A Look at the New $7 and Under Menu at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

When your wallet isn’t feeling too hot, your options for dining out quickly diminish. So when we got the offer to try Ruth’s Chris’ new happy hour menu for seven dollars or less, they had our interest. Named the “Sizzle Swizzle Swirl” (say that three times fast), the items range from smoked salmon to crab BLT sandwiches with zucchini fries (yum). We were also able to try out “Sides-To-Go,” classic holiday options for a potluck or family dinner and available for $30 each until the end of December. Check out the eats below. 


Smoked Salmon


The first thing up was a salmon dish paired with bread — a tasty combination that satisfied. The salmon was tastier than expected and when paired with the bread, made for an addicting combo. Among all the items, this one has the most “can’t put down” factor.


Crab BLT with Zucchini Fries

BLT2 (1)

This fresh BLT adds a hefty serving of crab to your typical BLT. The sandwich contrasted well with the zucchini fries and dip so sweet that if nobody was there to judge us, we would have downed an entire bottle of it. Zucchini, while not my favorite vegetable (because vegetables), was exactly what was needed at the center of these fries. Warm and crunchy, these fries stuff you quick. Ruth’s Chris wasn’t playing around.

Dip (1)


Sweet Potato Casserole


I was previously told that  the Sweet Potato Casserole tasted like candy. One bite in and the decadently sweet flavor took over my palate. The top crust featured a cinnamon taste, while the inside sweet potato packed the claimed candy flavor.


Creamed Spinach


The second of the Sides to Go, the cream spinach gives you that “mothers specialty” vibe. Eating it conjures images of childhood meals, home and warmth.


Night Cap


The evening was concluded by a tall glass of Grand Marnier Cognac Brandy, a solid, clean taste to end the night’s festivities.


Stop Everything You’re Doing: Scientists Invent Cavity-Free Candy


Lets be honest, your dentist hates you. You eat without concern: sugars, sweets, candies galore. Even though you sometimes take a moment to consider going to gym, you never pause to wonder what this effect will have on the guy who takes care of your pearly whites. So what are you gonna do? What CAN you do? Make a New Years Resolution to change your eating habits and stop eating sweets? Ha! Um, no.

You’re gonna eat some cavity-free candy, that’s what your gonna do.

Thanks to biotech lab Organo Balance, which claims to have invented a cavity-free candy, you may soon be able to munch all you want on those sugar delicacies without concern for tooth decay. So, how do they make this wizardry?

Tooth decay is caused in large part by a bacteria called Streptococcus mutans which wear away at your teeth by secreting an acid that breaks it down. Luckily, there’s another bacteria called Lactobacillus paracasei that uses a sugar to bind the bad bacteria and render it useless. So, by making a candy that uses dead Lactobacillus paracasei, researchers developed a candy that greatly reduced the amount of level of Streptococcus mutans in test subjects and thus, reduced the risk of cavities as well.

Well, looks like we can all go home now folks.

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Chef Fired before Christmas, Uses Restaurant’s Twitter to Get Tasty Revenge


When you’re fired one week  before Christmas, with a seven-and-a-half month daughter at home, what are you left do to?  You could give up. You could go down without a fight….

Or, you could get a little revenge 21st century style.

In Oxfordshire, England, ex-head chef Jim Knight of The Plough, was fired for requesting a weekend alone with his family on Christmas. He then  took over the company’s Twitter account to make sure the whole world knew about it. Among the many things he writes using The Plough’s Twitter, he says, “We’d like to inform you that we’ve just fired our head chef” and ” Unfortunately he wanted to have a weekend off this month and Christmas Day this year for family commitments so we thought we’d sack him.” When people accused him of hacking the companies Twitter account, he took to his personal Twitter handle to clear the air:


With so many stories like this around the holiday season, it’s always good to see social media provide a little righteous justice.  If you want to follow Jim Knight’s exploits you can do so here.

