Father-Son Duo Pulled Off A $41,000 Chicken Wing Heist And Sold Them Off Like Drug Deals

The father and son duo of Paul Rojek, 56, and Joshua Rojek, 33, were both accused of stealing $41,000 worth of chicken wings from Twin Trees Too in Syracuse.

Investigators said that the duo had been placing the orders directly from the wholesaler they worked for, taking the wings for themselves, then re-selling the chicken wings to both people on the streets and other businesses at a discounted rate.


Both men attempted to cover their theft by destroying receipts and other proof of transactions, but it didn’t work as the two were caught, charged with third-degree grand larceny and falsifying business records.

The two are now spending some quality family time at Syracuse City Jail with bail set at $2,400. They could probably use that chicken wing money right about now.

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Gordon Ramsay Pulled In As Much Money As Beyoncé This Year

Forbes announced in its annual celebrity 100 list, earlier this week, that both Beyoncé Knowles and Gordon Ramsay made a whopping $54 million this year.

Gordon and Beyoncé tied for the 34th spot of highest paid celebrities, and you may have already started to ask yourself, how did a chart-topping R&B singer, and a loud-mouth chef make the same amount of mullah?

Well, I’m asking myself the same question and also wondering how Taylor Swift came in the number one spot with $170 million, but anywho, Bey has done 19 concerts, raking in about $3.9 million per performance, plus endorsements coming in slightly above her rapper hubby Jay-Z who earned $53.5 million.


Let’s talk about Ramsay, though. Sure he owns over 50 restuarants across the globe, but that’s just a fraction of his earnings. According to Forbes, the big bucks really come from his TV shows. The magazine said, “Ramsay has managed to parlay his chops at the stove to chops in front of the camera,” and stated that high ratings week after week, affords Gordon a salary of over $400,000 an episode.

People are definitely surprised as to how a Chef can make as much money as the all mighty Queen Bey, and they have gone to Twitter to post their reactions:

Gordon was the only chef to make the list this year. Can we really throw shade for his amount of financial success? Regardless of the tweets, Gordon Ramsay is winning, and with all that money, I’m sure he couldn’t care less what we think and how much Beyoncé has.

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This Is How Much Beyonce Drops On Food For Her Entourage

If you are part of Beyoncé’s entourage, you don’t have to worry about going hungry or unfed, as reports say that earlier this year, Bey dropped $3,500 in smoked meat at Caplansky’s Deli in Toronto.

And I’m over here scrounging up some change for a 3 piece and a biscuit from Bojangles, shaking my damn head.

This isn’t the first time she has dropped big money for her crew, as in 2013 she treated them to $2,264-worth of chicken from Nando’s in Chelmsford, England.

Last year Queen Bey led the trend with her 22-day vegan diet (I wonder why just 22 days and not 30 though). Anyway, this year, the hot sauce swag-having singer decided to say “The hell with plants” and called for the meat. Lots of meat!


The singer who is currently on her Formation World Tour requested or demanded an immense load of food! Just hours before taking the stage Beyoncé called for 100 boneless and skinless chicken fillets, 200 Gammon Steaks, 200 chicken thighs and 140 chicken Supremes. Now if the Queen is hungry you can’t keep her waiting, certainly, WH Frost butcher shop was under some last minute pressure to meet Beyonce’s timely demands.


WH Frost confirmed the personal request by tweeting

Now you can’t go on having all that meat without something sweet. Bey also requested 12 ice cream trucks to be parked and ready to serve backstage at the venue.

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Celebrity Grub

Rihanna Showered Her Fans With Pizza After They Stood In Rain For Hours


“I come riding in on a pale white horse, sending out ice to the less fortunate,” are the lyrics to Rihanna’s song, “Consideration” so it’s no surprise that she saved the day for these fans. The singer didn’t exactly send out ice on this rainy day, but Hawaiian Pizza.

As fans waited hours queuing or waiting in damn line to see her perform at the V Festival in Manchester, UK this past Wednesday, June 29, they were pleasantly surprised as she sent out 20 boxes of pizza and towels for them to dry off with.

Go ahead, RiRi!

This is no speculation as the official Anti-World tour that also live-tweeted the show, confirming the news of Rihanna’s benevolence and appreciation to her fans.

Take note, Beyonce’s “Beehive,” it looks like the Rihanna Navy is being better taken care of . No tea, no shade.

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Animals Health Hit-Or-Miss

This Woman Put Her Dog On A Vegan Diet, And People Are PISSED

Ok, so I’m sure we all have at least one vegan friend or know of someone who is vegan, but in case you don’t know what a vegan is, it’s a person who willingly does not consume anything that comes from an animal, and will make sure to let you know about it.

Veganism isn’t a problem, the problem is when vegans take things to the extreme.

The following picture (Now deleted) is of the vegan woman on Tumblr who goes by sfveganyogi, and prepared a vegan meal for her sad-eyed and malnourished dog. The post said the meal consisted of pureed sweet potatoes, pureed brown rice, sprouted organic tofu, chia seeds, and fucking organic enzymes.


Yum? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t even eat that crap. Give the dog a bone for crying out loud!

