New App Helps Delivery Drivers Find The Nearest Restroom

With dining rooms shut down across the country, it’s an understatement when I say that we owe a lot to gig workers like delivery drivers to keep our bellies filled and our cravings satisfied. However, one of the inconveniences they come across is finding an open restroom that doesn’t require a purchase to use whenever nature calls.

However, thanks to a new app appropriately named The Whizz App, that won’t seem to be a problem anymore. Created by gig workers, for gig workers, Whizz uses a Google-styled map to help delivery drivers locate pre-screened locations that will permit them to use restroom facilities, no purchase necessary.

The Whizz App, a black-owned business, was developed by co-founders Robert Logan and Keith Crudupt who could relate to the discomfort and difficulty drivers go through when needing to use the bathroom while on the road. The two friends linked up to create this first-of-its-kind app to bring some comfort to the gig community.

WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading rice bowl chains, has stepped up to become the very first brand partner of Whizz. What that entails is the ability of app users to get restroom access at any of WaBa Grill’s 200 locations across Southern California. Subscribers also get exclusive digital coupons through the app.

The Whizz App is available via download on Apple IOS and Android devices.

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Jack In The Box Testing First Plant-Based Menu Item, The UnChicken Sandwich

Those clamoring for Jack In The Box to release some plant-based options have a reason to rejoice now, as the popular fast food chain is testing new UnChicken Sandwiches in partnership with Raised and Rooted plant-based products.

The Unchicken Sandwich will come in classic and spicy options and is made from a plant-based substitute filet from Raised and Rooted that features a split top bun, mayo, lettuce and tomato. For those curious to try this new test item from Jack In The Box, participating locations are in Reno, NV and Monterey, CA.

To help promote this new product, Jack In The Box has released chicken-scented face masks that are free. Just visit here on October 23rd for your chance to snag one while supplies last.

No word yet on a national release of The UnChicken Sandwich, but hopefully a positive reception could lead to wider availability in the future.


Get Authentic Taste of New York Delivered To You With ‘Bagel of the Month’ Club

A New York bagel is as an iconic representative of The Big Apple as the Statue of Liberty, it’s a fact. The reputation of a bagel from NYC being the absolute best is one earned through just how good it really is. Maybe it’s the air. Maybe it’s the water. Me? I didn’t get it. Could a bagel really be that good?

For context, all I’ve really had in terms of “enjoying” a bagel were stale offerings from the pink box of assorted selections from the local donut shop (you know, the ones that pop up in the office every Friday), grocery store varieties, and lunchroom cafeteria ones that were tougher than trigonometry.

But I was able to put those past opinions of a bagel’s inferiority right into the waste bin after finally having an authentic bagel straight from New York. In the middle of a pandemic, the travel to there is sketchy, sure, but thanks to a Bagel of the Month Club from Bagel Boss, I got my fix delivered straight to my door. So thanks to this monthly subscription, I was able to dive right into the perfect chew that a New York City bagel is indicative of.

This Bagel of the Month Club is shipping nationwide in the U.S. and offers unique and limited flavors, as well as traditional favorites delivered straight to you in different subscription tiers and options.

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This ‘Dream Honey’ Is Made To Help You Sleep

In May 2020, Sleep Standards conducted a survey with 1,015 respondents in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 70 on their sleep habits during lockdown. The results have found that a whopping 98% of Americans have developed new sleep problems post lockdown. Further, 68% feel stress or find it hard to sleep during these times.

Though the high percentages of those that have trouble sleeping are quite startling, the current state of the world and the anxieties brought on by it come as no surprise. Simply put, we need help to fall and stay asleep.

Enter Potli’s new ‘Dream Honey’, designed with a special formula that includes CBN, CBD, and either melatonin or THC to promote deep, restful sleep. The effectiveness of the honey lies in CBN, a minor cannabinoid known to inhibit optimized sleep. The raw honey itself is from wildflower and harvested from their own proprietary bee hives. For specifics, 120mg of CBN and 6mg of melatonin are in there to help you fall asleep, while 60mg of CBD help you stay asleep.

I tried the ‘Dream Honey’ myself, given my own struggles with sleeping and I found it to be beneficial in what seemed like a rejuvenating night’s worth of sleep. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt that, making me a believer in the honey’s abilities.

Shop ‘Dream Honey’ on now, with a 4oz jar of hemp-derived honey priced at $32 and a 4oz jar of cannabis-derived honey going for $40.


dineLA in Los Angeles Offers Glimpse At How City Restaurant Weeks Could Look Now

I’m afraid I’m gonna have to invoke a phrase that has been the epitome of being used ad nauseam in 2020: the new normal. It’s application has overlapped all aspects of our lives, with the food world feeling a major impact. The effect has rippled throughout all facets of dining culture, from restaurants shuttering in heartbreaking fashion to food festivals having to pivot into iterations that are stark differences from the usual.

The iconic dineLA Restaurant Week is one such festival that’s reconfigured itself into innovations that still bear the spirit of Los Angeles’ dining scene within the parameters of a pandemic. For the summer season of dineLA, going on from September 1 through September 18, the main focus has been to highlight restaurant experiences through the lens of al fresco dining, takeout, and delivery. This of course reenforces the need to social distance, all while not sacrificing the essence of enjoying the city’s many restaurant options at a budget-friendly cost.

