boss


by Adam Teeter,

At some point in your career, you’re going to get invited out by your boss for happy hour drinks, and regardless of whether or not you like him or her, you’re going to have to go, because let’s be honest, you’d like to receive that raise or promotion that you rightfully deserve. But heading out to the bar with the boss is a delicate dance in etiquette. This isn’t simply drinks with friends, you need to have your game face on and be prepared, because nothing is ever “casual” when you’re out drinking with the person who’s responsible for you receiving your paycheck. These are the rules:

#1 Let Your Boss Pick The Bar

You might hate sports, or craft cocktails, but if that’s where your boss wants to grab a drink, don’t fight it. Letting your boss pick the location also prevents you from any blow-back should your boss not enjoy him or herself at the venue you’ve chosen.

#2 Offer To Pay

You know what will get you brownie points with the boss? Offering to pay. Sure your boss probably isn’t going to accept your offer, but the gesture will most certainly be noted. When you first get to the bar, say you’d like to treat your boss to the first round. When he or she brushes off the gesture and insists on paying, you’ll have made a great impression. And if in fact your boss does allow you to pay, don’t sweat it, you’ll look even better. Now just remember to tip.

#3 Go Easy On The Booze

If your boss is drinking hard liquor, that’s his or her prerogative. After all, you’re the one hanging out with a superior, not them, and that means you need to try and limit your booze consumption. If your boss insists on both of you drinking a glass of whiskey, sip it slowly and then absolutely do not order another, switch to a glass of wine or a beer instead. Alcohol has a way of making us much more loose with our words, and in these types of situations, it’s best you make sure you don’t say anything you might regret.

#4 Don’t Gossip About Work

After a few drinks, it can be very easy to slip into talking about the office, and that conversation can veer in the direction of gossip when there isn’t much to talk about besides the actual work the two of you do together. But as easy as it seems to just start talking about the coworkers you both don’t like or think are bad at their jobs, avoid it. Even if your boss is engaging with you in this dialogue it is very likely she or he is making a judgement about your character.

#5 Know When To Go Home

It can be hard to head home if your boss is covering the tab, but since this is after work drinks, and not a meal, there are only so many drinks one can consume without eating. You also aren’t trying to become best friends and the longer you stay, the more likely you are to talk about things you will regret when you get back to the office. After having a few drinks, politely excuse yourself and head home. You will be very glad you did.

Written by Adam Teeter,


Here’s What A Beer Will Cost You Around The World

If you’re like us, when you travel to a new city, discovering the local drinking scene — bars, breweries and the occasional urban winery — are at the top of your to-do list. Those of us who’ve been lucky enough to hop around the globe know that prices of life’s staples beer can vary widely. Since it’s always good to know in advance what you’re getting yourself into, we’ve highlighted the cities with the least and most expensive average beer prices in the world. If you want to see the entire list — 75 cities — head over to GoEuro, the folks who collected the data.

2 1

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Someone Drilled A Secret 9-Story Deep Wine Cellar Into A Cliff And Now You Can Buy It For $3 Million


How many bottles of wine do you have sitting at home? Four? Fourteen? Well, if you purchase an underground wine cellar in Tasmania, you’ll have enough space to keep 14,000. It’ll only cost you a cool $3 million.

A businessman is currently selling his 22-acre property set on a clifftop in Australia and while the property might look sparse at first – on the surface it only includes a shed and the stunning view – upon closer inspection you’ll discover a very insane wine cellar. Check out the secret stone door…


…which will lead you to 9-story deep tunnel plunging underground, where a winding staircase leads you to a wine geek’s dream.


You (and 31 friends) can sip chalices of wine at a banquet table that looks like it came straight out of Game of Thrones


Don’t feel like being social? Hole up in the stone-walled storage space and sip bottle after bottle of wine – though you’ll have to head above ground to the shed in order to use the facilities.


The man who owns the wine cellar initially wanted to build a spectacular residence on the property. However, he eventually decided not to go through with the building plans – probably because he was spending too much time in his cellar sipping vino. And really, can we blame him? This waterfront wine haven is breathtaking.


But as stunning as the property is, buyers are currently being deterred by the hefty price tag.

We think if the owner throws in a few bottles of wine (which are sadly not actually included with the property), we may be swayed to relocate our offices.

Interested in purchasing? Buy it here.

