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These Limited Edition Kit Kat ‘Sushi’ Pieces Look Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Here in America, our variety of Kit Kat flavors are very, very limited (to chocolate).  But overseas… they don’t play around.

According to Tokyo Bargain Mania, The Kit Kat “Chocolatory” in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan is releasing a set of limited edition sushi Kit Kats on February 2nd.  The set includes a rendering of tuna, uni, and tamago sushi.  Now they don’t actually taste like seafood, but instead are made to look like sushi.  The tuna is a raspberry white chocolate mix, over a rice crispy puff, the sea urchin a Hokkaido melon mascarpone cheese, and the egg is a pumpkin pudding flavor.

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

Unfortunately, these won’t be hitting stateside anytime soon (unless you got the plug).  In addition, these are limited to 500 sets for anyone who spends over 3,000 Japanese Yen at the “Chocolatory,” making it a dope confection collector’s item.

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It Tastes Like Pho, It Tastes Like Sriracha… But Its A Cookie?

Stop everything!

Think of a type of food that shouldn’t be in the form of a pastry.

Got it?  Probably won’t taste very good, right?   

Now picture this:  A bowl of your favorite phó noodle soup with a splash of Sriracha sauce… in the form of A COOKIE.

We hit up an ice cream shop called Inside Sküp to try one of the more unique cookies we’ve ever come across. The Phó. Sriracha. Cookie! Let that sink in. A phó flavored cookie, drizzled in a Sriracha sauce that shouldn’t work… but it does.  Yes, it’s real, we tried it, and holy shit it’s delicious.


Made in-house at their shop in Fullerton, CA, the creative people at Inside Sküp were clearly out of their minds with this delectable blend of batter that left us absolutely speechless.   

Pair that with one of their irresistible ice cream flavors or mix and match with their other unique cookies like cookie monster (a blue sugar cookie topped with bits of other cookies) and you’ve arrived at pastry paradise.

The cookie is currently seasonal, and is in rotation with their other assortment of cookies, so get the pho up and try it now.

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This App is Basically ‘Tinder’ for Food

I think we can all agree that two of the most difficult decisions you can ever make in your life are: choosing a mate, and choosing what to eat (probably).  And I’m sure that the majority of us are choosing what to eat more often than choosing a mate… (I would hope)

Enter ‘Entrée‘:  The only app that finds food in your area, that you could potentially date.  Kidding!  Entrée is for the indecisive hungry person within all of us that literally cannot figure out what they should have as their next meal because they aren’t “feeling anything specific” or is always “down for whatever.”


Piggybacking off ‘Tinder,’ this app lets you swipe left or right on specific dishes at nearby restaurants, and gives you further information and options once you come to a decision.  Utilizing their unique algorithm, Entrée learns your preferences over time, potentially giving you more options you’d actually enjoy in the future.


I’m not exactly sure if this will help you choose what to eat quicker, because it might just send you on another “swiping spree.”

At its current stage, Entrée is only available regionally within Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., with other major cities on the way.