The 13 Most Extravagant Chocolate Milkshakes Around the World

Milkshakes are one of America’s most classic and beloved desserts, and it just doesn’t get more original than a chocolate milkshake. It’s 2017, and outrageously excessive decadence is the name of the game. So accordingly, your once classic milkshake has morphed into an extravagant treat, overflowing with sugary indulgences. The chocolate milkshakes that you are about to see are not your typical milkshakes. They are something truly special and equally delicious. Some are topped with a donut, or a slice of cake, and some are topped with a lollipop. And some are topped with ALL of these treats! The over the top shakes also go by the name “freakshakes” and they are popping up in restaurants, burger joints, and bakeries everywhere. In honor of National Chocolate Milkshake Day, I present to you 13 of the most extravagant looking and accordingly scrumptious chocolate milkshakes from around the world. Enjoy!


1. Patissez, Canberra, Australia

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Patissez claims to be the home of the true and original freakshake. They say it all started because they wanted to take the “humble milkshake” and make it into something special, and something special it is. Patissez focuses on ensuring that ingredients aren’t just thrown on for frills, but that they actually work together to compliment each other. With 15 different monster milkshakes to choose from, “The Sneaky Freaky,” is quite the spectacle and towers high with all sorts of Snicker-ey goodness. It features a caramel chocolate shake, a massive dollop of chocolate mousse, and a Snickers s’mores pop. I know, you’re wondering what a Snickers s’more pop is. Well I’m about to tell you! A Snickers s’more pop consists one of those divine Snickers ice cream bars, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in freshly torched marshmallow. Jaw-dropping.


2. Black Tap, New York City, New York

Black Tap is located in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood, and has arguably accomplished a record height for a milkshake. What we have here is a Doughnut Oreo Chocolate Milkshake with candy coated Oreos, massive malt balls, AND a rainbow sprinkle glazed donut. There is no such thing as too much in this milkshake game which is why the addition of a full-sized doughnut seems completely necessary! Served in a classic milkshake glass with a retro stainless steel holder, the presentation adds a fun and nostalgic feel to the sweet experience. You can hardly even see the actual milkshake underneath all the layers of chocolatey toppings!


3. GD Bro Burger, Santa Ana, California

A decadent s’mores chocolate milkshake from GD Bro Burger in Santa Ana, California debuted recently and it includes a skewer stacked with perfectly roasted marshmallows, Hershey’s milk chocolate pieces, and a graham cracker. It’s practically a campfire in a glass and it calls for not one, but two straws. It would be a miracle if you still had room for dessert after enjoying a meal here because they serve some wildly rich items including something called “pizza tots,” (tater tots with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni piled on top) as well as burgers with fried mozzarella sticks inside! But there’s always room for dessert, right? Yes, the answer is yes.


4. The Great British Cupcakery, Newcastle, United Kingdom

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In the up and coming Quayside area of Newcastle, The Great British Cupcakery is a bakehouse and parlour that creates remarkable cakes for every one of life’s special moments. They’ve also created quite an elegant chocolate milkshake that features a chocolate sprinkle doughnut resting quaintly atop the most perfect swirl of whipped cream I’ve ever seen. Rainbow sprinkles on more chocolate adorn the jar itself, because this shake clearly needed more chocolate. Each milkshake sits on a proper tea saucer, for fanciness of course!


5. Naughty Boy Cafe, Melbourne, Australia

Naughty Boy has these shakes on their menu under a category called “Instashakes,” and that’s exactly what they are – shakes that are Insta-worthy. Pictured here is “Chocolate and Nutella Fudge,” which has a chocolate fudge brownie, white chocolate mousse, Nutella, and freeze dried fruits. The location also serves “Traditional Milkshakes,” but we’ve already crossed over. We’re all about the “Instashakes” now. There’s no going back!


6. The Benjamins, Singapore

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A cookies and cream chocolate milkshake to satisfy your wildest Oreo dreams! With a slice of cookies ‘n cream cake, chocolate wafer sticks, plenty of Oreos, and chocolate sauce pouring over the top, $16 is your ticket to this stacked Oreo sugar coma. With two straws, they are likely suggesting that you share this one. I’m not sharing, not with you… not with anyone!


