Video: Inebriation Trailer

Alcohol is always a sure thing if you’re looking to get inebriated, especially if you want to get on multiple levels of shit-faced. I couldn’t help but share this amazing spoof trailer to the movie Inception. I’ve been dreaming about this damn movie for weeks now, even after seeing it 4-too-many-times. These cats from Atomic Productions did a fine job in reenacting the famous Inception trailer #3, but with a spin. Alcohol is food related…right? Drink up cause the drunk is real!


Adventure: BOMBURGER (Huntington Beach, CA)

A few days ago my friend Marina and I decided to try out the new burger joint, Bomburger, in downtown Huntington Beach. Their burgers are sure to drop bombs on all our appetites. I was definitely satisfied with the taste, check out the rest of the post to find out how explosive these burgers are.


Drinks: Green Hornet-ini and Kato Kocktail

In my last adventure to Comic Con for “The Green Hornet” film, I was introduced to two specialty drinks in the spirit of the film, the Green Hornet-ini and the Kato Kocktail.

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Carl's Jr: Green Hornet x Carl's Jr. Upcoming Collaborations

While I was drinking it up and snacking on Carl’s Jr. at “The Green Hornet” press junket at Comic Con, I was fortunate enough to chat it up with Brad Haley, the Executive VP of Marketing for Carl’s Jr. He informed me of some wonderful collaborations that are coming in the near future that involve their tasty food and “The Green Hornet.”

Adventures Celebrity Grub

Adventure: Carl’s Jr. x Green Hornet at Comic Con

This week I headed down to San Diego to show Comic Con how FoodBeast does it big. More importantly I attended the private party press junket for “The Green Hornet,” directed by Michel Gondry. If you haven’t seen the trailer to this film, which stars Seth Rogen and Christoph Waltz, then you need to get with it. Seems like Gondry has created another interesting flick with some fascinating special effects, not to mention with Seth involved it should be a funny one.

Celebrity Grub

Celeb Grub: Ashley Greene Washes Off Her Bikini Body Paint


Ashley Greene seems to be a dazzling the world with her down to earth life style. She keeps it simple and real with out an actual bikini on and some colorful SoBe LifeWater. I’m just waiting for that water to wash off that paint, ya know!? (THX The Superficial)


Video Adventure: Stadium Tavern (Fullerton)

Introductions, introductions! In hopes of not dating ourselves, we here at Foodbeast are trying to introduce some new media…and in this case, it’s VIDEO ADVENTURES to accent our normal Picture Adventures! Elie recently picked up a new HD camera the size of his phone and took to the downtown streets of Fullerton to check out Stadium Tavern with his partner in crime Koorstad. The video is a hodgepodge of the fellas doing some shopping, getting their eat on, and checking out some Fullerton backside (I said it!). Expect more videos to come, and I’ll make sure the production values are on a steady increase. Until next time folks, this is Marc the Lumberjack, eat on!

405 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92832