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Las Vegas Food Truck Serving Up BIRRIA-STUFFED Tamales

Birria has been booming in the food scene outside of those in the know recently. For those that have been up on it, they’ll probably tell you, “What took y’all so long?”

And I get it, birria, from its origins in Jalisco, Mexico to the widespread appeal it enjoys today, is something that shouldn’t be treated as some new trend. Proponents (which I assume would be pretty much anyone that’s had it because it’s f*cking delicious) will extoll the virtues of its savory allure all day, all the while pointing you in every direction to where you can enjoy it in different iterations and contemporary takes. This then can take you into a fantastic journey that will have you feasting through creative takes like birria ramen and birria pizza.

However, keep going further in that journey and you might find yourself in Las Vegas, Nevada, just like I did, where birria takes on the form of tamales. Yes, the concept of birria has now found a home inside a warm tamal, with melty cheese as its roommate, all courtesy of El Tamalucas, the city’s first tamale food truck.

Since opening El Tamalucas in 2014, owner Saul Talavera has innovated his recipes and expanded the repertoire of his takes on the iconic dish, which include unique selections like chicken alfredo tamales and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos tamales. His next hit is the BirriQueso Tamale Dunkers, which I described earlier, and is a holy trinity of birria, consomé, and cheese. My mouth just watered typing out that sentence and now I’m fighting the urge to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas. That’s because these tamales were one of the best things I’d eaten this year and the memories of having it look like a rush of the rich, bold consomé-soaked, cheese and birria-stuffed tamale cascading down my greedy gullet.

If you’re trying to catch a glorious fever dream off one bite, absolutely look up El Tamalucas when you’re out making questionable decisions in Las Vegas.

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These KFC x Crocs Clogs Will Be Releasing Soon

Earlier this year, we reported on a KFC x Crocs collab which debuted during New York Fashion week and had fans of both up to their ears in excitement for a potential general release. Well friends, I don’t know how much more you can contain that excitement, but just know that it’ll be for only a little while longer.

That’s because the crispy Crocs Classic Clogs have a release date next week on July 28th on for $59.99. This highly anticipated pair also comes with two removable, chicken-scented, drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms.

What’s better is that this release is hinged to a good cause, with $3 of every purchase going to the KFC Foundation’s REACH Educational Grant Program, which helps employees at participating KFC locations to further their education through college scholarships.

You know what they say when it comes to fashion, a good statement piece is crucial in one’s wardrobe. Pretty sure a pair of Crocs Classic Clogs looking like a delicious bucket of KFC chicken fulfills that notion to the max.

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This Is The Loaded Garlic Bread of Your Dreams

Prepare to throw out any notion of what you thought good garlic bread is, because a pop-up in Los Angeles, CA is coming through with some garlic bread that is more loaded and more melty than any one you’ve had.

Thanks to Calic Bread, they’ve brought to light a plump, round loaf of garlic bread that’s stuffed wall to wall with garlic cream cheese. Not only that, they’re also serving up different flavors that come laden inside with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, with another being filled with Korean corn cheese.

The sight of busting one open is damn near explicit, making for a drool worthy visual that’s deserving of any craving. Now if you’re punching the air right now after noticing they’re in LA, worry not, as renowned national food delivery service, Goldbelly, is now shipping them across the nation. Just hit up the site and make your selection to have your favorite garlic bread’s favorite garlic bread sent straight to your door — or gaping mouth, I don’t judge.


Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Restaurants Stay Afloat

For restaurants, survival during a global pandemic has depended on razor thin margins that determine whether they succumb to the circumstances and shut down or are able to keep their collective heads above water to make it through another day. Being able to make rent, labor, and food costs while dealing with drastic changes to their business models and slashed income from prohibited dine-in measures have been harrowing times for restaurant owners. 

Such circumstances have forced them to explore different solutions to help them stay afloat, which have come in the form of adapting to technology that addresses potential holes, mitigates cost, and keeps revenue streams steady. 

The latest episode of Foodbeast’s The Katchup podcast delves into the benefits of alternative technology for restaurants, giving them more options beyond the feeling of being forced to depend on third-party delivery apps just to make it by. One of which is Numa, a ground-breaking service that acts as a concierge for the restaurant, whether it be answering phone calls, messages, or streamlining operations.

I spoke with with Tasso Roumeliotis, co-founder and CEO of Numa, and Lex Gopnik-Lewinsky, owner & founder of Augie’s Montreal Deli in Berkeley, CA to talk about the benefits of alternative technology beyond third-party delivery apps and how they could be the next wave in restaurants taking advantage of different solutions to serve their customers.

