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We Squealed Like A Pig After We Discovered This Bacon Bar

Few words evoke excitement in our palates than ‘bacon’ and ‘bar’. Both incite feelings of indulging in excess, to a point where we reach an elevated state. Pork drunk, whiskey drunk. To-may-toh, to-mah-toh.

Now imagine the substantial mind f*ck that happens when both are combined. Yes friends, a bacon bar does exist. And it can be found within the Saint Marc’s restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. I use the term restaurant quite loosely in all manner of respect here, because Saint Marc’s is more like a special dining experience. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Now, who’s got two thumbs and stepped foot in this seemingly mythical bacon bar to satiate my tastebuds in blissful amounts of cured pork belly? This guy.


The dream’s fulfillment began with a sampling of the other dishes on the menu aside from the dizzying varieties of bacon. Mouth-watering temptations in the form of some deviled eggs, a killer B.L.A.T. sandwich, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and a habanero jack and habanero bacon grilled cheese sandwich aptly titled “The Sun Devil” were some features in a stacked bacon-centric menu.

But now, the main event: all kinds of flavors and varieties of swine candy that run a flavorful gamut of garlic parmesan, paprika slanina, peppered country, maple, English-style, habanero, coffee-rubbed and a life-changing apple pie bacon. The goods are sold by the slice, which can be ordered via iPad for additional cool points and are served in individual sleeves so you can snack on your porky treats on the go.


The concept of a bacon bar within Sant Marc’s was the brainchild of a seasoned culinary team made up of vice president Frank Belosic, chief executive officer Mac Gregory and executive chef Jay Boginske. These gentlemen are the brilliant minds behind bacon bar and the whole Saint Marc restaurant, which also includes a cafe, bakery and cheese affinage; all of which add up to the aforementioned special dining experience under one roof.


Watch These People Blow Smoke Out Their Nose After Eating ‘Nitrogen Cereal’


Imagine munching on a snack that enables you to blow impressive plumes of smoke clouds out your mouth and nose like an overzealous vape enthusiast. Or dragon? Yeah, let’s go with dragon, less douchey. Anyways, yeah, back to the billowing smoke snack. Tucked within an unassuming Korean beauty and makeup shop is Chocolate Chair, a dessert chain that specializes in frozen treats like smoothies, shaved ice, and now, the infamous Dragon’s Breath.

Hearing about an outlandish result like the ability to breathe smoke out like a fire-breathing dragon from eating an everyday snack certainly piqued our interest.

Upon arrival at Chocolate Chair, we were met with a treat that consisted of large Crunch Berry-like puffed snacks that were soaked in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes. The Dragon’s Breath is then served in a cup with a long sharpened stick, akin to the ones accompanying orders of popcorn chicken at your favorite local boba shop. The snack’s treatment with liquid nitrogen creates a hyper cold bite that when consumed, results in condensation forming in your mouth and creating the smoke effects to come out your nose and mouth. Because science.

It’s worth noting that the extreme cold from the Dragon’s Breath can lead to a little bit of freezer burn for your tongue, so here’s your warning now, just so you don’t leave Chocolate Chair with singed palates.


It was definitely a cool experience, but watch out because some of the pieces are so cold that they’ll freeze to your mouth for a little bit!

The novelty of the Dragon’s Breath snack is enough to warrant you and your friends to engage in vape contests of skill and strength, seeing who can blow out smoke in the largest and most creative ways possible. Winning prize can be Khaleesi’s approval and endless adoration, until you realize that vaping will never be cool enough in The Mother of Dragon’s eyes.

But hey! Super frozen Crunch Berries and mad smoke tricks, amiright?!


Meet The ‘Chum Killer’, The King Of Cajun Fries


“They’re closed.”

The sentence oozed out my mouth, slick with defeat and disappointment.

“Damn dude. Where do you want to go now?”

