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Show Off These Insane Fast Food Creations At Your Super Bowl Party


The Super Bowl is about football, until you realize every viewing party you creep into feels like a stadium of good eats built to show off the dopest-social-currency-poppin’ homemade dish you can.

Don’t be caught empty handed at your function, moochin’ off the goods.

Here are nine of the craziest party dishes made from items off of our favorite fast food menus. Just imagine your friends snappin’ pictures and screamin, “Daammmmn dawg is that an IN-N-OUT PIE?!”

Taco Bell Lasagna


No one worth a damn is going to just bring a regular lasagna to the Super Bowl gathering. That’s why you’re going to want to bring the hottest party food of recent memory, the ultra viral TACO BELL LASAGNA. Originating from a fever dream of a blogger who couldn’t decide between Taco Bell or a lasagna, they mashed the two together using roughly $80 worth of T-Bell ingredients. Live Mas.

In-N-Out Pie

maxresdefault (5)

Moms might not be impressed with this one, but your college roommates that have been missing since the last Super Bowl party sure will be. The best thing about this dish is that it is so Instagram-worthy you can completely mess up the recipe and no one will say anything because they’ll be bathing in LIKES. #yourewelcome

DIY Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Doritos


Photo: Tym Bussanich

Everyone enjoys a DIY project. It makes them feel like Martha Stewart pre-jail… or post, it really doesn’t matter. Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Doritos are the Super Bowl snack THEY did not know they were missing in their lives and you are the Food Messiah for delivering. If you bring this dish to the party, it’s likely you’ll dead all the other basic Doritos in their place. If you don’t want to be looked at with pure envy by every person who thought bringing regular chips to the party was okay (it’s not), keep looking, this isn’t the dish for you.

Firehouse Subs Stadium


Calling all overachievers, show-offs, that annoying kid in class who always volunteers, or anyone looking to impress someone who appreciates aesthetic of food architecture – this is the dish for you. On the upside, if you get it right, this dish could have you riding Pinterest fame until at least next week. On the downside, nothing says I have too much free time on my hands like showing up to the party with a Zoolander school-sized football stadium made entirely from Firehouse subs. Is the 15 minutes of fame worth it? Probably.

Wienerschnitzel Pizza


No, this is not just a regular pizza with Wienerschnitzel toppings. The dough is made from ground up corn dog batter, a sauce of Wienerschnitzel chili and ranch, and topped with cheese, onions, chopped corn dogs, and jalapenos. You’re gonna break some hearts with this one… in more ways than one.

White Castle Pizza

920x920 (1)

Photo: SF Gate

Harold and Kumar fans everywhere rejoice! The gourmet hot dogs and patties on the grill will soon be forgotten when you show up with everyone’s favorite food topped with their favorite burger to talk about but never actually order themselves.

Disclaimer: This dish may cause the game to be paused because a liquored-up party-goer feels compelled to share an overly detailed nostalgic story about White Castle (or where they were when they first watched Harold and Kumar). Proceed with caution.

Chicken Nugget Nachos


Photo: Tym Bussanich

Not only are nachos the ultimate boozy shareable party food, but everyone from toddlers to the nice elderly neighbor you had to invite enjoys cheese served on fried carbs. The chip and cheese combo is cute and all, but to accompany your seventh beer of the day (not judging), nothing says football like combining two bar favorites to make one ultimate party dish. Chicken nugget nachos are real and as you can guess, they’re dangerously easy to make en masse. The super simple recipe will allow for less time in the kitchen and more time in front of the television. Like the halftime show, this dish is sure to be flawless.

Bacon Wrapped Doritos Locos Taco


Photo: Dude Foods

This dish probably will take some time and a little hand eye coordination, but Nick of the notorious DudeFoods blog has a perfect instructional post on the matter. Don’t be afraid of “weaving” tacos, especially when it comes taking something as buzzworthy as a Doritos Locos Taco and making sure its entire surface area is covered with bacon.

