Easy-Bake Oven Gets A Makeover

new easy bake oven


It’s sexier. It’s sleeker. And it comes in purple. It’s the new Easy-Bake Oven.

Huffington Post reports on the drastic new design for the classic children’s toy that has been around since 1963.

“We wanted it to look more like a real appliance, not a plastic toy,” said Michelle Paolino, a vice president of global brand strategy and marketing at Hasbro.

Hasbro has introduced the eleventh version of the new oven, which is now light bulb free. The new model is said to reach up to 375 degrees internally, while only feeling warm to the touch on the exterior.

The new heating chamber is now approximately 50 percent bigger with more consistent heating. That’s 50 percent more baked goodness!


Packaged Food

Diamond Foods Clears Regulatory Hurdles To Acquire Pringles Brand

How do you make one of the biggest snack companies around even bigger? You buy Pringles.

Diamond Foods, Inc has cleared summer regulatory hurdles and is destined to close  an agreement later this year with The Proctor & Gamble Company to absorb the Pringles brand into Diamond Foods. The merger is valued to be at $2.35 billion.

“Our plan is to build upon the brand equity Pringles has established in over 140 countries. This strategic combination will create an independent, global leader in the snack industry with a focus on quality and innovative products,” said Michael J. Mendes, Chairman, President, and CEO of Diamond Foods.

“Not only is this combination immediately accretive, it also creates a platform that we believe will allow us to build shareholder value for years to come,” Mendes stated.

The acquisition of Pringles is said to triple the snack business of Diamond Foods as well as raise Diamond’s international value.

Bob McDonald, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Proctor & Gamble states, “We are confident Diamond Foods will be an excellent new home for our Snacks employees.”

(via Investor’s Business Daily)

Packaged Food

NASA Giving Out Space Food (Plus Shipping)

NASA Space Food

How many FOODBEAST readers wanted to grow up to be an astronaut? For some, the dream is a little closer than they realize, at least when it comes to eating like an astronaut.

According to an LA Times blog, NASA will be giving away some 350 dehydrated meals to cities and schools, which includes: an entrée, a dessert, and a drink, bit will cost $28.03 after shipping and handling.

Steven J. Kempf, commissioner of the General Service Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service, states, “Not only are we preserving a critical part of our nation’s history, but we are reusing government property in an unexpected way by giving these NASA artifacts a second life in our nation’s schools.”

The packages of food are considered to be a consolation for some cities that were not fortunate enough to land a space shuttle after losing out to Los Angeles. NASA advises that these meals are “not for consumption” and are purely for historical value. Still, It would be pretty cool to own some space meatloaf. Even if you can’t eat it.

(Photo Credit: NASA Images)


Thai Beverage to Aquire Serm Suk

ThaiBev Logo

The South Eastern alcohol company Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (ThaiBev) announced their plans for acquiring Bangkok soft drink company Serm Suk for $153 million. This deal includes PepsiCo’s agreement to sell 41.5 % of Serm Suk stake over to ThaiBev.

Through the acquisition of Serm Suk, ThaiBev hopes to expand its non-alcoholic product portfolio internationally.

Serm Suk, which has been around since 1952, exclusively distributes Pepsi brands and will continue to through November of 2012.

ThaiBev, established in 2003, is one of Thailand’s largest businesses of beers and spirits. It consists of four core businesses of products: beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and food.


Deep Fried Bubblegum

deep fried bubblegum

Justin Martinez came up with the idea to dip marshmallows in a bubblegum extract and then covering it in bubblegum flavored dough before going into the fryer. The treat is then garnished with blue frosting. Martinez’s deep fried bubblegum won for Most Creative at the seventh annual Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas.

This novelty will join the league of “thing I can find in my pantry and throw it in a deep fryer” at the Texas State Fair next month. Definitely something worth trying, but I’ll draw the line at deep fried butter.

[THX to EATER and Photo Credit to Fort Worth Star Telegram]


Fast Food

Robber Caught Cooking Inside Fast Food Restaurant

Fast Food Robber

Usually when someone says, ‘I’m going through the drive-thru and grabbing some dinner,’ they don’t mean it literally. Not so much the case for Hachem Gomez. ABC News reports Gomez allegedly climbed through the window of a Mr. Beef and Pizza drive-thru early Saturday morning in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Surveillance tapes show Gomez had helped himself to some soda and chicken tenders in addition to damaging a cash register. Gomez was then arrest with a burglary charge.

Now, I love chicken tenders as much as the next guy, but this takes fast food to a whole new level.