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Sip On These 5 Best Canned Cocktails Out Right Now

Whether they’re at a barbecue or tailgating before the game, craft cocktail lovers often have a difficult decision to make: What to drink when coupes and Collins glasses aren’t handy?

Sure, Solo cups of Jungle Juice or other mysterious concoctions can be fun but what about when you want to take it easy? Enter canned cocktails! These spirited refreshments are portable versions of some of the most classic cocktails.

John Daly’s Grip It & Sip It

There has long been a debate about whether the delicious combination of iced teaand lemonade is called an Arnold Palmer or a Half & Half. What has never been debated though, is that when you add vodka to that or you use an iced tea-flavored vodka instead of the real thing, its called a John Daly. So it only makes sense that the legendary golfer, known for good times on and off the golf course, is now getting into the spirits business with both a canned Hard Tea and a canned Half & Half.  Made with real black tea and premium ingredients, the cocktail line’s name comes from Daly’s “grip it and rip it” attitude. We just like saying “grip it.”

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails

Bitters are the staple of many great craft cocktails these days. So, who better than Scrappy’s Bitters, founded by bartender Miles Thomas, to introduce a line of on-the-go carbonated canned cocktails? The Seattle-based company launched with three cocktails to start: a Bramble which includes dry London gin, berries, and citrus; a Daiquiri with rum, water, lime, and sugar; and a Paloma featuring tequila and grapefruit soda. All are made with real spirits and are carbonated for that extra kick. The name “Half-Seas” is inspired by an old sailor term, “half–seas over,” which is a fancy way of saying “fairly drunk.” Sounds like a great way to feel to us.

Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee

If you love booze and caffeine, then this one is for you. Also, you’re our kind of people. This is said to be the first-ever boozy cold brew. Similar to the craft brewing process, each batch is made with locally-sourced cold-brew coffee from Wisconsin-based Blackeye Roasting Co., steeped for more than 16 hours and infused with nitrogen. The result is a nifty alternative to a vodka- Red Bull. Just don’t drink it before work, unless that’s just how you roll.

Owl’s Brew Radler

If you’re not a coffee fan or just prefer tea — particularly with your beer — then these are for you. Radlers are available in four flavors: That’s My Jam (an amber ale brewed with darjeeling tea), The Blondie (a wheat beer with brewed black tea), Short and Stout (a chocolate stout with Masala chai), and Wicked Watermelon (a wheat beer and brewed white tea). So how exactly did Jennie and Maria, the masterminds behind the brand, create these? First, they brewed the beer while separately brewing organic tea and botanicals. They blend the two together with a splash of juice to lighten the the flavor and there you have it!

Salt Point

Moscow Mule is a tried and true classic, but with the recent concerns about the potential poisoning from copper mugs, what’s a health-conscious drinker supposed to do? This Northern California-based company has the answer. Inspired by life on the Pacific Coast, this drink is a tasteful blend of spicy ginger, lime, and American vodka that tastes like just like it was served in a “deadly” mug. Also, how can you beat this logo?

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Show Your NFL Team Pride With Bud Light’s Team-Themed Packaging

Ever been tailgating, wearing your lucky jersey and facepaint is perfectly done, but you’re still not feeling the team spirit? Well, you can once again drink your team pride thanks to the NFL and the fine folks at Bud Light.

Just in time for the return of the season, Bud Light announced it will continue its tradition of NFL team-themed packaging.  This season, the team beers will be available in both cans and aluminum bottles, and will not only feature your team’s logo but also its catch phrase or rallying cry (think: “Fly Eagles Fly” or “Keep Pounding”).

Each can will also feature Snapchat “Snapcodes” that will unlock a chance to win Super Bowl LII tickets, an interactive Bud Bowl-style game, and team-specific Snapchat filters.

What die-hard football fan wouldn’t want a sixer representing their fave team? Yes, even you, Browns fans.

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Iconic Designer Mark Newson Reimagines Limited Edition Hennessy X.O Bottle

Marc Newson has literally shaped products for Ford, Apple, and Louis Vuitton. His iconic Lockheed Lounge sold for $3.7 million in 2015 — a record for a living designer at auction. Now, the renowned designer has brought his talents to the world of cognac by designing the Hennessy X.O 2017 limited edition bottle.