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This is What a Game of Thrones Dinner Looks Like


We recently got the opportunity to attend a Game of Thrones-themed Dinner at Bow and Truss in North Hollywood, California. In a room filled with Game of Thrones die-hards, we were greeted by a medieval platter that would have made any fan cry tears of joy. Ommegang, a brewery based in New York, teamed up with Bow and Truss to bring us this meal in anticipation of their new brew, Take the Black Stout.  As far as GOT-themed dinners go, they couldn’t have done better (short of actually taking us to Westeros).


Roasted Rabbit and Duck Served with Gravy

Spread 03

The duck was  rolled in walnut and honey with an orange-based sauce, then marinated for over 24 hours for that “extra kick.” The ground work was set by the executive chef Stefhanie, a long time fan of the show, who was given the creative freedom to make the meal her own. Stefhanie compared being a chef to being an artist, explaining that “cooking is like painting except with Carcasses.”

This was certainly true for the meal that consisted of whole duck, pig, rabbit and salmon. Among these, the ones that stuck out were the rabbit and the salmon. The rabbit had a lively quality to it, springy and soft, but warm and tender. You could taste all the nuanced flavors of the meats, while the fish had a light lemon tang. An interesting note: Stefhanie herself was a vegetarian and even though she never tasted any of the meat dishes, everything  had an underlying logic to it —  the mark of a true artist at work.


Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots, and Smoked Onions 



The food came together in a beautiful blend. The smoked onions gave a gentle crunch; the carrots a lovely soft texture; the potatoes a delicate creaminess.  The smoked artichoke blended seamlesly with the dinner’s medieval theme. The meal left you with this warm glow in your stomach. Needless to say, we felt like kings.


Take The Black Stout – Brewery Ommegang



And of course, the whole event was to feature Take the Black Stout, a brew created by Ommegang and inspired by the Nights Watch in Game of Thrones. The new brew features a sweet coffee taste complimented by fruity undertones of raisin and plum. The end result was a beer that went  hand in hand with the sumptuous meal, leaving us gloriously stuffed.


Bow and Truss

11122 Magnolia Blvd

North Hollywood, CA



Too cute to shove off pizza, too hungry not to


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World’s Largest Gingerbread House Uses 7,200 Eggs and 22,304 Candy Pieces


As a kid, I never got why Hansel and Gretel were so easily tricked by a gigantic sugar caked, artery clogging house in the middle of the woods, but now I understand.  Thanks to volunteers from A&M Texas Traditions Club,  we have the world’s largest gingerbread house, which is big enough to actually be a home. Using 7,200 eggs, 22,304 pieces of candy, a ton of butter, and 36 million calories later, this genius was built.  The construction of this house was done as a charity event for the trauma program at St. Joseph Hospital, and they have raised over 150k from the 600 customers that come each day. The sugary bememoth is open until December 14, 2013 and has set the Guinness World Record for largest gingerbread house.

I don’t know what it is about the winter that makes people want to build structures in its honor, but this season we’ve also seen the world largest gingerbread village. Let’s keep it up people! Before New Years I want to see the first gingerbread city.

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Hugh Jackman: ‘Now THAT’S a barista’


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Serial Mystery Tipper ‘TipsForJesus’ Leaves Over $80,000 in Tips


Known only by the internet handle “TipsForJesus,” a stranger has been posting Instagram photos of generous tips that now add up to well over$80,000. One of the most recent of which was delivered to the NoMad and Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room this past weekend for $7000 and $1000, respectively. TipsForJesus was previously spotted leaving a $3,500 tip at the Smith, a New York-based Restaurant, last week.

TipsForJesus has been surfacing in many places, from Chicago to Los Angeles to San Francisco, and he/she/they don’t seem to be planing to stop their random and unpredictable acts of kindness. Some have predicted that these spontaneous, extraordinary tips are being carried out by Jack Selby, a former Paypal executive.

So next time you find yourself on the wrong end of a long shift at your restaurant, don’t despair! Know that at any moment your day could be made a little bit brighter.

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