This Pho Cocktail is Made from Onions, Charred Ginger & Sriracha


Philadelphia bartender, Phoebe Esmon, has created a pho gimlet based on the Vietnamese beef and noodle soup. She combines gin or vodka with lime juice and a homemade broth made from onions, charred ginger, pecans, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and star anise. Then come the mint, basil and cilantro before a pickled bean sprout garnish and a squeeze of Sriracha.

Courageously called the “Worthy Fucking Adversary,” this $12 cocktail is on Philadelphia bar Emmanuelle’s “New Shit Has Come to Light” menu of house originals. The list, created by Esmon and her fiancé-slash-fellow-barkeep Christian Gaal, includes cocktails such as the “Fickt nicht mit dem Raketenmensch” (“Don’t fuck with the Rocketman”) and “Quakers with a Vengeance” — worthy adversaries, indeed.

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Serious Eats


Artist Uses 1000 Cheetos to Create Portrait of ‘Carl the Minion’ from Despicable Me


What’s better than having Cheetos residue on your hands? Having it on your wall.

Jason Baalman, a greasy-fingered artist from Colorado Springs, Colo., immortalizes famous people with everyone’s favorite pseudo-cheese snack. He’s created Cheeto portraits of Rachael Ray, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Conan O’Brien and Cee Lo Green’s cat. His most recent venture is a 3’x4’ depiction of the Despicable Me minion named Carl, one of the movie’s most beloved characters.


The $500 masterpiece was completed in 50 hours using a hefty amount of glue and more than 1,000 crunchy orange larvae. Now, Frito-Lay North America is giving it away.

Last Monday, the Cheetos giveaway began, inviting fans to tweet #CheetosDM2 at @ChesterCheetah on Twitter. On July 3, one lucky cheese fiend with orange fingers and a greasy iPhone will be announced the winner of the Cheeto-fied Carl. Get the official rules here.