Superman Cereal Boxes Are ‘100% Kryptonite Free’

superman cereal design

Straight-up: These cereal boxes aren’t real, but we really, really wish they were.

This series of cereal box designs created by Phil Postma for the release of Man of Steel incorporate the cape-toting hero and a few of his meanest rivals. Some varieties are “100% Kryptonite free” (phew!), while others are pure evil. All come with a familiar shout-out for a prize inside, or a redeemable offer.

Now, you must choose. Start your day with a breakfast fit for a superhero, or get off on a corrupt foot with a big ol’ bowl of deadly kryptonite .

Lex cereal design


See the rest of the awesome cereal designs here.

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Fast Food

Sri Lanka Pizza Hut’s ‘Birizza’ is a Biryani + Pizza Portmanteau


Listen up. Have you heard of anything like the Birizza, a combination biryani + pizza served at Pizza Huts throughout Sri Lanka? It’s a mashup of curry-spiced rice and a dough wrapper more akin to a calzone, and it’s suffering an identity crisis. Trust us — it has no idea what it’s doing at a pizza joint, either. Not to say that we’re complaining — it looks absolutely delicious.

The Birizza is offered in chicken or paneer (cubed cheese) and comes with an onion salad and a spicy sauce. The jolly 20-somethings in this commercial seem to dig it. Now, howabout you send some over here, Pizza Hut?

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Restaurant Scales Burritos Next to Babies, Gives New Meaning to ‘Food Baby’

baby burrito Gorditos

Ever wondered how ginormous burritos really are? Easy — just measure them with this new baby scale created by Gorditos, a “healthy Mexican food” joint in Seattle. An entire wall in the store is devoted to pictures of various customers’ babies sized up against some hefty, ripping-at-the-tortilla-seams burritos.

So, next time your friend groans and rubs her “food baby” after a gut-busting meal, you might want to take her seriously.


Burrito supposedly means “little donkey” in Spanish, so we’re curious if any restaurants compare their fare to actual baby donkeys. One can only dream . . .

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Transform Your Lime Into a Spray Bottle with The ‘Stem’ Attachment

stem citrus juicer

You’re out with your friends, and they’ve dared you to do the stuntman shot. Sniff the salt, check. Down the tequila, check. Squeeze lime juice in your eye . . . D’oh! The damn lime just won’t give up any juice!

Now you can quit yer complaining about having to wash, slice, squeeze and juice citrus, thanks to this handy reusable gadget called Stem. Just stab your next fruit victim with the serrated end of the plastic tube, push deep into its squishy innards, and spray away!

Stem can also be used for spraying onto fresh-cut produce to protect them from browning, to create beach-bum highlights in your golden locks without ever leaving the couch, or as a pick-me-up perfume when you’ve gone one too many days without showering.

Stem $5 @ Quirky


Behold: The Video Game Food Pyramid

video game food pyramid

Prepare to eat pixel dust, fellow gamers. This video game food pyramid recommends daily servings of health-replenishing crutches from our favorite childhood games, including Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Pacman, Final Fight, and Streets of Rage. At the moment, we’re debating on what disembodied hearts and anthropomorphic stars would actually taste like. So far we’ve got strawberry, cherry and red fruit loops for the pixelated hearts and lemon drops for the creepy star. Yes, we have a lot of time on our hands.

Although, we don’t quite trust the turkey from Streets of Rage. I’d rather chow down on a blue ghost (tastes like blueberries!) than poultry suspiciously left on the street.

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This Mold-Detecting Bowl Saves Your Fruit, Bananas Everywhere Rejoice

fruit bowl detects moldIt’s hard to know when fruit is at its peak. One day, it’s solid and unripe. The next, it magically transforms into mush. Wait too much longer and you’ll have blue fuzzy mold on your hands, or worse, buzzy fruit flies.

Offering a solution to wastefulness, design student Jagjit Chodha created a fruit bowl that detects mold before it grows. The bowl’s attached sensors detect elevated levels of ethylene (gas emitted as fruits mature or “ripen”), and a light on the sensor will tell you when to hurry up and eat those puppies before they go bad.

This handy fruit container was created for the Made In Brunel Show at London’s Brunel University. While it’s not available for sale, we sure hope to see it on shelves someday. Until then, we’ll have to rely on our good ol’ guessing skills to know the average life span of a banana.

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There’s Hope: America’s Libraries Outnumber McDonald’s & Starbucks


You know the saying “There’s a Starbucks on every corner”? Turns out there might be more free books on city blocks than those pricy coffees.

America is home to about 17,000 public libraries, according to statistician Justin Grimes with the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. Grimes plotted library locations on Google Maps to show their density and outreach. In the shadow of free knowledge, Starbucks operates about 11,000 stores nationwide, and McDonald’s slings burgers in about 14,000. Still, we’d  be curious to find out the average number of people visiting libraries compared to the number of people visiting McDonald’s and Starbucks locations within a given period. We have a feeling that might skew the study’s initial perspective a bit. Sorry, guys.

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Weed Wine Exists, Getting Crossfaded Now Easier than Ever


As anyone whose done their stint in college knows, weed does funny things when paired with alcohol. For those of you who are fans of this glorious feeling, good news: Weed wine exists.

Although, you can’t just chug any boozy pot, according to journalist Bonnie Collins at VICE. Red wine laced with marijuana will make even your 21st birthday hangover pale in comparison, while white wine will give you a more “balanced” flavor and more pleasant effect.

Collins notes that some of the most successful producers — flower children of the ’70s out in California — create a “tincture” by soaking nuggets in Everclear (yowza!) to extract the THC. The liquid is then added to wine in the throes of fermentation. The ABV (alcohol by volume) can jump as high as 12 percent, making for an especially potent drink when paired with marijuana. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to produce weed-laced wine, so you won’t find it in the liquor aisle. If you do happen upon it though, we know some willing taste testers.

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