Beer and Maple Bacon Battered Fried Krispy Kremes


Photo: Dude Foods

‘Nuff said. *Drops mic*


PASSOVER: How To Have Your Bread And Eat It Too

Passover is coming up and it is coming up fast. By fast, I mean now. Passover means something different for everyone. On the most superficial level, this year Passover meant shelling out more money to attend weekend 1 of Coachella so you could appease your family and attend the Passover festivities.

On a foodie level, Passover means planning how you will keep Kosher while still satisfying your craving for well, anything and everything. Some people see Passover as an excuse to shy away from carbs. To that I say “Aw, cute, but thats a firm no for me, thanks.”

Now is the time for your best Matzo meals to shine! Grocery stores practically smack you in the face with it as you walk in so why not embrace it. We have suffered enough, I am putting my foot down on giving up carbs.

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate matzo bread into every meal.



Matzo Avocado Toast

Jews who also identify as hipsters, Los Angelenos, Avocado-fiends, and honestly people who just like a simple breakfast rejoice! A simple subsititution of the “toast” part of your beloved avocado toast will not only make your lovely Jewish grandma proud but it will start your day off in a healthy, Instagram-worthy way. Who says this keeping kosher thing is hard. Psh, we got this.

Pro tip: If you feel it won’t fill you up because of the unleavened bread, try adding a hard boiled egg to your toast.



Open-faced sandwich

For lunch try an open- faced sandwich. The fact that it isn’t topped with another piece of matzo is great for two reasons. 1. Without the extra matzo on top,  it won’t crumble into a mess on your lap after the first bite 2. Too much matzo can mean too much of a good thing and Passover is a marathon not a sprint.

The inner child in you can now relax, a grilled cheese on matzo bread will still be delicious. The college kid on a budget can still make the ultimate whatever-is-in-the-fridge sandwich and the more sophisticated palate can still indulge. From a simple peanut butter and jelly to a more sophisticated meal such as goat cheese, tomato and arugula, there is sure to be an option for everyone. A simple chicken salad on matzo is a delicious classic that comes highly recommended by me

Snack time



Cheese and Fruit platter (with Matzo)

Cheese and fruit compliment each other so beautifully you won’t even miss the yeast in your bread. The Matzo cracker simply acts as a vehicle in which to deliver this delicious (and healthy) snack.

The snack gets even better because there is so much variety in one. I mean, do you go with the apple and asiago or the grape and brie? Do you put your cheese on the matzo and forgo the fruit or switch it up and just do fruit and cheese? The possibilities are endless!  It’s the little things in life.




Stolen by skinny recipe cookbooks time and time again, it is time for us Jews to reclaim what is rightfully ours: MATZO BREAD PIZZA!

If you are a major fan of the crust part of your pizza you may be bumming a little at this alternative but any pizza is better than no pizza: FACT! Up your cheese ratio to make up for the lack of bread, add on some extra toppings, dip in your favorite sauce, and sit back and enjoy.




Chocolate Matzo Bark

In case you really just can’t get enough of unleavened bread and want to indulge in its sweeter side. Chocolate dipped Matzo is a classic and it is so easy to make. Add some sea salt and any other topping your beautiful, keeping-kosher, heart desires and it’s basically a gourmet chocolate dessert for a portion of the price.

Happy Passover!


The Coachella Experience Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

When the music lineup is announced


This is a monumental day. Everyone is excited and your twitter is LIT! Music lovers are excited, stoners are excited, foodies are excited, you get the picture. Everyone is HYPED. Nothing brings the world together like a natural disaster, or music festival lineup coming out. Ah, what a time to be alive. As a foodie, the music lineup isn’t the main thing you are looking for here, but a good soundtrack while you indulge in a great meal is never something to turn down.

