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One Enterprising And Hungry Bride Created A Gown Out Of Taco Bell Wrappers

One woman wants to win the Taco Bell wedding contest so badly, she has fashioned a dress as tribute to the fast-food chain

The wedding industry meets Crunchwrap couture.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… the remnants of yesterday’s fast-food lunch?

Last month, Taco Bell announced that they would be hosting a contest for one lucky couple to get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas, and one woman is determined to win. Diane Nguyen entered the social media contest wearing a surprisingly chic wedding dress made entirely from Taco Bell burrito wrappers. We can’t say whether we’re befuddled or impressed at such an ardent dedication to Mexican fast-food, but perhaps it’s a hearty mixture of both.

The couple even submitted a cheeky photoshoot holding hands over the counter at their local Taco Bell.

“IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!!! We didn’t know until recently that it was our dream to get hitched at a Taco Bell,” Nguyen said in an Instagram post. “We also didn’t know about this contest until we were out of the country and halfway around the world. With help from our friends and a bit of extra hot glue we got off the plane and immediately scrambled to shoot a photo at our local restaurant before the deadline.”

Taco Bell will be announcing the winners later this month after voting ends on March 5. We imagine if Nguyen comes up empty, she’ll have some beef with Taco Bell… but guac’ you gonna do about it?

This article was written by Joanna Fantozzi, (The Daily Meal)

Alcohol Beer Culture Feel Good Hit-Or-Miss

The World’s First Beer-Themed Hotel Will Have a Brew-Filled Hot Tub

Start planning your next vacation. The world’s first beer hotel is opening soon in Columbus, Ohio, courtesy of Scotland-based BrewDog — yes, the same brewery that gave us the beer stuffed inside a dead squirrel. Forget Disneyland — this is the Hoppiest Place on Earth.

This tipsy resort is set to have an IPA hot tub, minibars in the shower, beer on tap in each room, and beer pairings with every meal. It will be a brewster’s paradise — that is, if the project can raise enough crowdfunded money on Indiegogo. (Right now, they’re only $13,000 short of the $75,000 goal.)

“This hotel will provide a complete experiential environment in which to truly immerse yourself in the world of craft beer,” the Indiegogo campaign reads. “From waking up to a view of our sour beer foeders and the smell of freshly mashed malt, to hop-infused spa treatments and beer breakfasts, and even amazing craft beer on tap in your bedroom — this hotel will have it all.”

If crowdfunding is successful, the hotel will open sometime next year.

Original post written by Joanna Fantozzi for The Daily Meal


Trump’s Baker Says She Was Asked To Copy Obama’s Cake


On Friday night, President Donald Trump celebrated his inauguration by cutting into an enormous, patriotic-looking cake topped with silver stars. It was a tall, good-looking cake that looked familiar to a lot of people, especially celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman, who had designed an identical cake for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration in 2013.

Goldman posted side-by-side photos of the twin cakes to Twitter and wrote: “The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama’s inauguration 4 years ago. The one on the right is Trump’s. I didn’t make it.”

Goldman added a suspicious-looking emoji at the end of his tweet.

Saturday morning, Tiffany MacIsaac, the owner of Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington, D.C., posted a photo of Trump’s cake to Instagram and said that she had made it, and the fact that it looked exactly like Goldman’s cake was no coincidence.

MacIsaac did not mention specifically who placed the order for the cake, but she told The Washington Post that the cake was ordered just a few weeks prior. The client brought in a picture of Goldman’s cake and specifically asked for it to be copied exactly. MacIsaac said she suggested using the cake as an inspiration, but the client allegedly insisted that the cake was perfect and should be duplicated exactly.

There is one big difference between the cakes, though: Obama’s cake was edible. MacIsaac said she was asked to build Trump’s cake out of Styrofoam. Only a small slice at the bottom was real, for cutting purposes.

MacIsaac’s Instagram post credited Goldman with the design of the cake and said it was a “masterpiece.” She also added that she was proud of not discriminating against clients for race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, and said she was especially happy to be donating the proceeds from Trump’s inauguration cake to the Human Rights Campaign, a nonprofit that advocates for the LGBT community.

Goldman later Tweeted his own update, posting that he was proud to have made the original cake and that the “chef who re-created it for @POTUS Trump did a fantastic job.” He ended his update by calling for a group hug and posting an American flag emoji.