However, there are other forms of technology that restaurants are implementing to help them get through the precarious situation of restaurant ownership during quarantine. Here are four that can help disrupt businesses’ reliance on third-party delivery apps.

4. Numa

Imagine your restaurant having a built-in concierge service. With Numa, this is a reality. The service connects to an existing business phone and answers incoming calls, texts customers and answers their questions, and provides team coordination tools which help streamline operations, amongst a host of other features.

3. Belly Melly

Recently there have been an ease of dine-in restrictions in parts of the country, which has led to some solutions needed for as much of a touch-less experience as possible. A company like Belly Melly is now available to offer a touch-free tech-enabled dining experience. The tech was specifically created for restaurateurs by restaurateurs as a free tool. Its technology allows for a zero-contact dining experience in which customers can pull up the restaurant’s menu, order their food, and pay all from the safety and convenience of their smartphones.

2. ChowNow

Founded in 2011 by Christopher Webb and Eric Jaffe, ChowNow is a unique tool for restaurateurs in that it lets their business individually build out and customize its own fully branded app. What’s more, ChowNow has advantageous features that let consumers order from restaurants directly from Google search results and even from businesses’ Instagram profiles.

1. Touchless Dining

As restaurants throughout America continue to ease restrictions on dining in, a new trend of a touch-free and tech-enabled experience has taken shape. Such tech, specifically created for restaurateurs, is available through new tools like BellyMelly and Order For Me. The advantage here is that both allow diners to view menus, order, and pay for their meals all via their smart phones.

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Without DACA, Vegas Wouldn’t Have Its Best Al Pastor Tacos

Sure we’re all familiar with Plato’s quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It’s true, for the most part. But invention isn’t exclusive to the phrase as well. Survival is a logical byproduct of necessity, facilitating dreams to be manifested and goals to be achieved. Such is the case with sisters Faviola and Gabriella Trujillo, whose own chain of successful taco restaurants, Taco Y Taco, was born from a need to simply survive, especially with odds stacked against them.

Their father is an entrepreneurial success story as well, starting from a small butcher shop in Mexico, to opening up multiple full-service markets in Las Vegas, NV. But when economic downturn forced him to close up locations save for one, the Trujillo sisters knew that their circumstance as undocumented individuals made it likely that no one would hire them or offer them a work permit. The necessity to survive immediately grew from that seed of uncertainty and led them to formulate a sound business plan that would serve as the blueprint for their now successful business.

But defying the odds isn’t new to Faviola and Gabriella, who beyond their immigration status in the country, also broke through the typical perception of what a Mexican restaurant is, and presented a unique and different approach to a customer’s dining experience. Fresh ingredients, tried and true recipes, and attention to detail highlight Taco Y Taco’s model, creating a meal that’s memorable through a couple euphoric bites of their nationally-recognized al pastor tacos or simply knowing that it was built through taking a chance and living out one’s own dreams, no matter what circumstances or how daunting they initially seem to be.

Faviola and Gabriella have definitely made their mark in the world — have they or other similar experiences inspired you to do the same? 

Recognizing that everyone has the ability and potential to do so, Cerveza Montejo wants to empower people to share their ideas with the world and turn them into pathways for extraordinary success. With the launch of their Stories That Defy Contest, Montejo is providing an opportunity for someone to win $10,000 to start their own business, artistry, or pursue creative endeavors. Find out more and enter now at


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to AZ, CA and NV residents 21+.  Entries must be received by 8/31/20. See Official Rules at for prizes and details. Message and data rates may apply. Void where prohibited.

Created in partnership with Montejo.

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Fried Chicken Skins Are Made For Snacking

Look, today is National Fried Chicken Day, truly a day that is worth celebrating with full on festivities. One way to do that? Snacking on some chicken skins. If that possibility sounds too enticing to be true, prepare your butts for a delicious dose of reality.

That’s because Flock chicken chips exist and are made with just chicken skin and seasonings, none of that artificial stuff and more of that natural goodness. Now mind you, growing up in a Filipino household, fried chicken skins were a regular thing for me. Hitting up the local Filipino market for a bag was always a treat that I wished the rest of the world would have the pleasure in enjoying.

And now here’s their chance, in three different flavors at that: Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and BBQ. With 13 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs or less per packet, they also seem to be the smart choice in snacking for the keto-minded folks.

So if you want to indulge in celebration of National Fried Chicken Day or any other day for that matter, you can purchase Flock on their website.