Assembling your squad

A photo posted by Status Kuo (@eatstatuskuo) on

A squad that grubs together at Coachella, stays together! You take your seat as the designated foodie and assemble a killer squad around you consisting of an ACTUAL music enthusiast, the FOMO person, the rich kid who likes to brag about their VIP pass, the festival goer who doesn’t even care what festival it is, the valley girl, the out-of-towner, the foodie, Vanessa Hudgens, and the hippie mom. They will be important later when you need to re-up on your watermelon or double fist those giant pizza slices, as someone needs to save your spot in the crowd. They’re also helpful in holding your crazy amounts of food (heavy breathing). Another reason the squad is important is they need to be understanding of your food needs, no one likes a complainer. Lets not forget someone has to take the picture or act as an impromptu hand model. Bottom line. This step is crucial, so choose wisely.

Purchasing ticket


Without a doubt the worst part of the whole Coachella experience is purchasing the tickets. This is also shared on every social media possible, but in a much less hyped, way more whiny way. Basically we are all just whiny and complaining about the price although I do not doubt actual tears have ensued following the purchase. I may have personal experience. If your bank account isn’t slightly crying after a Coachella purchase pat yourself on the back, you are successfully adulting, have a successful sugar daddy, or just a successful (generous) daddy. Either way, I hate you.

When the Important lineup comes out


You know—the food lineup. The best lineup. Ok, if you’re not a foodie and are ready to shoot a mean comment my way for being more into the food than the music, FINE! But you better also send one to Coachella and tell them to step their music game up. I am not inhuman. I love music too, I just think the lineup game for food is far superior to the music lineup. Sorry, I am so not sorry. This is the day foodies get hyped on social media with ideas for food combinations. Ah, daydreams.

Planning your set list


Every Coachella-goer eagerly awaits set times and as a foodie it’s no different. We, too, get hyped about the set times. I obviously go for the music as well okay, sigh. Anyway, knowing set times is very important. You have to map out where you will be and what food is around the area. It essentially helps you know what kind of food you will be eating and on what day. Your eating pace is determined, your menu for the day is set, and your tunes to grub to are established. It all goes hand-in-hand.

Waiting in line for food

A photo posted by @misscutiefoodie on

You did it. You have made it to the motherland. Your stomach is grumbling and it is go time. If you have been to Coachella you know the vibes are unlike any other. Everyone is just smiling and running around. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in line for food, I am smiling ear to ear. Everyone else’s smiling just adds to that. I look like a giddy five year old whose mouth is stuck in an upside down rainbow formation. Waiting in line with others just as happy as you are is just a plus. You have your squad holding your place in the crowd (hopefully they are good with elbows) and everything you have been dreaming of for the past few months is finally falling into place. Bliss.

7. Realizing every damn dollar was worth it


Because pizza 🍕 #coachellaeats 📷: @kirkirchanel

A photo posted by Official Coachella Eats 2016 (@coachellaeats) on

You take that first drool-inducing bit, get that Insta-worthy pic and the music is like Jesus himself is performing a private concert. Fine, Coachella, take my money. Every last dollar. I love you, Coachella.

featured image via @thefestivalgear


4 Of The Cutest Ways To Get Drunk On Easter

“Adulting” is hard, there is no doubt about it. As contributing members of society we are expected to give up a lot of little pleasures in life, like, the 12-and-under-menu, a consistent nap schedule, and dino nuggets.

With Easter looming and only younger brother hyped for the holiday, I decided enough is enough..

While children spend the day eating various chocolates shaped like Bambi, parents with children see a day that consists of waking up at an (ironically) ungodly hour, to purposely make a mess of their house with strategically placed cheap plastic grass, and bright egg-shaped contraptions whose only purpose are to house various forms of sugar highs.

College students who live near home are stoked for the free meal, but not stoked about having to get their life together enough to be presentable in front of the ‘rents, if only for a day. And everyone who is not Christian is left out of yet another holiday.

The bottom line is, no one is really winning on Easter except the tiny humans partaking in the Easter egg sugar binge — until now.

From the adult who cant quite get their shit together, to the Pinterest enthusiast, there is a boozy Easter treat for everyone 21 and up, and I am bringing that list to you.



