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These Bite-Size ‘Pops’ Are Actually Deep Fried Burgers

The newest burgers at Slater’s 50/50 may smaller in size, but everything else about them is big — the flavors, the buzz surrounding them, and even more significantly, their impact.

Photos by Peter Pham

Exclusively available as Slater’s ‘Burger Of The Month’ during August of 2017, the premium burger chain developed a sweet and savory combination of two new burger creations that are actually smaller-scale versions of their classic ‘Old Timey’ and ‘Peanut Butter and Jellousy’ burgers — deep-fried and served on a stick.

The “Old Timey” features a Black Canyon Angus Beef patty, thick cut bacon, American cheese, grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, and 100 island dressing on a mini brioche bun, covered in crispy panko breadcrumbs, and the “Peanut Butter and Jellousy” comes with a Black Canyon Angus beef patty, thick-cut bacon, and peanut butter on a mini brioche bun, coated in chocolate cereal crumbs and smothered in strawberry jelly.

Those who are already fans of Slater’s signature burger offerings will be able to enjoy them in a whole new way, while also contributing to a powerful cause. Slater’s Burger Pops were ultimately developed in collaboration with Foodbeast and Project Hope Alliance, a Costa Mesa-based nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of homelessness.

A portion of the proceeds from the Burger Pops at all six Slater’s 50/50 California locations — Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego, and San Marcos — will be donated to Project Hope Alliance. Even more, Elysian Brewing Company will match Slater’s 50/50’s total donation to Project Hope Alliance.

Needless to say, we expect these little guys to be pretty pop-ular.

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Summer Menu At Jack In The Box Includes ‘Customizable’ BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers

The newest burger on the Jack In The Box menu can be made just the way you want it.

Announced to be available throughout the summer, the restaurant chain is selling BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers in recognition of the season’s return. Customers can choose between either a beef or chicken patty (at select locations), as well as two new summer BBQ sauces: Sweet Honey Bourbon, or Spicy Red Chili.

Additionally, the burgers are layered with hand leafed lettuce, sliced tomatoes, hickory smoked bacon, melty American cheese, and panko onion rings, all within a buttery split-top bun. Though Jack has delivered BBQ burgers in the past, they have never been built to be so customizable.

Jack In The Box fans are already craving the irresistible patties, as made evident by social media. At a recent Foodbeast-hosted event, social media influencers and foodie invitees had an exclusive opportunity to dig into the new product in celebration of summer’s arrival.

🍔🍔🍔🍔 You know how much I love burger parties 🎉🎊 so when @foodbeast hit me up to swing by their HQ to check out the launch of the new @jackinthebox burger I was all in 🔥🔥 The new BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger is here at Jack In The Box and it’s fuego! Also available in a chicken option! In top of that they got a new drink, the Jumpin Jack Splash! A refreshing Cherry Lime Raspberry Cola 📍: Foodbeast HQ • Santa Ana, CA 📲: @foodbeast and @jackinthebox 🍔: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers ________________________________________________________ #oceats #zagat #eatthis #imhungry #laeats #lafoodies #foodforfoodies #buzzfeedfood #yelpoc #yelpla #seriouseats #igfood #goodeats #foodfeed #foodheaven #nomnomnom #foodie #eater #jackinthebox #burger

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Guests also had the chance to sip on Jack’s Jumpin’ Jack Splash, a new drink created in collaboration between Jack In The Box and Coca Cola. The ‘Splash’ features classic lemonade and flavors of lime, raspberry, and cherry, and can be enjoyed from Coca Cola ‘Freestyle Machines’ ONLY at Jack In The Box.

With summertime now upon us (and the livin’ being easy), we give our props to Jack In The Box for making the season even cooler.

Created in partnership with Jack In The Box


This Cool Coastal Sandwich Is Topped With A Fried Soft Shell Crab

Fish, urchins, octopus, eel; with so many delectable protein options out there to offer, it is no wonder we so often look to the sea for new ideas and inspiration when it comes to food. If you disagree, ask yourself: are you feeling crabby?