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Where The Hell The SAKE BOMB Came From: A Lesson In Irony

Sake bombs aren't Japanese

If you attended college in the US, you probably found yourself hanging out at a cheap karaoke bar at some point, eating mock crab California rolls and pounding sake bombs. If you’ve never had a sake bomb, you can either consider yourself as having missed out or, alternatively, greatly privileged. Sake bombs, typically comprised of cheap beer and cheap sake, are unpleasant, both in taste and consumption method. If you wish to subject yourself to a sake bomb, grab a glass of watery beer and lay two chopsticks over the cup’s rim. Atop the chopsticks, place a shot glass full of shlocky sake. Surround yourself with people who are willing to do the same. Then, collectively, yell this out:

Ichi…ni…san…sake bomb!  (Translated: One…two…three….DRANK!) Or, if you’re feeling a bit more barbaric:Sake…sake…sake…sake!At this point, everyone should bang on the table, causing the sake to fall into the beer. The resulting mix is to be guzzled quickly, before you can taste what you’re drinking. You might be wondering why the Japanese would invent a drinking game that subjects sake, a potentially delicious and often holy beverage, to such a strange practice.The answer is, they didn’t.

“…most Japanese think the West is crazy for wasting sake by dumping it into beer. Basically, doing a Chardonnay bomb would accomplish the exact same thing and how many oenophiles do you see doing Chardonnay bombs?”

The origins of the sake bomb are oddly mysterious, but there seems to be a consensus that the drink –  or drinking ritual, depending on how you look at it – did not originate in Japan, and is basically never practiced there. A few sources suggest that sake bombs were actually invented by American soldiers occupying Japan in the years following World War II. It’s hard to know if this history is ironic, or makes perfect sense.


Perhaps part of the reason sake bombs have proven more popular in America than they have in Japan is because many Americans believe that sake doesn’t taste any good. We think of it as something to be shot, rather than sipped. But the truth is, sake can be a downright delicacy. As Sake Social, an online sake retailer, brilliantly puts it, “…most Japanese think the West is crazy for wasting sake by dumping it into beer. Basically, doing a Chardonnay bomb would accomplish the exact same thing and how many oenophiles do you see doing Chardonnay bombs?”

Perhaps if we only had access to low-quality Chardonnay in the US, we would be kicking back Chard-bombs. Monica Samuels, National Sake Sales Manager for sake importer Vine Connections, believes that Americans have been consuming sake exclusively via sake bombs for decades because it was extremely difficult until recently to purchase premium sake in the US. Therefore, as only bad sake was available, we masked it like we would the taste of any cheap booze: by dousing it in mixers. In this case, the mixer was beer.

While you’re still welcome to throw a sake bomb down the hatchet – we’ve tossed back a few in our day – there are much better, less obnoxious ways to drink sake. Instead of boiling a bad sake to scorching temperatures or plopping it in a pint glass, enjoy a small portion of excellent sake with some light food, like a radish salad, rice, and a little fish. We recommend starting with Tozai Snow Maiden Nigori, which is easy to drink, fruit forward, and available onlineIchi…ni…san…good sake!

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11 U.S. Beer Bars You NEED To Visit Before You Die

We all have those special bars that we just love, but some bars are not only special to us, they’re incredible no matter who you are. These are bars that are worth seeking out, if only to enjoy just one pint. The experience and the journey is worth it. Here are 11 of those such bars. Grab a bar stool at one of them soon.


The Brickstore – Atlanta, Georgia


Arguably the bar that taught Atlantans to drink good beer, this place is a mecca for anyone that loves beer, especially of the Belgian variety. The darkly lit interior is reminiscent of an old abbey, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Plus the food is pretty delicious as well.


Kennedy School – Portland, Oregon


Located in a converted elementary school, McMenamins bought the school and converted it into a hotel, restaurant, bar and brewery. It makes for one of the most unique drinking experiences you’ll ever have, especially when you wind up in a bar named “detention.”


Burp Castle – New York, New York


All hail this temple of suds where you aren’t allowed to speak above a whisper. Seriously…other patrons will shush you.


Draught House – Austin, Texas


Whether you choose to hang out in the parking lot in your own chair, as the regulars do, or head inside to sample one of the 70+ beers on tap, you’ll have a hard time not having fun here.


Father’s Office – Los Angeles, California


One of the best complements to a good beer is a fantastic burger, and this place has one of the best around – the rumors are true. Plus their selection of beer is incredible. These guys are basically the ambassadors of craft beer in LA.


El Bait Shop – Des Moines, Iowa


When you pull up to this bar, you may think it’s more of a hangout spot for bikers than a place for beer, but they take their suds extremely seriously, even claiming to have the world’s largest selection of American craft brews on tap – there are over 100.


124 Old Rabbit Club – New York, New York


Head down a set of metal stairs just off Macdougal street and press the illuminated buzzer. If there’s room inside the door will open and you’ll be treated to a geeky selection of beer you won’t soon forget.


HopCat – Grand Rapids, Michigan


There are a few HopCats that have opened in recent years, but you want to head to the original, which is responsible for helping introduce the public to some of the best craft beers the state of Michigan has to offer, including mega hit Founders.


Palm Tavern – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This bar can be a bit tough to find – which locals love, and is why they aren’t too keen on places continuing to talk about it – but once you do, you’ll also find one of the best beer lists in the country, especially if you’re a fan of brews made in Belgium.


