Lacoste Éclairs You Can Actually Afford. Probably, Maybe.

lacoste eclairs

For most of us, high-end designer bags, shoes and apparel are way out of our league. But theses designer desserts on the other hand . . . are still pretty pricey.

French luxury food retailer Fauchon collaborated with Lacoste for the clothing brand’s 80th anniversary and created these stylishly sweet éclairs. In green tea, almond, vanilla and lemon-strawberry varieties, the limited-time pastries sport Lacoste’s iconic cross-hatch pattern and green alligator logo. Starting June 17, for just $9.50 a piece you can eat one of these delicate designer pastries.

Or, you could grab a juicy hamburger + fries + drink for the same price. Just an FYI.

$9.30 a piece, $37 for 4 @ Fauchon

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High-End Designer Purses Transformed into Grisly Sculptures of Meat


Look out, Lady Gaga — we found some accessories to go with that meat dress.

OK, so they’re not made of real meat, but the red lumpy wax used in artist Andrea Hasler’s new collection sure looks cold, sticky and raw. “Burdens of Excess” is a series of re-imagined fashion items and high-end designer accessories that makes us rethink the phrase “just a piece of meat.”

Unfortunately, some of this stuff looks less like purses or shoes and more like…

meat accessories ear

. . . Meatwad with a piercing.

Check out more meat art here.

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Science Says Soda As Bad For Teeth as Meth [Warning: Cringe-Worthy Photos]

cold beverage

Here’s another reason to rethink that super-sized sugary drink.

Heavy drinkers of diet soda could see the same erosion and tooth decay as meth and crack cocaine users, according to a study published in  General Dentistry. But by “heavy,” the study suggests that the acid in a 2-liter-a-day habit, over 5 years with no dentist visits, will cause severe damage to your teeth, so perhaps soda isn’t the only culprit.

diet soda teeth

Meth, crack cocaine and sodas are all highly acidic, which you know is bad news for tooth enamel if you’ve ever done the tooth-in-Coke dissolving experiment. Still, meth and crack cocaine are far worse for dental health since they reduce the amount of naturally present saliva in the mouth, which would otherwise wash away the harmful acids.

That being said, brush your teeth kids and try to lay low on the fizzy stuff.

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Can’t Decide if Gravy Candy is Genius or Fail

gravy hard candy

When would “gravy” and “candy” ever appear in the same sentence? Maybe when you need something fitting for that candy poutine?

Yes, you can now buy brown-striped hard candies flavored just like that puck-hard Salisbury steak you ate in grade school! If you want the taste but just don’t need the hassle of preparing an all-out meal, simply pop one of these and get on with your other questionable food choices.

These candies don’t develop a jiggly film, don’t require a stove or a microwave, and come in a box adorned with “Lumpy the Gravy Lump.” Sold.

All we need now is some delicious gravy hair gel to top it off . . .

Gravy Candy $5.95Archie Mcphee

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Pair of Melons Auctioned for $15,730 in Japan


A pair of perfectly round melons, at a staggering 8.1 pounds each, sold for a total of $15,730 (about 1.6 million yen) in a town market in Japan.

Yubari melons, or cantaloupe, are considered prestigious gifts in Japan. Japanese markets already charge what we’d consider “top dollar” for most fruit, but the final price for these high-ranking status symbols is the third-highest in Yubari history.

But with that kind of dough, we thought up a list of other (and arguably more tasty) things $15, 730 can also fetch you:

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Cell Phone-Holder Cup Exists, So You Never Have to Real-Life Socialize Again


Yo dawg, we heard you like talking, so we put your phone on your Solo cup . . .

This “Cell Phone Holder Party Cup” from Perpetual Kid is the whole damn package. Take multitasking to a nerdy level when you sip, socialize and stare at your better half, all at the same time.


Although, we can’t guarantee that simultaneously dropping pickup lines IRL and refreshing your OKCupid profile on-screen will actually increase your chances of scoring.

Cell Phone Party Holder Cup $9 @Perpetual Kid

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5 Things You Learn from Watching Other People Eat

You can learn a lot from observing other people’s behavior, like learning how to drive, figuring out how to build Ikea furniture or how to tie your shoes (hint: shoestrings are overrated). We figured this motto applied to everything else in life, especially food. So among the basics (the proper way to eat a cupcake, how to eat Chinese takeout, duh), here are five life-changing things you can learn just by watching other people eat.


5. Cotton candy is a lot more entertaining when eaten in reverse


4. How 99% of the world judges how “healthy” food is


3. There is no dignified way to eat a taco


2. What true love looks like


1. This is a fundamental truth



Hilarious ‘Kanye Chef’ Tumblr Says ‘No One Man Should Have All that Flour’

kanye westaurant feature

In the midst of all the hullaballoo about Kanye West’s SNL performance, his new singles and his upcoming album, we stumbled upon this shining beacon of food comedy: Kanye Chef.

The genius Tumblr reimagines what the famous rapper’s lyrics and album art would be like if his only obsession was food and avoiding muffin tops. While you wait for the “Yeezus” (“Cheezus”?) release in June, check this out.


“Watch the Cone”

watch the cone

Sh*t just got cray cray . . .

that shit cray


Well, if Martha said so . . .

fritters in paris

Kanye Chef will not tolerate a lack of personal hygiene. Not in his kitchen.

monster pasta

Beware the muffin top

robocop : muffintop

And finally:

monster crescent is a present

Continue the hilarity here.

PicThx Kanye Chef