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An Exclusive Look Inside Kellogg’s Permanent Cereal Restaurant

No matter the time of day, cereal is always a great snack. With that in mind, the creative heads at Kellogg’s have teamed up with New York Times best-selling lifestyle author and fellow foodie Lauren Conrad to bring back Kellogg’s® NYC Café on December 14.

Coming off a successful Times Square experience last year, the new Kellogg’s® NYC Café is going to be five times larger, and will serve as a destination for inspiration, creativity and – of course – cereal.

Designed to capitalize on the Instagram-worthy food and space, the revamped Kellogg’s® NYC Café will feature an open-concept kitchen, a DIY cereal creation station with ingredients fresh from the Union Square Farmer’s Market, and spacious lounge areas where people can work, relax and eat!

They are bringing back some favorite recipes from the first Café, some new additions, and Kellogg’s fans will also get a chance to experience Lauren Conrad’s inventive, cereal-inspired recipes.

Some of the notable menu items that are already popping up on Instagram include the “Bananas Foster” bowl, made with Special K™ and Frosted Flakes®, rum roasted bananas, cajeta and candied cashews.

Don’t miss out on “Kumquat Life” with Chocolate Frosted Flakes™ and caramelized kumquats, or “Christmas Morning” with Frosted Mini-Wheats®, cinnamon roll bits & toasted marshmallow.

They’ll also have non-cereal items like the Pop-Tarts® ice cream sandwich. The sprinkles-flavored ice cream is by local Brooklyn ice cream maker, Oddfellows.

Stop by the Café located at 31 E. 17th Street for some fun times and discover the endless opportunities cereal can bring, starting December 14.

Photos by Ron Lai

Created in partnership with Kellogg’s

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LA’s Hottest Brunch Spot Just Unveiled An All Cereal Dinner Menu

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked once the clock passes noon. Whether it’s eggs and bacon or cereal, there are no limitations for when you should indulge in your morning favorites, and you’ll be happy to know an overwhelming portion of the population agrees.

For all you cereal fans out there, Kellogg’s has dreamed up the perfect dinner situation with you in mind.

The Los Angeles-based cafe Sqirl and Kellogg’s have teamed up to bring you “Breakfast For Dinner,” a unique, limited-time, breakfast-themed pop-up featuring innovative sweet, savory and delicious cereal-infused dishes that are sure to please any breakfast-lover.

Beginning Thursday, September 21 through Saturday, September 23, Sqirl is showing off its love for brinner, and you should too. Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the special items being offered.

Mark your calendars and bring your appetite, because no one wants to miss Breakfast For Dinner.

1. Froot Loops French Toast

This is Sqirl’s famed French toast, made with Froot Loops-steeped custard, topped with Froot Loops steeped creme fraiche, and finished with “Plum Jam” and Fruit Loops Streusel.

This cornucopia of flavors will transport you back to the days of your childhood as you embark on a journey of familiar sugary sweetness. The soft, buttery texture of the French Toast is elevated by the crispiness of Froot Loops.

2. Krispies Egg

Who doesn’t love sausage and eggs for breakfast? This Krispies Scotch Egg is an egg wrapped in Sqirl’s house pork sausage and breaded in Rice Krispies before frying.

A new way of presenting a “Scotch Egg,” it’s served with a market salad tossed with radish, shallot and Rice Krispies to keep the theme going.

3. Special K Tonkatsu Breakfast Bowl

Kokuho Rose Brown Rice, Special K cereal crusted and fried pork cutlet, tonkatsu sauce, pickles, sesame seed soft egg. A cross between southern fried steak and eggs, this savory pork cutlet, and soft-boiled egg find a perfect balance between the crispiness of Special K cereal.

4. Matcha Rice Krispies Treats with Smoked Strawberries

These are Rice Krispies with homemade fluff, green tea powder and smoked strawberries. If you’ve ever enjoyed adding fruit to your cereal, this soft and chewy treat is a must-try. Imagine a strawberry-infused Rice Krispies Treat, but with a twist.

5. Kellogg’s Cereal-Infused Sqirl Jam

What’s breakfast without toast and jam? For those that love to spread their jam on thick, this Sqirl and Kellogg’s cereal and fruit-infused jam was made specially for you.

Featuring peach and Frosted Flakes, and Plum and Raisin Bran, these sweet and fruity spreads create the perfect dichotomy between the familiar cereals of childhood, paired with the maturity of elegant fruit flavors.

Be careful, you might not want to share these limited time offerings. And if you can’t make it, why not experiment with creating these Kellogg’s treats in your own kitchen? Deliciousness knows no bounds.

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Kellogg’s