For the chocolate lover:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.18.27 PM

picthx tablespoon

The purpose of a hollowed out chocolate bunny has raised many important questions throughout the years, like, why the fuck they don’t just fill in the gaping hole and give you your full 5 dollars worth of chocolate-y goodness? Hollowed out chocolate is like the tease of the chocolate world. You expect so much and get so little, however, the good news is we finally have an answer to what to do with your hollow chocolate bunny tease. The purpose has been made abundantly clear — to allow you to get chocolate wasted right along side America’s youth. Just pour your favorite liquor in and voila, now you’re under the influence.

Learn how to festively get chocolate wasted here


For the adult who still isn’t quite over their college days:


picthx elite daily

Nothing says, ‘I miss greek row and college’ quite like Jello shots. The good news is Easter gives you an excuse to make them without people questioning you (too much). Make these easy Peep-shaped Jell0 shots to relive your glory days and show the rest of the family you still have way too much time on your hands.

Get the recipe for a frat party sized hangover here


For the lazy drinker:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.56.47 PM

picthx ddgdaily

No frills. Nothing crazy, just a simple festive chocolate egg vessel in which to hold your liquid magic. Take the top off a hollowed out chocolate egg, and boom INSTANT SHOT GLASS! If sweet and simple is how you like your alcohol delivered, this is the boozy Easter treat for you!

learn how to make it a little more sophisticated here


For the Pinterest connosieur:


picthx lovebakesgoodcakes

This easter cocktail is a win-win-win. Not only will it get you drunk, but it looks nice and has little room for error. This is a Pinterest lover’s dream. Too often there is fear of becoming a #pinterestfail. With this super easy cocktail it is hard to mess up and you are also guaranteed to impress. I have basically led you to Easter pinterest gold. You can thank me by sending me one. Hold the Peep. Add an extra shot. Please and thank you.

Get your Pinterest fix here

Pining for Moby

If you’re native to Los Angeles, you’re lucky. You grew up in one of the most culturally diverse cities in America and you were raised with a palate that’s had the opportunity to savor everything from sticky Korean chicken wings, superior seafood and indisputably the best tacos north of the border.

If you’re new to Los Angeles, you’re also fortunate. Our city’s food scene has swelled in the past five years, giving rise to more chef-driven restaurants than ever. Food trucks have taken a back seat to beautiful brick and mortars, where atmosphere is just as important as what is on the plate.

This expert knows what Los Angeles is all about—unique cuisine, changing tastes, fresh ingredients and a creative look on what it means to bring people together over a good meal.

Expert: Moby, Founder of Little Pine Restaurant, Musician

Green Rockstar: A vegan for almost three decades, Moby has worked with organizations like Greenpeace to promote education on climate change.

Moby’s highly anticipated organic vegan bistro opened last November to a community that had been clamoring for the new restaurant ever since news had broke in early spring. Located on Rowena Avenue in the trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, Little Pine has fast become one of the city’s most talked about restaurants. We sat down with Moby, celebrated songwriter, musician, DJ, activist and owner of Little Pine to get all of the details on his new creative venture.

Q: What inspired you to create Little Pine?

Moby: I’ve been a vegan now for 28 years. In that time, veganism has completely transformed. Twenty-eight years ago being a vegan was just … sad. There were only a handful of vegan restaurants in the world. Now, Bill Clinton is a vegan, Miley Cyrus is a vegan and it’s become so much more mainstream. I am also an investor at another vegan restaurant here in LA, Crossroads, and it’s great to see all of these celebrity vegans come out of the woodwork —Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney eat there all of the time. As veganism has become more popular, so has the quality of the food. Twenty years ago, vegan food was your typical beans and rice—now vegan food has become so interesting and sophisticated. The goal here is to have a fairly cohesive Mediterranean approach to vegan food; in a broad sense, drawing in from France, Italy, Spain and the Middle East.

Q: Tell us about your work with Greenpeace and focusing on the issue of climate change.