As a streamlined variation on the bottle’s iconic shape, the design amplifies the blend inside while giving the spirit a modern aesthetic. Newson pared the bottle’s shape to its purest form and then chose to reprise its traditional decorative motifs – grapes and leaves – in a corrugated relief.

“It’s both an honor and a little daunting to approach an icon like Hennessy X.O,” said Newson. “Clearly, this Cognac has transcended time and continues to live in a very contemporary way. As a designer it’s important to me to create things that will likewise stand the test of time. The Hennessy X.O bottle has a wonderful fundamental shape. What I wanted to do was use design to magnify the Cognac – its color and sensorial qualities – as much as possible.”

To reinforce the modern spirit of the new design, Newson and Hennessy also created a modern gift box presentation. To highlight both the blend and the glass, Newson designed a clear transparent gift box.

“Straight lines seemed to me a more modern interpretation of what already existed,” explained Newson. “To me, the stripes [on the bottle] really emphasize the strength of the decanter’s shape. When they catch the light, they highlight both the bottle and the contents, making the whole feel warmer and more tactile. Taken together, all of these design elements are meant to convey the unique, immersive experience of Hennessy X.O.”

Originally from Sydney, Australia, the London-based Newson has been described as the most influential designer of his generation. His designs span a wide range of disciplines, from transport to sculptural pieces and architecture. A recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, Newson has been included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. His work is present in many major museum collections, including the MoMA in New York, the Victoria & Albert and the Design Museum of London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The Hennessy X.O 2017 limited edition is Newson’s second project with Hennessy. In 2015, he designed the striking decanter for James Hennessy Cognac, available exclusively in select travel retail destinations.

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Here’s Some Rums To Try On National Rum Day That You Might Not Have Heard Of Before

Happy National Rum Day! Yes, its a thing. So whether you love mojitos, Cuba Libres or TK, this is your day. And given that rum is the third most popular spirit in the U.S., behind whiskey and vodka, there are quite a few of you out there. We here at Foodbeast are all about a good rum cocktail. And while there are many rums out there, here are a few that you may NOT be aware of but should.


Atlantico Gran Reserva Rum

First up is Atlantico Gran Reserva Rum, a beautiful blend of Dominican rums that is aged up to 25 years, which is perfect for drinking neat.


Don Papa Rum

Next up is Don Papa Rum, a premium aged rum from the Philippines. This is their Mai Tai: ½ oz. Don Papa Rum, ½ oz. fresh lime juice, ½ oz. orgeat syrup, and 1 oz. mango nectar. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with 2 cups of crushed ice. Shake well. Pour everything (do not strain) into glass. Garnish with a lime shell sunk into the ice and a sprig of fresh mint.


Silk City Distillers

Rums are also being made stateside, like New Jersey’s Silk City Distillers small batch,  both dark and white rums. This is their take on the classic daiquiri: 1.5 oz Silk City Distillers White Rum, 1 oz fresh lime juice and 1/2 oz of simple syrup. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Devil’s Reef

Finally, we have Devil’s Reef, a cinnamon-infused spiced rum from K Street Spirits, which gives a new take on an old favorite. To that end, this is their Old Fashioned: 1.5 oz Devil’s Reef Rum, 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters, 1 sugar cube, and a few dashes of water. Muddle the sugar, bitters and water in an old-fashioned glass. Fill glass with ice and rum. Garnish with an orange peel and cocktail cherry.


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New Whiskey Honors First African-American Master Distiller Who Also Trained Jack Daniels

The roles of African-Americans in distilling hasn’t been widely known, but that may soon change with the launch of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey.

Launched last month in Portland, OR, the brand is inspired by Nathan “Nearest” Green, the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States, and the man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill. The descendants of his son, George Green, worked to ensure his legacy lived on in a bottle of premium whiskey.

Using local grains and the Lincoln County Process, a charcoal mellowing process Green helped perfect in Tennessee over 160 years ago, the Uncle Nearest team worked with two Tennessee distilleries still making whiskey the way Green made it. This process includes placing the product in new American oak barrels close to the same 110-proof Green was known for, and waiting until it is at the perfect age, taste, and color.

