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KNOW Foods Just Launched Grain-Free, Keto-Friendly Waffles

We all know there’s nothing better than a warm, fluffy waffle drenched in butter and maple syrup. There’s no words to describe what happens to our nether regions as that warm pad of butter sensually slides down the waffle stack carried by a pool of sweet syrup – a phenomenon true waffle-lovers know well.

This tantalizing image is one typically associated with gluttony and unhealthy indulgence on a Sunday morning. But we’re here to tell you it’s possible to engage in this type of food porn on a daily basis with all the flavor and none of the guilt.

KNOW Foods has decided to break into the breakfast game with their KNOW Better grain-free waffles. Yes, they have created yet another grain-free wonder chock full of good-for-you,  superfood ingredients – like coconuts, chia seeds, and almonds – that tastes just like the original, if not better.

The secret is a rare sugar called allulose, that has 1/10 of the calories of regular sugar. Allulose allows these waffles to have a lower glycemic index than most veggies, which is a crazy feat.

After one bite of this beauty, you might start thinking your entire life has been a lie. The first time we tried them, we felt caught up in an avalanche of disbelief – that is until the vibrant flavors caught up to us and snapped us back into reality.

Hopefully you don’t faint out of sheer shock and awe, because these waffles won’t eat themselves, ya dig?

You can pop these waffles in the toaster just like anything else you’d find in the freezer aisle, or use them to make pretty much anything that requires bread.

Here at FOODBEAST, we like using KNOW Foods waffles as buns for oozey grilled cheese sandwiches to create the ultimate cheese pull, the best ever chicken ‘n waffles, rich bread puddings to satiate our sweet tooth, or even some churched up FRENCH TOAST to kill the breakfast game even further.

KNOW Better Waffles come in classic or chocolate chip, for when you feel like bein’ a little bad. Stock up by visiting Pro tip: you can also by KNOW Foods products on Amazon!

Created in partnership with KNOW Foods

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You’d Never Guess This Pasta Is Made With Only One Ingredient

Let’s face it, we all love pasta because carbs are basically the best thing on earth. Yet, the guilt that follows after, every time you boil up a batch and crush the whole thing, is more unbearable than waiting a week for the latest GOT episode.

With that in mind, KNOW Foods decided to rethink how pasta was made, and developed a super dope recreation, that doesn’t use wheat at all.

Know Better Pasta is only made with one, gluten-free ingredient — chickpeas. So, for those of us that can’t wait to get home to smash a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, we can grub without eating rabbit food six times a week.

With a variety of shapes, including elbows and twists, KNOW Foods has the guilt-free pasta game on lock. And, what’s also tight is that since it’s made with 100 percent chickpeas, it only takes a few minutes to cook.

We basically dropped it in boiling water, turned off the heat, scrolled through Instagram for 5 minutes, and it was perfectly cooked.

KNOW Better Pasta also has your back in the protein and fiber categories, with about 20 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per cup. That’s pretty baller.

Since we got a bunch of KNOW Better Pasta shipped to the office, you know FOODBEAST has been busy whipping up all kinds of fire recipes, like lobster mac ‘n cheese waffles, a giant mac ‘n cheese bun cheeseburger, and some pumpkin mac ‘n cheese bites.

It’s awesome to see a how a low-carb, gluten-free pasta can be modified into some super indulgent recipes that taste good AF.

For now, this guilt and gluten-free pasta can be found on Amazon and, so head over to grab a few bags.

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with KNOW Foods

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Meet The Grain-Free Treat That Could Disrupt The Cookie Market

As much as we strive to be conscious about the quality of our diets and the impact food has on our wellbeing, the truth is, it’s easy to let your priorities on health slide when you’re hangry AF.

You know those days where you’re feelin’ good about what you’ve eaten through lunch, but become voracious around 7pm and just stuff your face full of whatever you can get yours hands on for dinner?

Or worse – treat your body like a goddamn temple all day, but succumb to your deep, dark dessert cravings after dinner set to an internal monologue along the lines of, “It’s 10pm! You should be in bed already, why are you doing this?!”

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon a cookie that’ll satisfy your cravings, keep you full (MAJOR KEY), and not make you feel gross.

This heaven-sent treat is from the masterminds at KNOW Foods, a company that makes a whole bunch of “superfood” versions of traditional grain-based foods like bread, pasta, and waffles (YES, WAFFLES!). Take it from us that these actually live up to the hype.

The magic behind most of their recipes starts with a rare, natural sugar called Allulose, which tastes just like regular sugar but only has 1/10th the calories.

The name might sound foreign, but Allulose actually occurs naturally in many foods – maple syrup and figs being just two examples.

KNOW Foods then replaces all grains and gluten with superfoods like coconuts, almonds, and chia seeds. There are no preservatives, no GMOs, no yeast, no dairy, and all the healthy fats come from those seeds and nuts we already talked about.

It shouldn’t be possible but it is, and we are SHOOK in the best way.

Right now, the cookies come in four flavors – chocolate chip, double chocolate, cinnamon, and lemon. They’re all bomb, but the double chocolate chip is without a doubt our favorite; each bite transports you to a fudgy, chocolatey oasis you never thought could exist in a good-for-you format.

You can stock-up on these cookies and other KNOW Foods products on Amazon or Rumor has it they’ll start popping up in stores around October – we can’t wait!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with KNOW Foods