Here’s How To Make Candied-Bacon-Stuffed, Chocolate-Covered PEEPS


Easter’s less than a week away, are you ready? Recently, we showed you 18 different ways to eat & drink Peeps. Now there’s 19. Here’s how to make candied-bacon-stuffed, chocolate-covered Peeps. Yes, you heard that right. They’ll leave you asking, “Eggs?” What eggs?



EGGCELLENT: 17 Ways to Drink + Eat Robin Eggs on Easter


You want eggs. You want chocolate. And you want options. So, here are all three. Check out these 17 ways to drink and eat the classic Robin Eggs to have an eggcellent Easter.


[ADVENTURE] One Day of Feasting in Portlandia


Portland: The home of thick-framed glasses, artists, mountains and — great food. It’s no secret that the Northwest is crawling with bangin’ restaurants. The hard part is getting over there, though. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the West Coast. Since I could only squeeze one day in Portland, I made sure to spend every moment eating in that charming, delicious city.




This Mac & Cheese, Bacon Lattice Pie Is the Only Reason You’ll Need to Celebrate Pi Day


Birthdays? Meh. Halloween? No, thanks. Christmas? Nah. When it comes to the best food holiday, Pi Day is in the top of its class. In honor of this glorious day, here’s a recipe for a Mac’n’Cheese Pie with a Bacon Lattice. Kudos to the folks over at BuzzFeed Food for making every American’s dream come true.


PEEP THIS: 18 Ways to Drink + Eat Marshmallow Peeps on Easter


Easter’s around the corner so you know what that means: chocolate and marshmallows on chocolate and marshmallows. Oh, and bunnies, eggs . . . and more chocolate and mallows. Here are 18 heartwarming and satisfying Peeps recipes. No adorable animals were harmed in the making of this post, just their cute marshmallow versions.


In Case You Missed It: Real Life ‘Wallace & Gromit’ Pancake Maker [VIDEO]


I’m a full-bred American, but something about the charming British adventures of “Wallace & Gromit” have always had a soft spot in my heart. Their witty, time-saving inventions always amaze me and we were delighted to find that someone actually spent A LOT of time making this Wallace & Gromit-inspired pancake maker.


Here’s How to Throw a Zombie Food Party


Zombies are everywhere these days. From movies, TV and novels, they just won’t die. But hey, I’m not complaining. In honor of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie show  “Walking Dead” premiering its mid-season episode tonight, here are some tips on how the living can eat the dead. No brains involved (kinda):


Top 7 Instagram Photos of #FOODBEASTSUPERBOWL


So, as you may of heard, the Super Bowl happened today. The Ravens won, Beyoncé was fierce and the food was epic. In honor of the football spirit, we asked our always hungry FOODBEAST staff & readers to snap food photos of their game day bests and hashtag: #FOODBEASTSUPERBOWL. Here are the top pics of the season.