Those lucky enough to live along the southern California coastline can embrace their crabby sides by enjoying a Fried Soft Shell Sandwich, the newest addition to the menu at West Coast Fish in Costa Mesa, CA.

Photos by Peter Pham

The concept was created by West Coast’s Roy Abi-Najm. Inside the sandwich, you will find a whole fried soft shell crab, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and ‘bootleg Mac sauce’ — all on one perfectly palm-sized bun.

The combination of crunchy crab and classic sandwich toppings make for a fresh, West Coast twist, and the taste of the sandwich overall is reminiscent of the salty sea itself. It also makes you want to dip your toes into the Pacific — and pronto!

The special promotion item can be yours for a mere $10 — for a limited time only at West Coast Fish. A portion of each purchase also benefits Project Hope Alliance.

This briny beauty is fit for just about anyone living above sea level.

Created in partnership with West Coast Fish


These Colorful Fried Fish Are Served On Beds Of French Fries

‘Fish and chips’ have waited long enough for an upgrade, and good lord, they’ve finally gotten it.

Introducing the newest addition to the menu at Dos Chinos in Orange County, CA: Fried Fish Fries.

Waaay cooler than your everyday basket of fish-and-chips (sorry, Brits). True craftsmanship has really gone into and built up to this dish.

Owner Hop Phan skillfully designed the dish in collaboration with FOODBEAST. When assembling a platter, he starts by slicing into a fresh, chilly sea bass or tilapia — up to the customer’s choosing — and submerging it into a deep fryer until crispy from head to tailfin.

Once it’s reached full golden-brown mode, the fish is placed atop fries with purple cabbage, cilantro, and *magic*,  the final, plated presentation bringing a rainbow of mouthwatering flavors. From the green gobs of Asian salsa verde, crema, pineapple, and garlic, to the chunks of freshly cooked fish just waiting to be stripped and devoured, Dos Chinos’ new item is a thrill from start to finish.

If you too want to try out this fish dish for yourself, make sure to stop by Dos Chinos soon — and bring your friends. A portion of profits from each purchased order of Fried Fish Fries during the month of May will benefit Project Hope Alliance, a local nonprofit organization that services homeless children and families.

Eat, enjoy, and admit — you’re hooked.

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There’s A Dessert Fest In LA This Weekend And It’s A Sugar Filled Paradise

Got a sugar-thirsty sweet tooth? Don’t we all.

Time Out L.A. is taking advantage of those who are forever down for desserts with their Dessert Fest happening this Sunday, April 30. Attendees will have access to some of LA’s most tempting treats, all in one sitting.

The Time Out L.A. editors asked eight local restaurants and bakeries to serve up their most popular desserts for the event, and thus, Sunday they will be doing just that at Studio 11. The participating vendors include: Magnolia Bakery, Ococoa, Lady M Cake Boutique, Erin McKenna’s Bakery, SpireWorks, The Walrus and the Hedgehog, Wanderlust Creamery, and Pop Champagne Bar & Restaurant.

Magnolia Bakery

Kate Wertheimer, Editor at Time Out Los Angeles, says:

“At Time Out we’re dedicated to discovering the best of the city—whether that’s bars, theater, comedy, art or the very best dishes. L.A. has some great restaurants that are getting super creative with their desserts—whether baked, fried or frozen—so to celebrate our favorite sweet treats, we’re crowning L.A.’s very best. I promise that this will be every foodies’ perfect day filled with delicious, decadent goodness, and a few surprises, too.”

The Walrus and the Hedgehog


Tickets are between $25-$35 and will get you tastings from each participating restaurant plus two complementary beers from Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

For more information and to book your ticket, visit:

Check out more of the goodies from the Fest below:

Magnolia Bakery


POP Champagne Bar


California Mexican Restaurant Chain Is Selling A FRIED CHEESE Taco For Lent

What if I told you that you could help someone in need just by eating a taco? What if I told you that this taco in particular came loaded with glorious fried cheese?

