Attention: Tapatio-Spiked Pineapple Cilantro Chili Sorbet Coming to Los Angeles


Not all trends are created equal, but this streak of street wear brands teaming up with some of our favorite foods is straight killing the game! Last year we were psyched with the announcement of Popular Demand x Roscoes, followed by Stussy x Plan Check this past March, and now, perfectly timed for Cinco de Mayo, the arrival of The Hundreds x Tapatio. Roll out the red carpet doused in hot sauce for the birth of this bad boy.

If you are trying to take it even more next level — and who are we kidding, you are — next week, The Hundreds x Tapatio have collaborated with one of the city’s best, Coolhaus, to offer a super limited-edition flavor: Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Serrano Chili Sorbet spiked with the treasured hot sauce. Who said dreams don’t come true?

With temperatures beginning to sore in Los Angeles, this burst of summer flavor couldn’t have dropped at a better time. There’s something about this particular beautiful marriage of ingredients that is inherently L.A. With our city’s unrivaled love for Mexican food, and vendors slinging fresh slices of fruta con chile at some of this city’s most vibrant parks and streets, something about the amalgam of fruit, cilantro, chile and hot sauce feels so right.


Don’t sleep on this, get your scoop while you can! And if you’re looking to make it a sorbet sandwich, the ultimate Coolhaus mastermind (founder Natasha) recommends sandwiching it between the Pine Nut Olive Oil or Vegan Ginger Molasses. This rare flavor drops May 5 and will only be available through May 9 at the Coolhaus Culver City location.

8588 W. Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

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Roscoe’s Drops First Collab in Almost 40 Years with Custom Leather Hats and Waffle Shirt


Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, considered one of L.A.’s most treasured institutions, has been slinging fried goodness for the past four decades to both natives and eager visitors alike. Since opening its doors in 1975, this soul food chain has kept it consistent, forever with a line out the door on the weekends and a cult following who won’t hear it if you try to speak sideways about this joint. It’s comfort, it’s classic, and some might even call it a piece of home.


For the first time in nearly 40 years, Roscoe’s has dropped a limited-edition collaboration with Los Angeles-based clothing brand Popular Demand. With only 100 sets available in this capsule collection, there was no time to think twice about getting your hands on this coveted red box, packed with a Roscoe’s x Popular Demand waffle flag t-shirt, leather brim snapback and a keepsake bottle of Roscoe’s maple syrup. To sweeten the design just a bit more, the creative team at Popular Demand used actual images of Roscoe’s waffles for the tee, making it a drool-worthy piece.

Fried chicken lovers of the world were quick to polish off those wings and scoop this baby up! As excited as we were that now anyone in the world had a chance to own a little piece of Roscoe’s, snatching up this rare collab will now be quite the challenge as in only 1 day, it sold out. Guess we’ll just have to hit play on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali” and start refreshing our ebay search.





Sneaky Burger Wrapper Let’s Women Eat with Their Mouths Open


Turns out, many women in Japan have been struggling to enjoy their juicy burgers like they were intended to. Having “Ochobo” — a small and modest mouth — has long been the trend for Japan’s female population, as it’s regarded as being cute and attractive. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for ladies to enjoy a double bacon cheeseburger to its fullest potential.


Popular Japanese burger chain “Freshness Burger” recognized this plight when they discovered that their female customers were least likely to order up their largest and apparently best tasting, Classic Burger. Looking to make life a little bit easier for their female clientele,  the chain launched the “Liberation Wrapper” to mask a woman’s mouth while eating. With this new burger packaging, which features a closed-mouth smile, women could now get the mouthful they so desired without the fear of public disapproval. Since switching up their wrappers, Freshness Burger has seen a 213% increase among women ordering their biggest patty.

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[FOOD HACK] The Only Way You Should Ever Open a Bag of Chips


How many of you are tasked with the daily struggle of opening a bag of chips? From accidentally ripping the entire bag apart, slinging chips all over a room, to making a slit too large down the side (thus making it impossible to close), the perfect way to open a crinkly air-tight pouch has alluded us for far too long. That is, until now.

We stumbled upon this genius video of  a young man demonstrating the perfect way to open a bag of chips.

Watch as he uses his teeth to rip the dead center of the bag, followed by a move that’s reminiscent of peeling an orange, but with cellophane. The end result? A perfect circular opening, welcoming for any hand trying to scoop up a chip. With over 1 million hits on this video, we hope this leads to a new trend in chip opening. Try this at your next party or at work in the break room, we guarantee your friends will be hooting and hollering just like his.

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This Coffee Maker is Built Into a Computer PC


Ever have a coffee craving hit you like a ton of bricks while sitting at your computer and instead of getting up to hit your local Starbucks, you wish your CPU could prepare the perfect cup of pipping hot java for you? If you said yes, you will be thankful to know that you’re not alone in that fantasy. In fact, one young man from The Mod Zoo made his dream a reality and may never leave his desk again. Known as the The Caffeine Machine, this genius creation combines two of our greatest loves: caffeine and technology.


One part PC Tower, one part White-Westinghouse 4-cup coffee maker, this coffee maker works just as good as the next and won’t take up any RAM. If you’re looking at spending even more time on your computer, there’s a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own here. Let us know when it starts baking cupcakes and we just might never leave the office!

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The Romance Between Bread and Butter Visualized as Art


It’s not everyday you catch yourself wanting to frame a photo of butter and perfectly toasted bread.

Butter is considered to be one of the most beloved ingredients in the kitchen, so much that photographers are now taking a stab at it. Everyone’s favorite savory stick has received a makeover in shape, color and texture in this beautiful culinary series entitled “Mixuer / Butter & Ideas,” photographed by Mathieu Levesque and perfected by food stylist Noah Witenoff. Bread and butter never looked so dynamic! This is definitely one of those moments where you can seriously say it’s almost too beautiful to eat.



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Science Takes It Back, Says Bacon Will Help You Live Longer


Looks like those 3 extra pieces of bacon you had for breakfast this morning were actually saving your life. OK, that might be pushing it, but we’ve got good news for you pork lovers out there. Researchers at ETH Zurich just uncovered that foods packed with niacin – Vitamin B3 – are linked to a longer life. A team of researchers fed a selection of roundworms a good dose of niacin and the introduction of this new element increased their lifespan by one-tenth longer, in comparison to their Vitamin B3-deficient worm friends.

You can find niacin in paprika, sun-dried tomatoes, marmite (yech), peanuts but most importantly bacon. The study purports that niacin fools the body into thinking that it’s performing physical exercise, even if you might just be channel surfing on the couch. If you were thinking about scooping up that bacon-covered donut for dessert later today, you might as well, just consider that taking a tip in the fountain of youth.

Note, roundworms do not equal people. So, take this all with a grain of salt(ed bacon).

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Fast Food

World’s Largest KFC Drive-Thru Serves 200 Cars An Hour


The world’s largest KFC drive-thru has landed in the Ukraine and with about 5,575 square feet to serve its patrons, it’s packed wall to wall with guests whose love for of all things fried, mashed and on the cob is very real. Located at the National Railway Station’s south terminal in Kiev, this fried chicken haven features a  double drive-thru that can serve 200 cars per hour, a 400-seat patio, and a room that seats up to 280 people.

Ukraine’s first KFC opened last year and it appears to have been a fan favorite considering the construction of this monstrous building, which will also be their flagship. More locations are in the works but it’ll take some effort to outdo themselves. Might we suggest a helipad for those traveling across Eastern Europe?

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