My fellow Foodbeast, Pete, also reached the same depth of discouragement that I now wallowed in. His voice wavered, hoping that we didn’t drive all the way out to Downtown Los Angeles from Orange County for nothing.

Knowing damn well that gas is expensive and not being able to eat at our intended target restaurant on our Foodbeast adventure of the day is but a mere setback, I snapped myself back to reality and started to rifle through my extensive mental index of all things food related.

The objective: a Foodbeast-worthy meal of the usual epic proportions.

I was able to hone in on a fabled dish that I had only heard of in passing; one that was a diabolical surf ‘n turf iteration that went by a name so badass that one could easily fathom its magnitude of legendary: Chum Killer.

To know the legendary Chum Killer is to know three levels of gastric bliss: the first, crispy french fries steeped in ground beef, spicy sausage, savory gravy and fiery Cajun spices; the second, velvety cheese, melted right over said fries creating a glorious, oozing buffer between the fries and the third and final level made up of golden, succulent fried shrimp crowning its entire majesty.

We’ve found our Plan B.

Since Google is everyone’s friend, I soon found myself on the phone with Samir Akel, manager of Orleans & York Deli in Downtown Los Angeles, home of the Chum Killer. I told him of our intention to go toe-to-toe with the mythical dish and that we were in the area, ready and willing. With approval from Samir to come through, Pete and I were soon on the chase.

Upon arrival at Orleans & York, we were met by Samir, who was more than happy to introduce us to our formidable opponent for lunch. At last, the once unreal revealed itself onto our appetites, letting our palates get acquainted with its all at once savory, peppery, and zesty profile. There was proper crunch from the fries and shrimp in every bite, met with the melty goodness of cheese, then anchored by a luscious kind of savory from the gravy.

Wait, what dimension were we in again? The varying levels of deliciousness weren’t computing with mine and Pete’s minds initially. Clearly, the adjustment to such a delectable dish was a good thing.

All in all, the Chum Killer was surreal. Just one imposing heap of Cajun temptation. With all the storied hoopla surrounding it, having finally indulged in the Chum Killer was definitely a unique enough experience to qualify it as a legit Foodbeast-worthy meal adventure, one that salvaged a mission that in the end didn’t derail from the original objective of epic taste and eye-popping visuals.


Dear Fried Chicken, Today Is Your Day

The second my eyes blinked open this morning, I knew I was in for a treat. Today is a day that warrants its noble distinction, one celebrated the whole world over in recognition of a thing so sacred, so magnanimous in its existence. Yes friends, today is that day where we recognize the humble chicken and its omnipotent iteration as one breaded and deep-fried for the benefit of tastebuds and appetites everywhere.

Happy National Fried Chicken Day.

Mere moments after uttering such a greeting, I’m already counting down the next 365 days until I can say it again. If the obvious somehow hasn’t revealed itself to you already, then here’s the complete lecture at hand: I love fried chicken. This declaration rings true dearly, knowing the deep affection I have for every crispy… juicy… savory, bite of it.

And so, in honor of such a beloved day, I present to you the very reasons why I love fried chicken.

That crunch thooooo…

No matter the manner of breading, or how its been brined, my favorite part about fried chicken is its soul-soothing crunch. The barometer for that perfect crisp can be indicated through the perfect, golden hue of the outer skin: sun-kissed in appearance, delectably brittle in structure. One impeccable crunch is all it takes for me to perpetuate this love for fried chicken.

I bow to the flavor gods above

Whether you take your bird packed with heat or arrested in savory nirvana, fried chicken’s versatility in flavor will satisfy any discerning foodie. So much so, that I promise, every bite of your version of perfection will have you dancing right where you stand in no time. So go ahead and Stanky Leg that drumstick away, Nae-Nae your enthusiasm for that thigh, and heck if your fried chicken’s just that good, headspin out your love for it. A lover of wings, you say? Well the endless kinds of sauces to coat your little golden trophies should be reason enough to have you praising any known deity for the creation of fried chicken.