More likely than not, you’d be all for the cause, and that’s exactly what Puesto, a Mexican street food & bar chain in southern California, is hoping for. The chain has developed and is now selling a taco called the Panela en Verde—it’s lovingly filled with chunks of plancha-fried cheese, and it’s being sold out of love as well.

puesto fb thumbbb

Puesto announced that $1 from every Panela en Verde taco purchase in the month of March will be donated to Golden Rule Charity, a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of giving back and supporting those in need in the restaurant industry. The Charity raises funds, administers grants, and acts as a liaison between the community and those faced with an unanticipated crisis, big or small (i.e. medical, food shelter and/or transportation).

Both Puesto and Golden Rule were inspired by the hard working restaurant employees who may find themselves in need of an emergency crisis grant, which ultimately led to this special collaboration. When it comes to the ‘Panela,’ that in particular was mostly inspired by springtime, its seasonal vegetables, and the beginning of the Lenten season, in which many religious folks abstain from eating meat. Melissa’s Produce provides the taco’s other ingredients, like red frill mustard greens and kumquats.

With so much love invested into just one tasty taco, how can you not find yourself cheesin’?

This content was created in partnership with Puesto


‘FailChips’ Want You To Enjoy The “Best” Part Of Potato Chips: The Crumbs

Many modern-day snackers claim the best part of a bag of potato chips to be the crumbs left behind, after all the chips have been devoured. ‘FailChips’ is cashing in on that notion with its new line of packaged pieces.

FailChips are essentially standard, flavored potato chips ‘crushed to imperfection’ and bagged for your salt-craving pleasure. The idea for the product dances along the line between “gourmet snack fads” and “authentic foodie culture,” that is, according to its parent, MailChimp. The company has partnered up with VICE Media to explore the intersection of these subjects in VICE’s newest documentary, FailChips, with the examination of potato chips as a whole being the focus at hand.


The program features interviews with a slew of curious folks who range from potato chip historians, to a competitive chip-eater, and even a couple of convenience store workers who have actually stocked FailChips in their shop.

“People have been coming in to get the FailChips,” one of them says, “I guess they’ve been moving.”

On the taste of the product, he comments:

‘Wow, it’s pretty good.’

Sooo…sounds like snacks really can’t be too “chipped” to fail?

You can catch the premiere of the FailChips documentary on VICE.

Created in partnership with VICE


A Skate Themed Burger Chain Just Unveiled An Epic New Burger For Charity

Usually when you eat fast food, you feel 1 of 2 ways: A) You’re incredibly happy because the food you’re eating is delicious and savory and scrum-diddly-umptious, or B) You feel guilty for your indulgence. You might even feel a mixture of both emotions, but with the “Bird’s Nest Burger” in existence—you can feel good about yourself all around.

The Bird’s Nest Burger is a sizable sandwich created by Grinderz, a skate themed burger chain based in Orange County, CA. It’s topped with an egg that’s been fried into an onion ring, and then is placed atop a ‘nest’ of fries.

The burger also comes loaded with avocado, tomato, a juicy grilled onion & jalapeno-stuffed beef patty, and is made with a whole lotta love. You see, with each purchase of a Grinderz’ Bird’s Nest combo (burger, fries & drink), a portion of proceeds benefit Orange County based nonprofit organization Project Hope Alliance.

Project Hope has worked to end the cycle of homelessness for years, primarily focusing on the needs of Orange County homeless and impoverished children and their families. They provide assistance with housing for poor families, and empower their kids to excel in school via mentorships, educational tools, and more.

With the additional generosity of Grinderz’ Bird’s Nest donations, they’ll be able to help even more people in need, and that’s something to chirp about.

You can pick up a #GrinderzBirdsNest combo at their Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa locations, and donate to Project Hope here.