“This whiskey is meant to bring to the forefront the man who so few outside of Lynchburg, Tennessee knew was one of the most important master distillers in the creation of what is now known as Tennessee whiskey,” said Keith Miles, spokesman for the brand. “Having spent so much time with Green’s descendants, our founders knew their desire was to honor him with a premium whiskey made as close to his way as possible and bring it to every bar and spirit shop around the world, so everyone would know his name.”

Uncle Nearest also plans on launching a second whiskey, A Premium Silver, later this summer.

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Liquor Company Is Looking For Candidates To Travel The World In The Name Of Whisky

Traveling the world with only a suitcase full of whiskey may sound like a drunken “Amazing Race,” but Grant’s Whisky is looking to pay someone to do it — for a living!

Applications are now open for a few lucky souls to do a 10-day world tour which will serve as their interview to become Grant’s 2018 Global Brand Ambassador. Three final candidates will each travel to a trio of countries, ranging from India to Poland, equipped with the aforementioned suitcase to share with the friends they’ve never met.

The trip will parallel one taken by Charles Grant Gordon, the son-in-law of the founder of Grant’s Whisky, William Grant in 1909. Gordon, too, set sail with a suitcase of Grant’s to introduce it to the world. Grant’s chosen Global Brand Ambassador will follow in his footsteps throughout 2018.

The candidates will need a variety skills and wit to win. “The role goes way beyond being able to make great cocktails,” says Oliver Dickson, Global Brand Director. “We’re looking for somebody to embody the ‘Stand Together’ spirit of the brand and who can spearhead Grant’s into the next stage of its global journey.”

If you think you have what it takes, apply here.

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Experience Drinking With Celebrities Via New “Drinky Fun Time” Podcast

Anthony Bourdain drinks his single malt scotch — Balvenie DoubleWood of course — with one ice cube or neat. If you’ve ever wondered what other celebs, like director Guillermo Del Toro, Walton Goggins and Aisha Tyler, like to drink and you don’t hang out at trendy hot spots in NYC or LA, “Drinky Fun Time” aims to answer that question.

Feral Audio’s new drinks podcast is hosted by wine and spirits expert Dan Dunn and entertainment journalist Emma Patterson and recorded in bars, distilleries, and other places where you can get an adult beverage (not a bad gig if you can get it). The weekly podcast will explore the imbibing preferences and rituals of Hollywood’s A-list.

“After so many years writing about drinking, it occurred to me that talking about drinking might be fun too… and far less likely to cause carpal tunnel,” says Dunn. “Drinky Fun Time is the culmination of a life spent perched on barstools, studying booze, dreaming about booze, drinking booze and dropping the names of famous people I know. Oh, and did I mention my buddy Kurt Russell will be a guest on the show?”

Episode one features “Rick & Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon and singer Halsey. Other upcoming guests include actress Allison Janney (“Mom”), Walton Goggins and chef Curtis Stone, among others.

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Bottle Popping Emergency? Dom Perignon Is Now Delivered On Demand

We’ve all been there. You’ve got the models frolicking in the pool, the music is blasting, and you run out of champagne… record scratch. Well, if you live in New York or Miami, there is a super simple solution to that.

This month, Dom Pérignon began offering consumers in those cities, with more to come, the ability to cop bottles via its website and have them delivered chilled by Thirstie, a spirits and beer delivery start-up, in one hour. You will also be able to order bottles via the Thirstie app.

“A continuation of the Moët Hennessy USA ambition of innovation in the market, the launch of a 1-hour luxury delivery service for Dom Pérignon presents a new avenue in which to delight the Dom Pérignon consumer, in the on-demand and immediate world they live in,” explains Jorge Cosano, Vice-President of Dom Pérignon. “We are continuously looking to find new ways to further drive innovation and deliver on our commitment to building luxury brands with a strong consumer focus and to create new opportunities to strengthen our partnership with our retail customers.”

Between this and Baskin-Robbins, you may never need to leave home again.