Wanna Watch a Movie? Tap a Beer To Your Computer First


If you want to fuel two bad habits at once, app developer Aleksandr Semenov has the solution for you. He’s developed an application that lets you access free movies online, simply by tapping a beer bottle to your computer or mobile device.

Semenov uses Bluetooth technology to “unlock” your movies, with a signal beacon located underneath the bottle cap. When the bottle is opened, and then tapped against the device on which you want to play your movie, the process basically works like a beer credit card, allowing you to start watching your video instantly.

In short, this new app has amazing potential: drinking games galore, enablement, and excuses for beers and Sharknado no matter where you go. While for some it might be the extra push for a bad habit, we think it has the potential to transform the way we watch (and fuel) or television sessions.

Check out the campaign page on Creativity Online for more.

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North Carolina Restaurant Offers 15% Discount For Praying


(UPDATE 8/8/14: Due to backlash regarding religious discrimination and “favoritism,” Mary’s Gourmet Diner has ceased its 15% prayer discount.)

A restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C. is apparently giving out discounts for praying in public. It all started with a Facebook post that went viral, displaying the receipt from one customer’s purchase at Mary’s Gourmet Diner, with a 15% discount for praying in public. Yup. We’re rewarding prayers with food y’all.

No word yet on how good the food at Mary’s is for the soul, but if customers feel like they have to pray just to get some dinner, the staff might want to look into it. Then again, this revelation could be big business for the restaurant; the image received more than 1500 shares on Facebook, and was also shared via the Christian radio station Z88.3.

No word yet on whether folks who don’t pray get less professional treatment than those who do, but if you’re willing to pray for a discount well then that’s your prerogative.

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This ‘Paper Anniversary’ Cocktail Tastes Like Cold, Hard, Cash Money


The secret to winning a cocktail contest may be money. No, we’re not talking about bribing any judges or fixing a win. We’re talking about the winning cocktail from this year’s Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition. The winner, Remy Savage of the Little Red Door in Paris, made a drink inspired, you guessed it, by what money might taste like.

The winning drink, called the Paper Anniversary, has just three ingredients: gin, a saline solution, and paper syrup. What is paper syrup you may ask? Savage took the smell of paper, then translated it into an array of tastes including a basic sugar syrup, vanilla, fresh cut grass, gentian root, Suze liqueur, and 10-year-old scotch for some woodiness.

The drink apparently really tastes like paper, with “grassy vanilla” notes that faded into “woody dryness” on the tongue. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or bad, but tell us, would you sip this elixir of money?

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HIRSCHY’S Chocolate Bar Resume Puts All Other Resumes to Shame


If designer Matthew Hirsch didn’t get his dream job with his “Hirschy” chocolate bar resume, then the world is a cruel cruel place.

While we’re assuming the chocolate in the Hirschy bar is of the typical milk variety, the packaging is really key. The front plays on the classic Hershey’s logo, and the back boasts Hirsch’s skills, qualifications, and experiences — all in a convenient bite-sized package.



Hirsch’s skills and abilities are displayed as percentages in the place of nutritional facts, while the ingredients list features his work experience. A personalized Thank You on the back of the wrapper ties everything together. We think this resume is bound to be a sure-win with recruiters and hiring managers. Either way, it’s got us hungry.

Picthx Matthew Hirsch


Microwave S’mores Maker Cooks Marshmallows Evenly, Keeps Them from Exploding


S’mores are great and all, but sometimes we have to go through too much trouble just to get one. Fires are too hot, too many mosquitos, and worst of all, the s’mores dropped into the ashes of a campfire are all some of the hurdles an avid s’mores maker must overcome to get the treat of their dreams.

Which is why this s’mores maker, which works in your microwave, is pretty much the laziest coolest invention ever. It works by using steam to heat the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers evenly, with arm-like attachments to keep your marshmallows from expanding (and exploding).

Even better, the machine is dishwasher safe, which means no sticky dishes or sticks to clean. Just maybe some sticky hands to wash, but that’s part of the fun of s’mores in the summer, is it not?

Microwave S’Mores Maker, $9 @Amazon


A Quick, Simple Guide to Growing Vegetables on Your Patio [Infographic]


As a city girl, I dream of having the perfect garden, on a fire escape or otherwise, full of healthy plants, fruits, and vegetables for me and my friends to eat. In this perfect garden, there are no bugs, no pests, no rabbits trying to eat carrots, just perfectly organized little plots of vegetables, arranged even more neatly than the supermarket’s fare.

So when I say that these infographics totally add fire to the flames of that dream, you’ll quickly understand what I mean.

They neatly display how to arrange your garden, and the cheat sheet summarized the basics of home gardening for beginners. This intensive informational guide tells you everything you need about planting, from the kinds of care and soil you need, to pests to watch out for, to when to plant seats and when to harvest.  It even offers some suggestions on which vegetables to plant together, to help you save space and deter pests.


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Arrested Man Orders Cop 5 Pizzas From Jail, Still Gets Stiffed


There are few appropriate ways to act when you’re in the process of being arrested. Especially If you’re caught shoplifting. But Michael Harp, a 29 year old from Kentucky, did something pretty unexpected after getting booked for stealing. When he was given permission to make a call on his cell phone, he supposedly ordered five pizzas to be delivered to “Officer Wilson,” the officer who arrested him.

Police tracked the call back to Harp’s cell phone but didn’t give him the reaction he might have been hoping for. Instead, they added additional charges to his shoplifting, including identity theft, theft by deception, and impersonating a police officer. So much for a good deed going unpunished. Harp does not yet have an attorney, but here’s to hoping that he doesn’t get too aggressively charged for his (maybe) well-intentioned gesture.

H/T Fox News Chicago


Watch This Guy Cry/Eat/Destory a Watermelon, Skin and All


Don’t try this at home kids. Unless, you know, you want to feel gross for days and forever ruin your love of vodka-soaked watermelon. But if the several-second long burp about seven minutes in, or the look of sheer agony about halfway through this video doesn’t deter you, then honestly, who are we to stop you?

It certainly didn’t stop this guy, who decided he’d eat an entire watermelon, skin and all, for our entertainment. After bursting out of his closet to demolish a watermelon with a machete (which looks like way too much fun), he decides to torture himself with the watermelon challenge. We get to watch him squirm, cry, and chomp his way through. It looks painful, it looks exhausting, it looks disgusting, but it also looks kind of awesome. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but all we’ve got to say is, this guy is our new champ. Check him out.