7. Patty ‘N Bun, The Netherlands

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This burger joint has delivered quite the extravagant milkshake. Here lies a chocolate milkshake, with Oreo and a chocolate sprinkle doughnut, which is then crowned with a healthy serving of whipped cream, sprinkles, and a very liberal pour of honey. Honey oozes over its entirety, and the way it coats the Oreos around the top of the jar is quite the spectacle. If you’ve never tried honey on ice cream, I’m suggesting you do that right now. It’s one of the greatest sugary combinations out there. Thank me later!


8. Buns Bar, New York City, New York

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This Chelsea-area New York bar deserves special recognition simply because of the time and effort that went into decorating the glass. I introduce to you, “Death by Chocolate.” The boozy concoction features “Death by Chocolate Cake” infused with Grand Marnier and orange liqueur. Ribbons of Cap’n Crunch, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, and marshmallows plaster the outside of the glass while Kit-Kats and mini Oreos liven up the whipped cream pillow. Creatively utilizing every square inch of canvas, Buns Bar knocks this one out of the park!


9. Maxwell’s Bar and Grill, London, United Kingdom

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This London spot has freakshakes on the menu, and they don’t even try to put a straw in them. But how could you, with that massive block of Oreo cake perched atop?! Other Instagrammers’ photos reveal that the shakes are served with the straws just stuck to the sides of the stacked whipped cream as if they’re saying “good luck!” Or maybe the point here is that you have to eat the dessert that comes on top of the dessert to get to the actual dessert. What a mouthful.


10. Cake Spade, Singapore

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This Daily Cake Store calls these monster milkshakes, “cake shakes.” Clever, oh so clever! “Mudslide” here, comes piled high with giant toasted jet-puffed marshmallows, a slice of extra fudgey chocolate cake, a cookie, and then more cookies. A mudslide is typically made with chocolate cake, coffee, and whipped topping. Cake Spade has also executed a delicate Oreo crust that perfectly coats the jar of this chocolatey cake shake. “Mudslide” is brilliant as far as milkshake names go, as this is nothing less than a giant chocolatey mudslide.


11. Mom’s, New York City, New York

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This Astoria milkshake haven serves what they call “Big Mouth Shakes.” The particular example here is called “The Fluffleupagus” and the menu assures us that it is “imaginary friend approved.” What you see here are not just any popcorn pieces, they are Cracker Jacks as well as a Reese’s peanut butter cup, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter chips. A lot of places that serve these outrageous milkshakes don’t have them listed on their menus, but after reading this genius menu description, how could you NOT order “The Fluffleupagus!”


12. Muharam Cafe, Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne’s Muharam Cafe creates something extra special here. Yes there’s a donut on top of this chocolate shake, but it’s not any donut, it’s a nutella -filled doughnut. They stick an extra wide boba straw through said doughnut for premium sipping, creating an unforgettable chocolate milkshake experience. Those standard soda straws just don’t cut it anymore!


13. Lily Bakes Cakes, Glasglow, Scotland

A self-taught Scottish baker makes a towering Oreo milkshake with chocolate syrup, a jelly-filled sugar donut, a waffle, whipped cream, toasted marshmallows, honeycomb, Oreos, a salted caramel “syringe” and sprinkles. Placing something like a syringe on top of a milkshake is a bit wacky, but this one’s filled with salted caramel sauce, so yeah, it’s completely awesome.

Feel Good Hit-Or-Miss Opinion Toasty

Cannabis-Themed Dinners Are High-Key Becoming More Frequent

The latest in dope things that chefs are bringing to the table are cannabis “infused” multiple-course dinners. What a time to be alive! With recreational marijuana gaining speed in way of legalization it’s about time that it’s recognized in fine dining culture. Garden to table has taken on a whole new meaning with the inventive and elegant cannabis-themed dinners, and they’re a beautiful thing of the very near future for all of you Foodbeast marijuana enthusiasts.

Chefs are collectively one of the most creative groups of people in today’s society, so it’s no surprise that they’re continuing to find ways to introduce new and exciting techniques in the culinary industry.