Gotta have ’em all

Oh so it’s raining fried chicken? Hallelujah. I’ll take it in any form, really, from the buttermilk-brined goodness of the American Southern fry, to the perfectly crisped skin of the Filipino kind, to the double-fried, sauced up Korean counterpart. My love for the fried bird knows no cultural bounds. And if you feel so inclined to echo my sentiments, I toast a drumstick to you, friends. This one’s for the golden foul that’s finessed it’s crisp contents into our chicken-lovin’ hearts everywhere.

I salute you fried chicken. Today is your day, and technically, all fried chicken lovers’ as well.


Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

Whether you’re knocking on various wooden surfaces or avoiding any black cat at all costs on this Friday the 13th, trust that you really aren’t safe from missing countless superstitions. With food superstitions alone, you would be forced to perform some of the oddest things to keep your fortunes intact.

Here’s a number of the most bizarre food superstitions to be aware of. And actually, have some fun and try some of them out, because you know, you ain’t never scared… right?

No? Aw come on, the Powerball ain’t even that poppin’ right now!


Don’t Drop the Tortillas

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

I mean, besides the obvious fact that any sullied food is a shameful waste, dropping tortillas is said to bring some unexpected company in the form of a visit from your in-laws. This of course can either strike fear in your heart or will have you dropping the masa mana like it’s hot.

Coffee and Cash?

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th


With this superstition, you could stand to lose some potential cash coming your way if avoided. As legend goes, scooping up and eating all the air bubbles on your coffee’s surface will ensure that your wallet’s about to fatten up real soon in the form of dolla dolla bills y’all.

Ominous Bread Loaves

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

If you’ve ever sliced through a piece of bread and found a significant hole inside, it’s likely that we’ve all thought nothing more of it. One less step to do in your toad in the hole recipe even. But the superstition attached to this occurrence is one of the more ominous ones, as it indicates that someone you know will die soon.

Salt and Satan

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

A common superstition with salt is done with the intention to protect you from ol’ Lucifer himself. According to European tradition, if you spill salt, you must act quickly and use your right hand to throw more salt over your left shoulder. This will supposedly save your soul by blinding the devil standing right behind you, ready to take it… or one of your exes, same diff.

The Longer the Noodle…

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

In China, the longer the noodle consumed, the longer your life. So slurping them up and cutting them in half will supposedly shorten your lifespan. Next time you’re chowing down on some lo mein, keep in mind that you have to go all Lady and the Tramp-style and take each noodle down whole if you’d like to live long enough to eat more noodles.

Death By Chopsticks

Bizarre Food Superstitions To Test On Friday The 13th

Take note that planting your chopsticks upright into your rice is very taboo. As much as we’d like to bury our chopsticks in between bites as a symbol of our conquest of the meal, doing so will bring upon an omen of death. Pour one out for the person that took this photograph, though. RIP.


Budweiser Changes Its Name to ‘America’ in Anticipation of the Most American Summer Ever


When running down the list of patriotic prerequisites — bald eagles, apple pie, baseball, and The Kardashians — one can now pencil in ‘Budweiser’ after their decision to officially rename their beer, temporarily, to “America.”

Anheuser-Busch announced the move, Tuesday, choosing to emblazon our great country’s name across its 12-ounce cans and bottles from May 23rd to this November’s election.

Such a move has many swelling with patriotism, inspired by visions of shotgunning cans of “America” this 4th of July, over excess amounts of barbecue, with fireworks’ and rockets’ red glare streaming across the bluest of skies this summer.


Under their summer-long campaign, “America is in Your Hands,” we recognize the obvious nod to the golden brew quenching our country’s collective thirsts during a season expecting the Olympics, the 4th of July, and a fervent finish to the general election — or as a vice president from Budweiser, Ricardo Marques, put it, “maybe the most American summer ever.”

Cheers to “America” for encouraging me to inflate the alcohol level of the red, white, and blue blood coursing through my purple mountain’s majesty-loving veins.