Scottish Haggis and Whiskey Chips Are Real. We’re Freaking Out


Welp, it was bound to happen. And frankly, we say it’s about time. The public of Scotland has risen up to declare that they too want to determine their chips’ flavors, a la Lay’s competition. In response, Mackies, a five year old chip company, has released two new and decidedly Scottish flavors of chips: Scotch Whisky and Haggis, and Venison & Cranberry.

The hope is that the chip flavors will extend beyond Scotland and into international markets in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, due to the global love affair with whiskey. But let’s not forget the haggis either, because that’s the important part that we are not willing to forget so easily.

For those of you unfamiliar with haggis, it’s a traditional Scottish dish of lamb lung and heart stuffed into a sheep’s stomach. Add to that good old Scottish whiskey and you have what we’re assuming is a delicious combination, to Scotts at least. For the rest of the world, getting around the flavors of offal and organs might be a little too much to take, even despite their appetizing chip-shaped container. Still, whiskey in a chip might be too tempting to not give at least one a try.

Would you give these chips a taste? What do you imagine their reception will be when they arrive in the States? Let us know below!

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These Pop-Up Bread Cutters Will Turn Your Toast Into Cute 3D Animals


Sandwiches bringing you down lately? As delicious as they can be, and trust us, we know, sometimes staring at a slab of bread before you bite into your lunch just doesn’t cut it. Lucky for you, and us, a Japanese company called Torune has decided to elevate the sandwich to new levels of cute and squee.

They created a series of bread cutters and molds, in panda, frog, and little bear face shapes. But this isn’t your regular old cool sandwich shape story. Nope, these cutters turn sandwiches into adorable pop-up figurines.


After you cut your bread, using a little mold that’s literally as simple as a cookie cutter, you can tuck your sandwich to make its body stand up. It’s like the cutest little sandwich watchdog you never realized you needed. Or if you like, you can just cut out the mold and make tiny, animal shaped sandwiches. We won’t judge.



Sandwich Molds, $13.50.
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This Gorgeous Kitchen Aquarium Takes the Term ‘Kitchen Island’ to its Literal Peak


It’s called a kitchen island, but we didn’t think anyone would take the name so seriously. Luckily for us, someone did, and the results are absolutely gorgeous.

This kitchen island, where the countertop is an actual island on top of a huge saltwater fish tank, is a gorgeous combination of centerpiece, workspace, cabinets, cooking ability, and fish tank.


The beautiful glass tank can house little fishes from oceans all over the world. And yes, since we know you’re wondering — you can totally keep your dinner in there. Coral, salt-water fish, even shrimp and lobsters can thrive in this innovative tank.


But the real innovation comes from the trick in the machinery, which helps keep the tank clean and lets homeowners access the pipes and hoses for the sink and burners on top of the counter.  A button lifts the countertop off of the tank, making it easy to reach inside to feed your pets (until you decide it’s time for them to feed you).

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Frozen Coca Cola Bottles Find Their Way to Japanese Beaches


Previously seen in Colombia, Coke bottles made entirely out of ice have made their way to Japan. Just when you thought you’d seen as many novel drinking experiences as humanly possible too (we’re looking at you, Toma Toma Tomato Soda).

Pros: your Coke never gets gross and warm. Cons: it doesn’t get warm because the bottle will melt before that happens. Also see: frozen hands, tongues sticking to the “glass” and possible teeth shattering on said “glass.”


As this incredibly enthusiastic commercial demonstrates, real scientists make the bottles with a special mold, and then deliver them directly to some gorgeous girls on the beach (because, of course).  Everyone’s happy, except for the guy with a major brain freeze.

You have to hope there’s something in the ice to keep it from melting too fast. Otherwise we’ll have a soda chugging epidemic on our hands, and trust us, you don’t want that.

The bottles are part of a campaign where people can earn stickers for a chance to win the frozen bottles for their next party.  It looks like it’s only in Japan for now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the hilarity that would ensue if this ever came to the States.

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These Tasty Socks Transform Into Giant Sushi When You Roll Them Up


Here us out, just for a second.  Having your feet look like giant versions of your favorite sushi is actually super cool. These sushi-inspired socks, made by Tokyo Otaku Mode, an online store specializing in Japanese pop culture products, knits the details into the sock, for a more realistic look.




The socks, when rolled up, are almost indistinguishable from giant sushi rolls, and they transform your feet and legs into giant sushi when worn.  The designs include shrimp, octopus, caviar, and salmon, to name a few.  And at less than $6 per pair, you can easily get an entire chef’s set without breaking the bank. That’s more than you can say for a really nice sushi restaurant.

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This USB Powered Microwave Will Heat Up Your Sad Desk Lunch


Sad desk lunchers, there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Gone are the days of cold leftovers, soggy sandwiches, and soup heated up in the company microwave that’s only lukewarm because Jane from the cubicle next door kept giving you the stink-eye. Luckily, someone dreamed up a desktop microwave, and we need one ASAP.

Designed by Steve Gates, a London-based designer, the “Brainwave” is intended to help people focus on their work by eliminating a trip to the company mess hall. But for those of us who simply want a hot meal, it’s a great, compact way to heat up your leftovers.


Even better, the microwave is powered through a USB, so all you have to do is plug in to your computer, grab a napkin and get ready to chow down. The microwave recognizes the size of a frozen meal placed inside, and will heat it at the right level for the appropriate time. At the moment, the Brainwave is still in its ambiguous concept phase. No word yet on whether you can put a sandwich, some soup, or mom’s lasagna in there, but we’re definitely willing to give it a try.


H/T Behance


This Topographic Tea Tray Has ‘Lake’ Drains for Spilled Tea


Here in the states we probably don’t take tea as seriously as we should. And why don’t we? It’s delicious, healthy, and good for you without making you too much of a caffeine addict, and makes you sound delightfully pretentious when you tell your friends about your hybrid English/Oolong blend harvested from on high in the mountains, watered by jaguar tears (or something like that).


But if you do want to take your tea seriously, try out this topographical tea tray.  The gorgeous wood tray is carved to look like a topographical map, with drains leading down to a “lake” in the center  in case you spill tea. With little indentations for your teapot and assorted cups, it’s a unique and beautiful way to display that fancy stuff you’ve been telling your friends about for months. Just try not to be too froufrou about it.


Confluence, $1,700 @artonomos

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You Can Now Order Pizza with a Literal Push of a Button


Sometimes you just want a pizza, but you don’t want to go through the process of ordering it. Sure Seamless is easy, sure your favorite joint down the street knows your order by heart, but your computer is far away, and you don’t feel like leaving the apartment. Enter: Push for pizza.

What is Push for Pizza? Literally a button, that you push, that brings pizza to your doorstep. After an initial setup where you enter in your address and credit card info, you push the button, pick a nearby location, and choose between plain and pepperoni.  It’s just like Domino’s PiePal, but with the convenience of being on your phone, which we know is right next to you on the couch. Just press the button, and your pizza arrives hot and ready, tip and tax covered.

No word yet on whether the app will expand to include toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. But quite honestly, if you’re too lazy to call in an order the old fashioned way, you probably shouldn’t be given too many options. Just stick with the good stuff and put on some really stretchy pants.