The World’s New Most Expensive Coffee is Straight From the Cat’s Butt

Wealthy coffee lovers of the world rejoice, your story about the $68/cup elephant dung coffee you tried in Thailand will no longer be the only lame story you get to tell at parties.


Egg Nog Cologne Smells Like ‘Nutmeg and a Dash of Cinnamon’

Just in time for that last Christmas party, the Demeter Fragrance Library is here with Egg Nog Cologne. Their “delightful, creamy concoction with touches of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon” is sure to have your fellow partygoers dying to get drunk from the creamy goodness emanating from every corner of your body.

For those seeking a more private experience with l’eau de egg nog, they also offer a shower gel, massage oil and calming body lotion for more intimate moments of food-related sexiness.

The scent loses authenticity points for forgoing the alcoholic kick so beloved in egg nog, but Demeter going with the virgin recipe was probably for the best, otherwise the fragrance would be more Annoying Alcoholic Uncle than cozy old Egg Nog.

Egg Nog cologne @ Amazon

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Take a Tour of Hobbiton and Its Normal-Sized Vegetable Garden

When Peter Jackson returned to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to film The Hobbit trilogy, he understandably wanted to reconstruct the set for the pint-sized village of Hobbiton. Based on the first movie’s huge opening weekend, the structures and greenery that make up this real-life Hobbiton look to be safe for a few years.

But Jackson wanted to go one step further and set up the movie set as a year-round tourist attraction for fans who weren’t satiated by almost three hours in his magical IMAX 3D High Frame Rate wonderland in theaters. It features The Green Dragon Bar from the series, all the cute Hobbit Hole houses (although you can’t go inside of them), and of course a cafe and gift shop for all the owners’ moneymaking needs.


What takes this standard theme park fare to the next level is the year-round working vegetable garden growing bok choy, onions, broad beans, brassicas, artichokes, and silver beet according to tipster and honorary hobbit gardener and horticulture student Daniel from New Zealand’s Waikato Institute of Technology. He also describes the careful maintenance of the gardens and shrubbery must be done to look like the work was performed in a pre-industrial era.

Visitors can also visit the nearby sheep farm located on the Alexander Family Farm where Hobbiton was constructed. A petting zoo where you can bottle feed a lamb and hand feed a sheep? Sold.

via TreeHugger / photo courtesy of dannychopsnz


The End Burger – Go Out With a Gourmet Bang

Gotta love the powder on the bun to make it look extra deadly and asteroid-like

Blend, a gourmet burger joint in Paris, has teamed up with Fat & Furious Burger (a food concept art Tumblr, I think) to offer The End Burger – billed as a “smooth transition to the beyond.” The burger, pictured above, features a sauce that trumpets death, smoked bacon, scarmoza (a more full-bodied mozzarella), bursts of red cabbage, salt crystals, and liquid smoke.

Of course, this delicious Armageddon burger is only available until December 21st, as the world and the idea of a delicious burger piled high with prime ingredients will cease to exist at that point, right?



via Fat & Furious Burger (some images NSFW)

Fast Food

Breasts, Thighs… Right Click to Supersize? KFC Australia Promotes Online Ordering

The creatives at mega ad agency Ogilvy & Mather’s Sydney outfit put together this surreal rendering for a campaign promoting KFC Australia’s online ordering system. I’m ready for KFC that’s ready to eat right when I arrive in the store, as opposed to a few minutes later. Bring it to America! While I like this ad, I have to wonder: What would Don Draper think of it?

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Lovers of Pepsi and Beyonce Rejoice – Singer Becomes the New Face of Pepsi for $50M

Beyoncé, self-proclaimed lover of all manners of seafood, now has the world’s favorite also-ran cola to wash it all down with – seemingly gratis – as part of her new $50 million deal to be the face of Pepsi.

