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Heinz “Dip and Squeeze” to Replace Traditional Ketchup Packets

Say goodbye to the old ketchup packets of your childhood and say hello to the new “Dip and Squeeze.”

The Wall Street Journal reports, H.J. Heinz Co. has developed this new design based on observing behaviors of consumers who found the old packets inconvenient. The “Dip and Squeeze” has two primary functions. You can tear off the top of the packet and squeeze the ketchup out, or you can peel back the lid and begin dipping straight from the packet.

The “Dip and Squeeze” packet will hold three times more ketchup than the traditional Heinz one. The packets were released earlier this year to select restaurants with plans to completely replace the traditional packets at the end of the year.

Maybe now I cant eat French fries on the freeway without getting a ticket.

[THX: Wall Street Journal Photo Credit: Martin F. Ramin, The Wall Street Journal]


[Video] Gourmet Lunchables

Many people remember their early years of school consisted of a Lunchables as an afternoon meal. Heck, that’s still how I live most days of the week.

Jacqueline Wasilczyk of Zagat, issued a challege to Shaun Hergatt of SHO Shaun Hergatt. Hergatt’s objective was to created a school themed plate using the popular Lunchables brand.

Check out the video, posted by zagatbuzz above to see what he came up with.

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News Products

Sam Mason to open Mayo Shop

Sam Mason, the former chef of WD-50, is opening a new mayonnaise shop called The Empire Mayo, which is set to open in November at 564 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights.

Huffington Post reports, the Empire Mayo will feature about 40 different flavors of mayo. The flavors include: parmesan, foie gras, smoked paprika, and even coffee.

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Original Ray’s Pizza Closes

After many years of fine pizza making, the original Ray’s Pizza in New York is closing its doors at the end of the month.

The New York Times reports, the pizzeria on 27 Prince Street in Little Italy has faced many legal battles with heirs and will be facing eviction. Ray’s, which opened in 1959, has been frequented by many celebrities over the years.

Ray’s will be open until the end of the Feast of Gennaro, which concludes September 25.

[THX: NY Times Photo Credit: Victor Blue NY Times]


Peanut Butter Prices Expected to Rise

Peanut butter prices are on the rise and pretty soon it’ll be just as expensive as gasoline. reports, because of the major droughts and ridiculously hot weather in the peanut agriculture states, consumers will see a rise in prices for peanut butter and peanut products.

States like Texas and Georgia, two of the nation’s leading peanut farming states, have had difficulties growing the crop this past year. The states faced problems due to the dry weather.

The United States Department of Agriculture predicts that this year’s peanut crop is estimated at 3.61 billion pounds, a 13 percent decrease from last year’s 4.16 billion pounds.

Vincent Byrd, Smucker President and Chief Operating Officer, said that, “Our peanut prices will be significantly higher as we end the calendar year 2011.”

Prices are estimated to go as high as 30 percent, so stock up now folks or get use to just plain jelly and banana sandwiches.

[THX: Cleveland Business  Photo Credit: Gus Chan, The Plain Dealer]

News Restaurants

Saudi Arabian Restaurant Charges for Leftovers

According to the global news site Bikyamasr, a Saudi Arabian restaurant has begun charging customers for the food they leave behind after dining.

The Damman Marmar, in an effort to reduce food waste in the Gulf Kingdom, is charging customers depending on how much food they have left on their plates.

“There are many clients who make large orders to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige,” said Fahd al-Anezi, owner for Damman Marmar, regarding the fines.

According to al-Anezi, new system has been met with positive reception.

[THX: Bikyamasr]

Humor News

China Grades Restaurants with Cartoon Smileys

The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China plan to score restaurant health and safety conditions in a creative way.

China Daily reports that the SFDA will implement a grading system of food evaluation with a series of cartoon smiley faces.

“Smiley” faces will represent restaurants that exceed expectations. “Straight” faces will represent restaurants that meet the expectations or are good. “Sad” faces are for restaurants that are average or below.

According to the draft drawn by the SFDA, the scale will be based upon many different safety factors of the restaurant environment. Things that will be taken into account are: food materials, facilities, processing, food additive, and tableware disinfection.

Restaurants and businesses with a score of 90 and above will receive a “Smiley” and a 75 to 90 a “Straight” face. Score above 60 and below 75 will receive the “Sad” face.

Like the grades, businesses will be required to post the cartoon faces on a surface visible for customers to see. Regular inspections will be held throughout the year.

[THX: China Daily]


German Restaurant sets Bratwurst Record


A Chicago based German restaurant wanted to get themselves into the book of records for something, so what better way than attempt to make the world’s largest bratwurst?

Huffington Post reports, The Berghoff Restaurant challenged the pages of history on Sept 15 by attempting to make the world’s largest piece of bratwurst. The challenge was met during the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

CEO Carlyn Berghoff said, “We’ve been doing this event for 26 years and we wanted to mix things up by doing something crazy and fun,” reported the HuffPost Weird News.

The bratwurst weighed over 40 pounds at 47-feet and 3-inch and took half an hour to cook. It was served with a bun 50 feet long that weighed 35 pounds. The Berghoff was successful in setting the world record and was able to raise $1,000 towards A Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

[THX: Huffington Post Food]