No disrespect to the vegan community, but this particular person totes took the trophy for animal cruelty. In fact, the woman took some pretty harsh backlash.

The discourse involved some back and forth between claimed animal biology experts, not so experts and those who were totally against the idea of a vegan diet for the dog.

One commenter argued:



Then, when someone tried to defend vegan diets for dogs, someone clapped back with a lengthy, 3 part explanation about why it’s not a good idea:


The winning arguments looked to be those who supported the idea that dogs, in fact, require meat to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The overlying theme to the Tumblr backlash stated that both cats and dogs health depends largely on meats to supplement their bodies ability to digest. The lack of meat in a dog’s diet could, therefore,  cause protein-losing enteropathy– enteropathy refers to any pathology of the intestine, pathology meaning experience or suffering.

The commenter even pointed out that the dog was malnourished, as noticeable by it’s dried-out nose.

There was a lot of veterinary science thrown in to why this vegan diet was absolutely horrible for dogs, and this is the worse thing ever, other than dog yoga. What’s wrong with people?!


Watch These Women Destroy A Walmart With Maple Syrup

Fenton, Missouri residents, you can now go to sleep soundly knowing that the community is no longer being terrorized by three women and their secret weapon, I mean, secret ingredient.

Their ingredient of mass destruction was none other than, MAPLE SYRUP!

Maple Syrup

Suddenly, maple syrup isn’t just used on pancakes, as Domeana Anderson, Kayla Lemons and a 16-year-old were caught on camera June 5, going on a maple syrup frenzy, pouring the breakfast item on everything at a Fenton Walmart.

The three were also accused of causing a raucous at a nearby Target, Shop n’ Save a Gordman’s, but no official charges were made on those incidents.

Officials have reported over 150 Items at the Walmart were ruined, and about $2,000 in damages. These three saps are now facing two counts of first-degree property damage.


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This German Bread Slicer Is Straight Out Of A Saw Movie [WATCH]

Take note, Winn Dixie, this is how sliced bread is supposed to be sliced the fuck up. LIDL grocery stores in Germany have perfected the art of slicing bread with this medieval-looking, guillotine-inspired carb slicin’ machine that looks like it’s straight out of a Saw movie.

Hello, I want to play a game. You grab your guiltless loaf of bread and you place it into the automatic bread executing apparatus, where you are presented with three options to slice your bread evenly, perfectly and with sharp precision.

Horrifying contraption? Maybe, but this has to be the greatest invention, well, since sliced bread. And what’s better than sliced bread? Really fast sliced bread!

How do you say “game over” in German?

Bread cutting machine (wow!)

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5 Times Bad Customer Service Turned Violent At Fast Food Joints

We live in a very busy, on-the-go society with little patience for error. We want everything fast, like fast Internet service and definitely fast food. Fast food joints were designed to provide speedy, easy, greasy and delicious food and fantastic customer service is almost demanded. However, fast food establishments have been a breeding ground to some serious brawls, turning them into war zones, to say the least.

“No Ketchup, I said NO KETCHUP!”

These fast food fights usually start with an unsatisfied customer or sassy short-tempered employees.

Last Thursday, the police department in Bellevue, Ohio arrested three women who attacked a female McDonald’s employee in the parking lot because their food took too long. Thankfully, they were all identified through video footage and have all been charged with assault, but peep the no-shame mug shots below:

That’s not even the first customer service-based altercation we’ve seen this year. In early January, Cleveland resident Eric Serrano, noticed something strange in his $2 dollar won-ton soup and demanded a refund. The verbal altercation became physical when the employee threw a pot of soup to his head.

But wait, these stories get better. In February, the well known, “Can you pull to the side as we complete your order” request that we often get from restaurants, resulted in a nasty Mike Tyson-style boxing match. A 25-year-old woman named Lovely Robinson of Richmond, Virginia didn’t exactly gnaw into a Wendy’s employee’s ear, but she did take a nice bite out of the worker’s knee. Robinson contested that the manager Latanya Nelson not only took forever on her order, but also mistakenly gave Ms. Robinson four 99 cent chicken sandwiches instead of the two spicy chicken sandwiches she ordered. That not only sent Lovely, over the edge, but over the counter as well making Robinson, well, not so “lovely,” to say the least.

To add to the list of fast food brawls, in this corner, we have Burger King staffers coming in slow with an order and taking their sweet-ass time. And in this corner, two impatient customers who have had it with the long wait for their order of burger and fries. Lets get ready to rumble! This here is a classic case of throwing the “fast” in fast food out the window. According to a witness, the customers took out their anger on the staff, but the video shows something a little different. Looks like the employee was a little short-fused and hot tempered. You be the judge.

“Dang, anything else? I got a complicated Order!” This complicated order definitely went south at a McDonald’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One simple mistake, like, adding tomatoes to a sandwich, when asked for ‘NO tomatoes’ can result in some pretty righteous verbal warfare. I’m sure a simple, “Let me fix this order for you ma’am”, on part of the staff would have diffused the situation, or and maybe a little more patience from the customer , but they completely went away from southern hospitality as we know it.

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