Get ready for ubiquitous Beyoncé wherever you see that recognizable blue can or its many variants. That $50 million is no short stack of cash and she will have to earn it by adding some fizz to Pepsi’s image. Get ready for a Beyoncé Super Bowl halftime show and synergistic cross-promotions with that, the drink, and her new album until the cows come home.

Hopefully Beyoncé doesn’t have to work in references to the soda in her songs nor have to drag Jay-Z or young Blue Ivy into any marketing stunts. Although, you can never start your career too young, especially when your name matches the color of the product your mother is hawking. Let’s just hope Mrs. Knowles-Carter’s alter-ego Sasha Fierce isn’t a Diet Coke girl.

via The Daily Meal/photo courtesy of Pepsi


The Stainless Steel Starbucks Gift Card Now Selling for $1000 on eBay

An infographic showing the amount of money one would need to piss away to acquire the Steel Card; the extra Benji pushing it $1100 accounts for the price inflation that will likely occur in the hours before publication

Remember that limited edition, stainless steel Starbucks gift card? The one that cost $450, of which only $400 went towards gingerbread lattes and lemon squares? Now that all 5,000 are sold out, the card will now cost you upwards of $1000 on eBay. At the time of writing, there are cards available for the bargain-basement sums of $650 or $900 (only $250-$500 above its in-store value!); but if you search the listings for sold items, plenty of suckers out there forked over 4 figures for this hunk of metal purchasing power.

With a brand as ubiquitous and global as Starbucks, it isn’t a surprise that any item remotely desirable and in low supply associated with the place has garnered this much demand. My main issue with this card is that you’re paying so much money for a dumb slab of metal that is no more functional than its free plastic counterparts. Isn’t payment going digital? Shouldn’t a gift card that comes with $50 parts and labor surcharge connect to The Cloud and post your coffee purchases to Twitter and Facebook?

When Starbucks finally meets its demise, hopefully in our lifetime, I can’t wait to tell my descendants about the time its rabid fans enabled a secondary scalper’s market for a gift card.

via The Daily Meal


A Gender-Neutral Easy-Bake Oven – Because Pink is Yucky

McKenna Pope, a 13-year-old girl from Garfield, Rhode Island is petitioning for a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven — a cause she was inspired to pursue when she sought to purchase one for her 4-year-old brother and realized the Hasbro product only came in purple and pink.

Chefs including Manuel Trevino of TV’s “Top Chef” and Michael Lomonaco of Porterhouse New York are featured in a YouTube video posted Tuesday applauding McKenna Pope’s online petition. (See below)

Thinking McKenna’s cause through for a second gives me pause. What are the implications of catering to 4-year-old boys in our efforts to fight gender stereotypes?

Chef Joshua Whigham of The Bazaar by Jose Andres voices his support in the video, and makes my whole argument for me. He pats little McKenna on the back in her fight against big, bad Hasbro and has some ideas for new Easy-Bake Oven color selections: steel, black, or “something really cool” – which sounds like a Derek Zoolander product pitch and is a much funnier read in his voice.

If Hasbro were to release a more masculine looking variation of their classic home cooking toy (such as my above concept art), they would be treating the symptom and not the problem. Young Gavyn Pope doesn’t avoid his sister’s Easy-Bake Oven because of some inherent evil of the color pink, he’s just been trained to associate pink with femininity as part of the larger societal prescription that divides labor, culture, and leisure along gender lines in the name of subjugating anyone who is not a white male.

Later in the video, Spencer Rubin of New York’s Melt Shop, makes a case for an “Easy-Bake for dudes” but also talks about the (presumably pink) EBO of his childhood that he loved to death. Did his pink toy turn him into a woman or stop him from making delicious sounding sandwiches like “The Dirty” with pepper jack and muenster with caramelized onions, pickled jalapeños, sliced tomato, and crunchy potato chips? It doesn’t appear so.

Because it’s 2012, McKenna and Gavyn’s campaign has its own hashtag: #EveryoneCanCook. While I agree with that basic principle (thank you Remy the rat), might I suggest a new one for the boys of America:


Is that 160 characters or less?

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