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Celebrate ‘Better Call Saul’s’ Last Episode with This Cinnabon Free Offer

Cinnabon has been the CENTER of AMC’s Better Call Saul for 6 beloved seasons, so to mark the show’s bittersweet finale, Cinnabon is giving fans a FREE Center of The Roll after the purchase of one Center of The Roll! This ooey gooey center will be offered for FREE after the first purchase of one as a special promotion on Monday, August 15th.

The offer can be redeemed by using the offer code CALLSAUL through the CINNABON app. Get it delivered straight to your door so you won’t miss a single moment of the show.

If it is your first time using the app, you are also eligible to redeem a free 4-count of BonBites — bite-sized versions of the classic rolls. Just download the app and sign up for the rewards program.

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BJ’s Brings Back Fan-Favorite Peanut Butter S’mores Pizookie

Nothing says summer more than s’mores and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse knows it! So, back by popular demand, the fan-favorite Peanut Butter S’mores Pizookie will be available for a limited time only.

The Peanut Butter S’mores Pizookie includes a warm, ooey-gooey Ghirardelli triple chocolate cookie piled high with peanut butter and marshmallows toasted to perfection. It’s then decadently crowned with scoops of rich vanilla bean ice cream.

The Peanut Butter S’mores Pizookie joins the other Pizookie flavors also included in the BJ’s $4 Pizookie Daily Brewhouse Special every Tuesday for dine in, take out or delivery.

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FX’s New Hit Show ‘The Bear’ Illustrates the Harrowing Truths of Running a Restaurant

Photo: The Bear/FX

It’s been a crazy few years filled with incredible challenges from politics to inflation to COVID and everything else in between. Won’t talk about the “bear” in the room, so to speak, but the pandemic changed the landscape for all businesses, with particular extremeness to the culinary industry. Many staples in our communities have shuttered as a result, and the truth is, we won’t know if we will ever be the same. As a restaurant and food truck owner and operator myself, I know all too well about this bunt reality.

My husband is always looking for new shows to watch on our down time at home and stumbled upon a new show on HULU called The Bear. It caught my attention and once I started doing some research to find out what it was about, it struck me – THIS IS US! THIS IS OUR STORY!

I was hooked, seeing how Chef Carmy’s (played by Jeremy Allen White) trials were our trials. From struggling to meet vendors’ payable deadlines to trying to finding the whole Caribbean Red Snapper that is part of our signature dish to tracking down garlic paste that all seemed so hard to find for the better part of five months. Our supply chain was in shambles — one day we can’t find sugar and the next we can’t find our usual industrial sized batch of corn starch! 

To further illustrate the adversity, we also dealt with staff shortages, call-outs, the big COVID surge in late December 2021 and the mask mandate in LA County. All created a cloud of doubt that hovered simultaneously over trying to create a synergy and system between veteran and new team members that may or may not have experience in the industry, all while delicately traversing that tightrope where one false step, or in this case, hire, can create more chaos and send you into a tailspin. 

One thing that all chefs develop and build throughout their career is confidence. Chef Carmy is stripped naked of it from the beginning of his journey. His confidence, as he explains, comes from his love language of cooking. You can see how that and his subconscious blend together with flashbacks from his previous hell of working in a demanding fine dining kitchen.

A defining moment in a symphony of kitchen chaos played out in a particular scene that we in the restaurant industry have all felt the most identified: when the going gets rough, where ticket after ticket piles up, when someone loses their temper and food flies, when you’re in the weeds and your kitchen feels like it’s on fire. That has been us, as chefs, at any given moment in the kitchen.

As a restaurant owner and chef, you not only have to balance your career but also your personal life. Mental health is vital as we have learned from the tragic passing of Chef Anthony Bourdain to learning from the first episode that Carmy’s big brother, Michael, and also an original owner of the family restaurant that Carmy inherited, committed suicide. The parallels are uncanny. Some nights I can’t sleep or when I finally can, I’m awakened by a dream of culinary brilliance which I suddenly feel compelled to write down just so I won’t forget the sprig of inspiration in the morning.

While not trying to spoil the plot of the show, I followed along in the hero’s journey that parallels my very own. I have ridden the culinary rollercoaster with its peaks and valleys of daily struggles and achievements. This show sits you right in front of the plight that chefs and restaurateurs all go through in a real, gritty and unglamorous way that has you emotionally invested enough to want to celebrate Chef Carmy and his crew’s triumphs and cry for their defeats. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s my life.

After news of The Bear being renewed for a second season, it’s clear that the masses are on board for the thrill ride that is a chef’s life.

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Trident Vibes Pack a Punch with Sour Patch Kids Flavors

Photo: Trident

Trident Vibes gum’s new flavors pack a true PUNCH with their new Sour Patch Kids flavors just in time for summer.

Trident is now delivering that classic experience of the iconic candy in the form of a gum with fun flavors such as Radberry, Blue Raspberry or Watermelon a flavor exclusive to Walmart).

The sugarless chewing gum features a crunchy, candy-like outer shell that transforms into that classic sour then sweet taste that distinguishes the Sour Patch Kids brand.