One young California chef, Chris Sayegh has established quite a name for himself as the “Herbal Chef.” Born in New York, educated in Santa Cruz, and trained in Michelin-starred restaurants, he cultivated a successful career combining cannabis culture with his passion for cooking after growing tired of the pot-brownie edible scene. Sayegh has a background in molecular gastronomy so naturally, the science behind the infusing of ingredients with THC was something he found intriguing.

Said “infusing” consists of using cannabis oils and a vaporizer to very literally, infuse any ingredient with THC. This results in a strategically dosed ingredient that makes up an entire dish, therefore yielding diners with a precisely desired high.

Sayegh hosts these unconventional pop-up infused dinners around LA for $200-$500 a seat with the catch being, according to LA Weekly, “can only be hosted by a medical collective of which all diners are a member.” So you’ve got to be a part of the club.  Other cannabis pop-ups around NY and LA occur at undisclosed locations and are held in “secret,” but not for long.

A little taste of what you can expect from a pop-up hosted by Sayegh include dishes like: confit carrot gnocchi with cannabis infused pea emulsion, NY strip steak with parsnip puree and a “medicated” red wine reduction, and a sticky toffee pudding with toasted coconut and cannabis-infused chocolate. 

Now, I’m the kind of person who will order dessert before the main course, (some of you will call this gluttonous, I call it “priorities”) so this is like music to my ears as dessert is often my most highly valued course of a meal. I fully embrace the opportunity to experience one of my favorite things like dessert in an entirely new way: getting high by way of THC-infused sugar. 

Chefs across the globe are beginning to incorporate these infusions and other techniques and influences of the herbal dining in their upscale and multiple course diners. The primary focus still lies heavily on the use of fresh ingredients and unique dishes, as the cannabis infusions are only a way to elevate the fine dining experience to make it that much better. 

Some other big names in this cannabis cooking game include: Melissa Parks, who helped write the cookbook Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, which teaches us how to make cannabutters and cannaoils, then use them in various recipes.

Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg orchestrates another kind of elevated herbal dining experience with his “strain-pairing dinners.” He prepares several courses and appropriately pairs each dish with a complimenting strain. According to High Times, one of the parings at a Harvest Dinner hosted by Rosenberg included the use of a “more intense and spicy” OG White paired with the main entree of Boulder County flatiron steak, potatoes and squash, charred corn and herb sauce, supplemented by a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley. Rosenberg is also the guy behind the cannabis infused YOGA BRUNCH in Colorado this past August.

An expertly paired and prepared cannabis brunch following yoga with a view is something that likely came out of my dreams.

Come November, I sincerely hope that we are all fortunate enough to experience one of these extra special cannabis dinners as they’ll likely be popping up somewhere near you.

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Here Are Some Of The Weird Things Starving College Kids Eat And Rarely Enjoy

About 70% of undergraduate college students have jobs, but when you’re in school full-time you only have so much time to dedicate to work and not much cash is leftover after paying for tuition and books.

Enter every college kid’s food struggle.

We all remember our god-awful starving college student diets, but being inventive in terms of creating cheap and somewhat tasty meals is a crucial skill to master when ballin’ on a student budget. Personally, I enjoy the occasional bowl of Top Ramen, but I can also see how it can become a form of torture if it’s ALL you can afford to eat, day-in and day-out for eight semesters.

Thanks to reddit and the general public’s repulsive college meal disclosures, here are some of the weirdest things college kids have eaten, and some even weirder ways they’ve cooked them. And because most of them were posted from memory, not all culinary works of art have corresponding photos. Enjoy, and don’t try these recipes at home.




I present to you broke college student taco. Crusty end toast, chips, a slice of turkey, bacon, and cheese. via Imgur

A fine gentleman’s sandwich as it looks from first glance. But that’s the full-crust end of the loaf of bread… that’s worse than no bread. Tortilla chips are a nice addition to this student taco, and some might say he’s not a starving college student after all, because what broke 20-something can afford to keep all of a sandwich’s ingredients fully stocked… not to mention cheese? Cheese on a sandwich in college only happens if you hit the lottery. This guy must be loaded!




College student “spam Parmesan.” Egg noodles and thin spaghetti topped with fried spam, a slice of cheese, and then covered in tomato soup. via Imgur

What a 5-star dish description! I’m pretty sure this student means “angel hair” when they say “thin noodles,” but they still get an ‘A’ for effort. This sounds awful when reading it, but I would totally try it.