Ebenezer’s Pub – Lovell, Maine


This bar is located in the middle of nowhere, seriously, you are only going to Lovell, ME for this bar and this bar only — there is nothing around for miles. But Ebenezer’s has one of the best beer selections in the country – over 700 bottles – and you get to consume those beers while hanging out in an old converted farm house, so the trip to the middle of nowhere is totally worth it. There is a reason it has been named best beer bar in America several times.


The Thirsty Monk – Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is currently the most exciting place in the country for craft beer, and this bar is ground zero. Head here to sample all North Carolina has to offer, and more.

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6 Shocking Non-Alcoholic Items That Secretly Contain Alcohol


Did you ever have to take Driver’s Ed? In my home state, California, they were careful to emphasize the zero tolerance law, which means if you’re under 21, your BAC (blood alcohol level) can’t be higher than .01%. Why .01 and not just zero? Because there are certain “non-alcoholic” foods that contain trace amounts of liquor. While for some of these you’d have to consume large quantities to get intoxicated (it would be far more efficient to slam a beer or two), these items still do technically contain booze.


1. Mouthwash


While there are plenty of mouthwash brands that now make booze-free products, there are plenty who don’t. In fact, the original Listerine is close to 30% alcohol. Reports of people overdoing it with the mouth swishing aren’t unheard of, but the thought of drinking enough mouthwash to get drunk is enough to instinctively suck in your cheeks and shudder.


2. Honeybuns


Image via Bill Walsh / Flickr

While the jury is still out on just how alcoholic honeybuns are, it seems that they do up your risk of failing a breathalyzer test. Honeybuns also appear to be a popular food to snack on in prison.


3. Vanilla Extract


Image courtesy of Bigstock

Vanilla extract is actually really, really alcoholic. Like, 70 proof (35% ABV) alcoholic. It also competes with honeybuns as the most palatable option on this list. It’s a wonder why more teenagers aren’t swigging vanilla extract instead of well, this next item…


4. Hand Sanitizer


Although a bottle of hand sanitizer supposedly contains the equivalent of five shots, it seems the cons definitely outweigh the pros, with drinking risks including blindness and memory loss.


5. NyQuil


This may come as no shock, but NyQuil – a cold medication that will knock you the hell out – contains alcohol. NyQuil also tastes worse that the most syrupy, sugary liqueur.


6. Windshield Wiper Fluid


Image courtesy of Bigstock

Yes, it contains alcohol, but not the kind you want to drink. If you drink windshield wiper fluid, you are poisoning yourself. Again, just to be clear, we do not want you to drink windshield wiper fluid.

Written by Aliza Kellerman of VinePair


This Is What America Drank On St. Patrick’s Day [DATA]

What happens when St. Patrick’s day falls on a weekday? When it’s a weekend, you know where people are headed, but after a long day of work, were people across the country really heading out to the bar for their requisite Guinness or were they heading to each other’s homes instead? It turns out, many people decided yesterday was the perfect time for St. Paddy’s themed booze delivery – well everyone besides the good people of Dallas, as you’ll see in the graphic below. So what did people order? In order to find out, our friends at Minibar provided us with yesterday’s delivery data.

Here’s what we all drank last night…



Scientific Study Proves One Drink Makes You Appear More Attractive, But There’s A Catch


Since the time of Ponce De Leon and even before, we’ve been searching for an elixir that makes us look younger and more attractive to the person sitting across the table, but it turns out that exhaustive search may have been futile, because the true elixir was under our noses this whole time: a glass of wine.

As first reported by Live Science, scientists at the University of Bristol conducted a study in order to determine how attractive people appeared to others after they had consumed a glass of wine – it’s worth nothing that this was not a test of whether beer goggles are real as the individuals who were rating the people on an attractiveness scale were completely sober. The people who consumed the glass of wine were those whose attractiveness was being rated.

What the scientists discovered is that after the consumption of one glass of vino, the individuals were perceived as more attractive than when they were sober. Here’s how it worked: photos were taken of the individuals prior to drinking a glass of wine, and then once again after they finished their glasses. Across the board, the individuals were said to be prettier, healthier and generally more attractive in their post-vino pictures than in the completely sober photos.

Scientists believe the reason the test subjects were perceived as more attractive after a glass of wine has to do with the impact wine has on the body’s chemistry.

Wine helps people relax, leading to a loosening of facial muscles.

It also causes pupil dilation, which is a key signal our instincts react to positively, especially when it comes to identifying a mate-able partner. Finally, it drives color to people’s faces, a key trait we look for in people we identify as being healthy.

However, before you go downing an entire bottle of wine, looking to drink as much as possible from this newly discovered beauty elixir, there is a catch: the researchers also discovered that consuming more than one drink caused that same perception of attractiveness to plummet. One drink it seems, is the proper dosage, especially if you’re on a first date!

Written by the editorial team