Original post written by Elizabeth Licata for The Daily Meal

Brand Hit-Or-Miss

NYC Legend Styles P Is Changing Lives With His Chain Of Juice Bars


Love is Love Banner Wall V05[8]

Styles said he believed whole-heartedly that your race, class, or economic status shouldn’t determine which foods were available to you. Therefore, Juices for Life is a response to this lack of access. His juice bars offer a range of smoothies, including the Kiss of Life (bananas, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries), the Future (peanut butter, beets, pear, strawberries), and the Revive (carrot, ginger, beets, grapes, lemon). They also sell a variety of juices specifically geared toward certain ailments; there’s the Anemia (beet, carrot, green pepper, apple) and the Asthma (spinach, kale, celery). All the juices cost between $5 and $6 — that’s less than a Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s.

Juices for Life, however, is more than just a spot to grab a fairly priced juice or smoothie. Styles stressed that he wanted his juice bars to be a place where customers could educate themselves on food and nutrition-related issues, gather as a community, and engage in discussion. With four stores already opened and more in the works, it’s obvious that a revolution is already in motion.

As Styles and I chatted at a high-top table near the door, he greeted everyone — and I mean everyone — but as we sat and talked, the true potential of the Juices for Life model was revealed when Styles was approached by a man who introduced himself as an interventional cardiologist, born and raised in the neighborhood. “Give me your card,” Styles said. “Actually, give me two. I’m going to text you so you know it’s me. I’m going to build with you, brother.”

Styles is aligning himself with medical professionals and entrepreneurs who share his beliefs. He recently collaborated with Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook, founders of the plant-based protein company, VeganSmart, to offer vegan nutritional shakes at all Juices for Life locations. For the past decade, Tellis and Cook have been fighting the battle against childhood obesity in Los Angeles elementary schools. In 2003, they successfully lobbied to have all junk food removed from vending machines within the LA school system, a law that later passed in the entire state of California. By partnering with VeganSmart, Juices for Life customers can purchase their own tub of nutritional powder and make nutritious shakes at home when another healthy meal option may not exist.

Health and music are “common denominators” of life, Styles said, because he believes they transcend racial, economic, and cultural differences. “If you walk through the door, if I walk through the door, health is a conversation that we can have. We have to find things to bring people together; you’re white, he’s Spanish, he’s Arab, he’s Albanian, he’s of Asian descent. Our religious backgrounds are different, but if I want to take care of my family, and you want to take care of your family, and I want to see our kid’s kids grow to be part of a bigger and better nation.”

In a time when there is overwhelming concern for the government’s ability to sufficiently provide healthy options for all its constituents, it takes entrepreneurs like Styles P, Kareem Cook, and Claude Tellis to make meaningful change.

“You have to start somewhere,” Styles said. “I try to wake up every day and push forward with something that I think is right.”

Styles is not simply shouting from the sidelines about how to help people; he is actually doing it, one pulse of the blender at a time.

Original post written by Michael Serrur for The Daily Meal


Republicans Look To Ban Junk Food Purchases With Food Stamps


Going into a new electoral term, the Republican-controlled Congress will continue to push reforms for the federal welfare system. Two states — Maine and Arkansas — are looking ban the purchase of junk food with food stamps.

Waiver requests for limiting the scope of SNAP purchases to healthy goods and essentials had been previously rejected by the Obama administration in nine states. But with the Trump administration and a new Congress entering office this month, Maine and Arkansas’ proposals have a much better chance of being approved.

Maine and Arkansas officials see the waivers as a chance to cut down on healthcare and food subsidy costs while improving overall health and obesity rates statewide. The bans could mean that anyone caught trying to purchase soda, candy, or sweets with food stamps would risk being suspended or dropped from the program without warning, according to The Fiscal Times.

“Chips and Cokes and candy bars,” Mary Bentley, a Republican member of the Arkansas Assembly, told media at the time the Arkansas reforms were introduced. “People can go buy Red Bull with food stamps, and that’s not encouraging health.”

Original post written by Joanna Fantozzi for The Daily Meal


Denver Brewers Create Anti-Trump, ‘Pussy Riot’ Beer For Inauguration Day


President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial and sexist remarks, such as his vulgar comments about women from 2005, have awakened a feminist revolution in the United States.

Six female brewers in Colorado have joined forces at Goldspot Brewing to create “Makin Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer,” a bright red imperial saison aged on strawberry purée, to protest the Trump presidency on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, Westword reported.