And again we have some seriously privileged college kids here. Toblerones are one of the most expensive chocolate bars that you can buy at a grocery store! What’s this kid doing eating spam on mix n’ match pasta with tomato soup?!




The “Cheese Taco” with only two ingredients: mayonnaise and cheese. This photo is equivalent to barf. That is all.



Tuna salad in bowl

Make 2-3 cups rice. Mix in one can of tuna and about 1/4 jar of spaghetti sauce. Goop that all up and throw it into a bowl. It was actually pretty awesome and not that unhealthy all around. Tried subbing salsa for the spaghetti sauce once – that was great too.

Tuna fish is a staple in a dorm pantry, it’s versatile and it’s protein. But this is the by far the last food that you should be getting “creative” with. We can call this one the “poor man’s tuna pasta,” sans noodles.



coffee cream

Used to use half and half and chocolate syrup to make a lazy lady’s chocolate frappe. So tasty, so awful for you. mmmmm

Using leftover condiments has proven to be a common theme among college students and their food strategies, and it’s genius. Condiment packets are free, just take them and make bootleg frappuccinos and meals with them. As far as cost efficiency goes, this wins.




You can make a pretty awesome tomato soup out of ketchup and hot water. Used to eat it back in University before payday when I had exhausted my resources. If you get extra cheap you can go into McDonald’s, ask for a cup of hot water and take some free ketchup. No one will stop you, they’ll just pity you.

Another prime example of why condiment packets are important in life. Ketchup packets are free, and McDonald’s gave this kid free hot water, which yields a meal cost of $0. There are likely zero nutrients in this meal, but college is more about eating something, or rather anything, than eating something good.




Our campus lounge had vending machines with items like burritos and top ramen, but no faucet. So when we ran out of burritos, I poured Coke into the Top Ramen and microwaved it. It was… not ideal.

I ran into a similar situation. Only other liquid I had in the dorm was vodka. I figured it was clear so at least the mac and cheese LOOKED correct. It did not taste good.

Coke-flavored ramen is a new one, and it sounds horrific. Hot carbonated liquid simply cannot taste good on its own, let alone with salty ramen noodles added. Vodka mac ‘n cheese is a on whole ‘nother level. I’m hoping that whoever’s idea this was, had already consumed the vast majority of that bottle of vodka before coming up with this dish and still, it’s not okay.



tuna cans

Tuna and corn warmed in a skillet with mayo and sriracha and put on toast. Actually really good when you’re broke and stoned.

Warm tuna, why would you warm tuna? Room temperature tuna was just fine by itself. Was the sautéing of the tuna possibly a mind game to make yourself think that you were actually cooking food instead of just opening a can of tuna, adding mayo and hot sauce, and warming it up? These are questions that need to be answered!




Spaghetti noodles with rotting broccoli someone dumpster dived, with peanut butter and salt mixed into a paste/sauce.

Pity, I feel pity for this fool. If you’re going to dumpster dive for food, at least let it be for something better than broccoli. The poor kid must have been high AND desperate.




I like to make hot dogs in the toaster oven and eat them with a Kraft single on a slice of Wonder bread.

Toaster ovens are everything. You can warm, bake, AND toast a variety of food items including hot dogs. American cheese tastes like plastic and I still don’t know why a glorious burger joint like In-N-Out uses it, but the resourcefulness used here with the combination of random pantry ingredients is impressive. This student would at least win in an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games.




Ketchup and mustard sandwich after picking mold off bread. 

Again, condiment packets save the day! Or ruin it… A ketchup and mustard sandwich on previously moldy bread is a new low. But I’m not judging here, I’m reflecting. When you’re hungry and broke you simply cannot afford to be picky, which is why you’re probably reading this thinking “thank God I graduated.”




 Grilled Cheese (made on a hot iron)

If you put this grilled cheese in front of me, I would never have been able to tell it was made with an actual iron. The foil is most likely the key to disguising that fact, as it would function as a steamer that would melt the cheese and also toast the bread. This photo makes actually me want a grilled cheese now, and since I don’t have any Campbell’s tomato soup I might just have to boil some hot water and throw a couple of ketchup packets in there, just to say I’ve tried it.