M: As time has passed, I’ve learned that being vegan has many benefits, but the environmental impact of raising animals for food is astounding. Twenty-five percent or more of climate change is a result of animal agriculture—more than every car, bus, boat, and plane on the planet combined. Since there is so much interest in climate change, now my goal is to draw people’s attention to the role of animal agriculture in climate change.

Q: Are you going to use Little Pine to conjure activism in the community?

M: Yes, but in a subtle way. What I’ve found is, as far as promoting veganism, it’s easier to do when you have beautiful food in a beautiful space filled with attractive people. I don’t want to yell at people or be didactic about it; I just want to have a lovely restaurant that happens to be vegan.

Q: The design happening inside is not what you would expect from the Art Deco exterior. The interior has a modern, midcentury look. Tell us about the design process while you were building the restaurant.

M: I’ve always said there are two LA’s: the LA of palm trees and the LA of pine trees. I’ve always identified with the LA of pine trees, like Mt. Baldy and the Angeles National Forest. I wanted Little Pine to have a Scandinavian and midcentury feel, without being too kitschy–just modern and clean, with lots of natural wood. Simple and unpretentious.

Q: How did you and Chef Kristyne Starling come together?

M: [After the departure of our first chef] I spent months trying to find a vegan chef, with no luck. I hired Kristyne to help me find a chef, and we liked working together so much that we decided she would be the chef. She, along with our other chefs and line cooks, may not come from a vegan background, but they’re all bringing their traditional cooking skills to a vegan restaurant. Kristyne also has great relationships with several farmers, which enables us to source as locally as possible.

Q: Are the beers and wine served organic as well?

M: Yes. The criterion is that everything in the restaurant is organic. The only exception to that is that there are certain farmers who can’t afford the certification process, but they are just as, if not more, organic than bigger farmers who can pay to get certified.

Q: First timer’s must-try plate for dinner?

M: The thing I am most excited about is really simple. When I was growing up one of my favorite things was stuffed shells. So our chefs have created stuffed shells with house made vegan ricotta. The dish is served with three giant shells. One is stuffed with a Kalamata olive ricotta and topped with a pesto sauce, another with a lemon and white wine ricotta with a leek sauce, and a ricotta with basil and a classic marinara sauce. There’s also a panzanella salad that’s amazing.

Q: Take us through a typical day at Little Pine.

M: Well, we’re open every day from 7:30 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. It’s ambitious, but I lived in France a long time ago, and I love how French bistros work; you go for breakfast, then maybe go back for an afternoon tea, and then can even go back for a romantic dinner. I want Little Pine to function like that for our community. Every day we have an afternoon tea service with a sort of modern take on a traditional tea service. We have about 60 different types of tea. I love restaurants in the middle of the afternoon when they’re calm and kind of empty.

Q: What can we expect to find in the retail shop?

M: Basically the city of LA said that because we only have six parking spaces, we had to have a retail space. At first I was turned off by it, but then I got really excited to curate it. It’s pretty much all picked out by me. When possible it has a local quality to it, a lot of the art books are from friends of mine or people in the community.

Q: Does social media affect how you develop your brand?

M: I’m very active on social. I don’t think you can really have a commercial enterprise in the 21st century and not implement it, especially when there is a strong visual component. There’s the design, the architecture, the retail space, the food and it’s all very photogenic, so by definition social media has to be part of it.

Q: Are you working on any other projects in addition to Little Pine?

M: I am putting out a memoir this year. The memoir takes place over 10 years, from 1989-1999. In 1989, I was living in an abandoned factory, making around $4,000 a year. I didn’t have running water or a bathroom. I was a straightedge, vegan, Christian-Bible-study-teaching DJ. Then I moved to New York, got a record deal, started drinking again, and went to the other extreme of degeneracy and debauchery. The book ends at this very low moment when I’ve lost my record deal and my mom had passed away. All these terrible things were happening, and then the album Play comes out. The book is called Porcelain [a song from the album Play] and will be out this May.

Written by Christine Williamson, Locale