Of the numerous options participating in this summer’s dineLA Restaurant Week, here’s a few worth noting that are Foodbeast-approved for a unique experience.


Ever wanted to experience modern Filipino food fit for a family feast? Tatang in North Hollywood is offering a $65 family-style feast that includes some delicious favorites like their beef brisket tapa and chicken sisig.


What’s a true dineLA experience without some top-notch slabs of juicy, dry-aged beef? Fulfill that scenario by checking out Bourbon Steak, where they’re offering large format steaks like a 32 oz. Porterhouse or a 38 oz. double cut bone-in ribeye. So take that steakhouse craving home and tuck into a beefy food coma ASAP.


For $35 you can take a cheesy dip into dineLA headfirst by choosing Severance Wine Bar. Melty Emmental and Gruyere cheeses get together for a fondue dining experience that includes dunking fixtures like a French baguette, fingerling potatoes, and veggies.


For a safe dine-in option, Sushi|Bar is one to consider if you’re missing some top-tier sushi. Their $65 option includes fresh choices like king crab, giant clam, spot prawn, red snapper, and even bone marrow.


The Original Farmers Market is more choices within the choices that dineLA already offers. It’s a choice-ception, friends. Peruse the legendary open-air market for a fried chicken fix at Fritzi Coop, falafels at Moishe’s Restaurant or festive Mexican fare at Trejo’s Tacos.

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The LA Spot Where You Can Grill Your Own Filipino Street Food Favorites

There’s something to be said when you catch a vibe from cooking your own food in a setting that’s normally not in your own kitchen. You can find that simple pleasure when barbecuing, campfire cooking, and even sitting down to a Korean bbq meal. But a spot in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown called Dollar Hits is adding its name to that list, by channeling the energy of Filipino street food and letting diners cook it themselves on grills out doors.

Step inside and you’re greeted with a wide array of Filipino street food options. Imagine heaping stacks of meat skewers ranging from traditional pork and chicken barbecue, to other favorites like fish balls, pork and chicken intestines (isaw), chicken feet (adidas), chicken head (helmet), pig ears (walkman), chicken hearts, quail egg (kwek kwek), and more.

After picking your lot to grill, simply step outside to three outdoor grills and cook your choices to taste. As far as dining experiences go in LA, Dollar Hits is quite memorable as there’s not many like it in the city.

With outdoor dining being the norm these days, Dollar Hits should serve as a great choice to add to one’s list of spots to safely eat out at, all while catching the whole Filipino street food vibe that many have yet to experience.

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Las Vegas Food Truck Serving Up BIRRIA-STUFFED Tamales

Birria has been booming in the food scene outside of those in the know recently. For those that have been up on it, they’ll probably tell you, “What took y’all so long?”

And I get it, birria, from its origins in Jalisco, Mexico to the widespread appeal it enjoys today, is something that shouldn’t be treated as some new trend. Proponents (which I assume would be pretty much anyone that’s had it because it’s f*cking delicious) will extoll the virtues of its savory allure all day, all the while pointing you in every direction to where you can enjoy it in different iterations and contemporary takes. This then can take you into a fantastic journey that will have you feasting through creative takes like birria ramen and birria pizza.

However, keep going further in that journey and you might find yourself in Las Vegas, Nevada, just like I did, where birria takes on the form of tamales. Yes, the concept of birria has now found a home inside a warm tamal, with melty cheese as its roommate, all courtesy of El Tamalucas, the city’s first tamale food truck.

Since opening El Tamalucas in 2014, owner Saul Talavera has innovated his recipes and expanded the repertoire of his takes on the iconic dish, which include unique selections like chicken alfredo tamales and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos tamales. His next hit is the BirriQueso Tamale Dunkers, which I described earlier, and is a holy trinity of birria, consomé, and cheese. My mouth just watered typing out that sentence and now I’m fighting the urge to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas. That’s because these tamales were one of the best things I’d eaten this year and the memories of having it look like a rush of the rich, bold consomé-soaked, cheese and birria-stuffed tamale cascading down my greedy gullet.

If you’re trying to catch a glorious fever dream off one bite, absolutely look up El Tamalucas when you’re out making questionable decisions in Las Vegas.

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These KFC x Crocs Clogs Will Be Releasing Soon

Earlier this year, we reported on a KFC x Crocs collab which debuted during New York Fashion week and had fans of both up to their ears in excitement for a potential general release. Well friends, I don’t know how much more you can contain that excitement, but just know that it’ll be for only a little while longer.

That’s because the crispy Crocs Classic Clogs have a release date next week on July 28th on for $59.99. This highly anticipated pair also comes with two removable, chicken-scented, drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms.

What’s better is that this release is hinged to a good cause, with $3 of every purchase going to the KFC Foundation’s REACH Educational Grant Program, which helps employees at participating KFC locations to further their education through college scholarships.

You know what they say when it comes to fashion, a good statement piece is crucial in one’s wardrobe. Pretty sure a pair of Crocs Classic Clogs looking like a delicious bucket of KFC chicken fulfills that notion to the max.