Using a coffee pot as an actual pot — they’re basically the same thing. Another popular item you can cook in said coffee pot is none other than ramen! It does make a great pot substitute, it just looks absolutely ridiculous.


I hope this compilation made you at least grateful that you’re not in college anymore, and if you are, I’m sorry.



Photo Credit:nexdot, therionsayswhatemmzadie, maddilicious,@gillchahda421,


5 Stunning Seafood Towers That You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

With yet another summer beginning to wrap up and say farewell for the year, these five elevated seafood towers must not go unexplored. From cuisines of Creole, to Southeast Asian, to plant-based inspirations, each restaurant presents a tower with a twist that reflects their unique identity.

These culinary works of art, which include a variety of seafood and shellfish delicacies, are yet another way to step up your summer food-game.

Another plus to the seafood tower menu option is that they often include oysters, a well-known aphrodisiac. That makes these extravagant and photo worthy seafood towers perfect for a warm summer date night.


Photo: Anne Watson

 ROKU, West Hollywood, CA

This upscale Japanese restaurant features a sashimi seafood tower which includes a variety of fresh sushi grade fish and a wasabi cocktail sauce. It’s garnished with purple plumeria flowers and delicately simple leafy green plants that give an island-inspired vibe to the bamboo tiered tower.

Pair this dish with their “Pacific Scorpion” cocktail, and you are sure to feel like you’re enjoying an evening at an oceanfront Japanese restaurant at a 5-star resort in Kaanapali, Hawaii.



Photo: Rick Poon

Cassia, Santa Monica, CA

Chef Brant Ng’s seafood tower at Cassia is inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine and consists of wood-fired grilled “Sunbathing” prawns that are then chilled to pack a sensational smokiness. The tower also includes snow crab claws, fresh spicy scallops, smoked salmon dip and oysters on the half shell. It includes an array of homemade, unique sauces utilizing the season’s freshest ingredients, including persimmons, tomatoes, and chilies. With a simple and clean presentation, this tower is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.



Crossroads, Los Angeles, CA

This innovative plant-based restaurant serves a vegan pseudo-seafood tower that is served upon market availability that allows them to incorporate whatever is new and noteworthy from local markets. The tower uses unique vegetables including the rare lobster mushrooms that are tempura fried, “artichoke oysters”, and hearts of palm that remarkably resemble calamari rings. Crossroad’s artichoke oysters are completely vegan and made with an artichoke purée, crispy oyster mushrooms, kelp caviar, and a yellow tomato béarnaise. Lobster mushrooms are the main attraction here and they are a highly sought after item known for their striking resemblance in flavor to that of actual lobster.

The creativity that Chef Tal Ronnen uses with his unique plant-based twist on your classic seafood tower is inspiring and appropriately tailored to the rapidly growing LA vegetarian and vegan community. The seasonal additions are something to look out for, as this chef is always pushing the veggie-trend boundaries, and in a delectable way at that.



Photo: La Mar

La Mar, San Francisco, CA

With a Peruvian flare, La Mar aims to present a new and fresh idea that is different than what most people typically know as Peruvian food. The various platters, or bandejas, offered are different takes on the traditional Peruvian fare of cebiche that include fresh raw seafood and shellfish with citrus-based marinades called tigers milk, or leche de tigre.



Photo: Shannon O’Hara

Brennans of Houston, Houston, TX

This Creole-inspired seafood tower consists of Louisiana and Gulf Coast favorites prepared with both raw items and also cooked. The tower includes boiled jumbo shrimp, creole lobster “On a Stick”, crab claws, smoked catfish dip, and oysters on the half shell.

Their menu also includes Turtle Soup au Sherry, and an elevated take on a classic and Creole signature dish called Frog Legs Almondine. The legs are cornmeal-crusted, with a warm andouille vinaigrette and brown butter toasted almonds.



Here’s Why ‘Sausage Party’ Unexpectedly Killed Box Office Sales

In a generation so food-obsessed, Sony, with the help of Seth Rogen, hit it out of the park with audiences via their animated food comedy “Sausage Party.” The film started out with a Rotten Tomato score of 93 and now holds a still impressive 83. It brought in more than double of what predictions had set for it, grossing $33.6 million. The trailer has 21 million views, so how did it come to be that a raunchy animated film about sausages did so much better than the industry thought it would?