The flavor was chosen by co-creators of the brewing event — Kelissa Hieber, head brewer at Goldspot Brewing, and Bess Dougherty, fellow Denver brewer — because of the stereotypical association between women and fruity beers.

“It will look like a delicate beer, but it will knock you on your ass,” Dougherty told Westword.

Hieber and Dougherty were joined by fellow female brewers Katie Cochrane of Great Divide Brewing; Betsy Lay of Lady Justice Brewing; Alyssa Hoberer of Dry Dock Brewing; and Jess Anderson of 3 Freaks Brewing.

The beer, which will also be brewed at Lady Justice, 3 Freaks, and Black Sky, will be available on tap at the four breweries on Inauguration Day. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charities.

The purpose of this beer, according to a post from a private Facebook group, is to “combat the hate and oppression while also lending support and solidarity to the fight for equality.”

“We are standing up for each other,” Hieber told Westword. “That’s what this is about. We need to.”


5 Christmas Gifts That Will Inspire Your Kid To Cook


Christmas comes but once a year, and that raises one major question: What should you get your kids? If you’re lucky, they’ll have a laundry list of ideas for you to pick and choose from this holiday season. But  if you’re looking for something enjoyable and practical, you can help to encourage them to be future cooks with the help of these clever Christmas gifts:


Send your child to the kitchen in style with a fun new apron or chef’s coat. Zazzle has a wide selection of customizable aprons in children’s sizes. From whimsical pandas and cupcakes to fancily embroidered monograms, no matter what your child’s personality is, they’ll feel stylish (and stay clean!) in their personalized cooking smock. If you really want them to play dress-up in the kitchen, complete their outfit with an old-school chef’s hat and some adorable oven mitts.

Child-Friendly Cooking Tools

Just because your child is in the kitchen doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily ready to use heavy cooking equipment and sharp knives. Give your child a set of kid-friendly and child-sized cooking tools. Curious Chef has a wide variety of beginner’s cooking tools, including knives, whisks, tongs, and spoons that are perfect for a child’s hands.

If your kid has expressed interest in becoming a pastry chef, Williams Sonoma has a line of American Girl baking tools for kids, including rolling pins, measuring cups, spatulas, and silicone baking pans.



Normal cookbooks can be difficult for children to read and may have recipes that aren’t suitable for a young palate. Find cookbooks with kid-friendly recipes such as Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book, The Everything Kids’ Cookbook, or Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cookbook.

If your child needs a little more coaxing into the kitchen, try a cookbook featuring some of their favorite fictional characters. Pop culture sensations such as Star Wars, Disney, and Barbie all have cookbooks suitable for children.

Easy Bake Oven

Is there any cooking toy that is more classic than the Easy Bake Oven? First released in 1963, the Easy Bake Oven has gone through many makeovers but still remains a staple of childhood. First using a lightbulb to cook food (and now using a real heating element), the Easy Bake Oven comes complete with a round cake pan and dessert mixes, so baking (and cooking savory treats like pretzels and pizza) is a snap. Is it a true way to teach kids to cook? Not exactly. But, as an introduction to the kitchen, it’s the standard.

Real-Food Toys

If the Easy Bake Oven is already in your toy box, there’s a wide variety of other cooking toys that will get your kid interested in the process of making food. Perhaps your kid has a sweet tooth for a chocolate bar maker, snow cone maker, or doughnut maker. Or maybe they want to make something savory with a pizza oven or kitschy toaster, there are endless toys that will actually make real foods for your kids to eat.

Original post by Carolyn Menyes for the Daily Meal


McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Limited-Edition Prawn & Macaroni Burger


McDonald’s Japan always gets the coolest limited-edition items, but the newest one looks like something really special.

According to Rocket News 24, the “Gurakoro” burger is a giant fried prawn and macaroni croquette served with lettuce on a hamburger bun. The croquette is crispy and hot, and full of rich, creamy macaroni and prawn filling that is a bit spicy.

The prawn macaroni croquette burger is a limited-edition item that has turned up at regular intervals at McDonald’s Japan over the last two decades. It enjoys cult status, similar to the McRib in the U.S. This year, though, McDonald’s Japan said it updated the recipe to make it even richer.

The prawn and macaroni croquette burger also comes topped with Cheddar cheese and demi-glaze sauce, which is said to be a nice complement to the spicy croquette filling.

The burgers sell for about $3 apiece, but the limited-time offer is expected to end in early January.

Original post by Elizabeth Licata for the Daily Meal