Black Child Denied At Baltimore Restaurant For Attire, White Child With Similar Clothing Allowed

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A notable Baltimore, Maryland restaurant group, The Atlas Restaurant Group, has received backlash after a video recently posted to Instagram documented a racial incident at one of its restaurants, Ouzo Bay.

Marcia Grant and her 9 year-old son Dallas Greene were denied patronage at Ouzo Bay over the weekend over what was cited by an employee in the footage as Greene violating their dress code. Grant then pans the camera to a white family allowed to eat at the restaurant with a child who is wearing similar athletic-style clothing to her son.

The Atlas Group released a response to address the situation today, which in part said, “As a result of the investigation, two Ouzo Bay managers have been separated from and are no longer with the organization.”

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Since learning of this incident, Atlas leadership has taken the following action: • Launched an assertive internal investigation, which included extensive video review, analysis, workforce interviews and input from human resources professionals and other experts in the field. •As a result of the investigation, two Ouzo Bay managers have been separated from and are no longer with the organization. To reiterate, there is a level of sensitivity, discretion, and customer service we expect from our managers and all who represent the Atlas brand. •Revised our dress code policy so that children 12 years old and younger, who are accompanied by an adult, will no longer be subject to a dress code at any Atlas property. •Communicated with our Atlas employees to inform them of the new dress code policy, reiterate and reinforce our unwavering position that there is no place for racism nor discrimination in any form within our company. We will continue to implement our diversity and inclusion training required for all employees and are currently educating ourselves on additional ways we can continue to expand and improve these efforts. •Attempted to connect with Marcia Grant and her son. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful but we will continue to try and open dialogue. Again, we want to extend our sincerest, heartfelt apology. We don’t want anyone to go through this type of embarrassing and hurtful experience.

A post shared by Atlas Restaurant Group (@atlasrestaurantgroup) on

The incident further highlights how Black Americans are faced with such racist incidents as a part of their daily lives. The rise in recorded racist occurrences similar to this has further drawn awareness to the need to address the inherent racism that has been a product of America’s origins and systemic machinations for far too long.

Make no mistake, what Marcia Grant and Dallas Greene experienced in this story is just one in a long line of happenings. Don’t be so shocked that racism still exists to this day, people are actually just being recorded for the vile hate they have been taught for generations.

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Los Angeles Is Getting A Tiki Bar On Wheels This Summer

After staring at a blank screen for a minute, I let out a loaded sigh and realized that any sort of tropical getaway is much needed right now. But being in the middle of a global pandemic hampers that thought — unless you switch up your frame of mind a bit and imagine the essence of said tropical getaway coming to you. Enter the Lost Parrot Tiki Pop Up.

Dubbed a ‘tiki bar in a bag’, this mobile pop up cocktail experience just recently launched with service to the Greater Los Angeles area, serving up delicious tiki-inspired cocktails to Angelenos looking for some tropical vibes this summer.

For $49.95, you get a cocktail kit that includes a 16-ounce pre-batched tiki cocktail (enough for four drinks), a branded reusable cooler bag, two tiki tumblers, straws and swizzle sticks, crushed ice, and a link to an
‘Island Getaway’ Spotify playlist.

Indulge in one of five of the Lost Parrot’s cocktails, including The Funky Polynesia (Zacapa Rum, coconut, pineapple, cream, dragon fruit and angostura bitters), Silky Saturn (Tangueray Gin, lemon, passion fruit, orgeat, falernum), and the Lost Parrot Swizzle (Vida Mezcal, mint, mango, lime).

If you’re looking to vibe exponentially on the island vibes there’s add-ons available which include: a ‘Conch Punch’ ($69.99) complete with large format tiki bowl; additional pre-batched drinks; collectible tiki glassware; Lost Parrot merch including Hawaiian shirts and hats; and a selection of hard-to-source rum varietals.

The entire experience is coming to you via a Lost Parrot Tiki Van, which is a collaboration with California artist, Jonny Pucci. Delivery service will be determined by neighborhood on ‘Tiki Tuesday’ (Eastside/Valley), ‘Fruity Friday’ (Culver City/Venice/Santa Monica) and ‘Silky Saturday’ (Mid-City/West Hollywood/Beverly Hills) between 12-5PM with a dedicated courier alerting customers when their delivery in transit and upon arrival.

For pick-up orders, they are available daily between 3-5PM are located at Lost Parrot Cafe in South Pasadena.

To order and schedule a delivery/pick up visit or via Instagram (@LostParrotTiki).