The premise of the movie is that all grocery store products are constantly awaiting salvation (or purchase by a customer), but in actuality they are being chosen to be skinned alive and die a painful death.

Today’s food culture has become centered around trending recipes and food that is photo-worthy and this movie’s unexpected success is proof that food is such a resonating topic with today’s young adults who have grown up with a unique and special connection with it. So it’s no surprise that this raunch-fest that has such a noteworthy mastermind behind it, and who is also responsible for many of our other favorite box office hits, did so well.

“What the filmmakers brought really inspired the marketing team to do things really different — just like the film itself,” President of Sony Distribution told TheWrap

Overall, it’s foul-mouthed hilarity that is based on the doomed journey that food takes when it is purchased, and it’s that kind of crude humor in an unsuspected setting that Generation-Y eats up. Rogen’s original concept and his ability to connect with young adults through his suggestive films surely had a part in the movie’s resonance with the audience.

Fine Brothers Entertainment does a short review of the trailer with some older folks, and here you can watch them react to the trailer, and in a predictable way at that. The folks are repulsed by the language and ultimately confused at why an A-list cast would succumb to being associated with such a film. I firmly believe that all that our generation wants is to be kids forever, and one gentleman in the elders review solidifies the biggest difference between them and us. He says that he was a fan of cartoons when he was young… then slams them by basically saying, “and then I grew up.” Burn. But with a generation that lives for Disneyland and food porn pics, this movie hit the nail on the head as far as reading today’s audience, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.

Ultimately we’re able to thoroughly enjoy the inappropriate writing and twisted animation, while also forgetting about being adults for a second.



Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelis

Beer Hit-Or-Miss Video

This 100-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her B-Day By Crushing A Game Of Beer Pong

This lovely lady has just won our hearts with her incredible beer pong skills. She’s Foodbeast’s new spirit animal, and everything that us 20-somethings aspire to be in life.

The video was taken at the woman’s backyard birthday bash and posted to Facebook. Notice the guest of honor wear a sash that bears her age of the big-100.

She demonstrates the highest level of skill as she seamlessly sinks the final shot in what looks to be her first try at it. She channels a true Rocky Balboa moment after sinking her shot, amidst shock from her family members on hand.

What a way to turn 100 and show up those grandkids. Grandma also received a good amount of deserved internet fame from the video.



Photo Credit: You Tube 

Cravings Packaged Food Sweets

Deep-Fried Twinkies Are Now Available At Walmart

Deep-fried Twinkies are now something you can binge on from the comfort of your own home and I can hear my arteries starting to clog now.

Hostess has answered our deep-fried prayers as they just brought to market one of the original, sinful fair snacks. The dream begins at Walmart’s across the nation tomorrow, August 16th.

“How consumer trends tell us to focus on both products that are healthy and overindulgent – those “sometimes” foods that are so good they’re worth the calories.” –Walmart’s John Pearson

The brand is hoping that THIS is the snack that consumers will reach for when they feel like indulging.

According to Walmart, the product will be available in two flavors, original and chocolate.

But will they taste the same as the fresh-out-the-fryer, doused-in-powered-sugar, deep-fried Twinkies that state fair food stands have stolen our hearts with for years?

We’ll definitely be finding out for ourselves!


Photo Credit: Aaron Bogert


CUCAMELON: The Cucumber + Melon Hybrid You Didn’t Know Existed

The cucamelon is the newest trending fruit hybrid, and its small size and watermelon-like exterior is everything.

The tiny, citrusy, cucumber-flavored melons have the aesthetic of a watermelon but are the size of grapes. They’re so adorable that you’re likely to feel a sense of guilt when you bite into one.

Food and Wine states that the fruit has been around for centuries, originating in Mexico, and are also known as mouse melons. They’re a fruit with many names and have also been branded as chihuahua cucumbers, and Mexican sour gherkins.  

Cucamelons are the new cotton candy grapes and they’re extremely photogenic and way too cute not to Instagram!

How have we just now found out about these?! Thank you internet.

Organic cucamelons can be found at Whole Foods, however, keep an eye out for them at your local farmers market. Another way to get your paws on them is to purchase seeds on Amazon and grow your own!




Photo Credit: averycools