Yelp Adds Menu Link to Help Undecided Eaters

At this point we should just let Yelp decide what we eat. Or at least that’s how I feel with Yelp’s new “Explore the Menu” link recently added to their monolith of a site. I understand the appeal of Yelp, and sure, I’ve decided to either go or not go to an eatery because of a Yelp review. But I say, it’s enough.

Here’s what I mean: Yelp’s new menu link allows you to peruse through a restaurant’s menu generated through user reviews and submitted photos, while including the item’s price. So, according to their official announcement, if you really can’t decide on what to eat, you can just base your decision off the top-rated items.

As much as I commend Yelp’s attempt to continue evolving, I have to wonder: At what point do we start making decisions on our own?

Doesn’t anyone else enjoy those moments where you take in your environment and see what food from the menu speaks to you?

How boring is it to go to a restaurant that random strangers chose for you, only to already know what you are going to order because those same strangers told you to order it?

Rather than letting this turn into a rant, I’ll say this: Let’s use Yelp to help inform our decisions, find new date spots, avoid the plague, promote our friends’ new venture, but let’s also allow for some surprise and whimsy in life. #YOLO

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Because this is America, Candied Bacon Macarons

Fusion. Hybrid. Multiethnic. America is a melting pot, or is it a salad now? These ideas go beyond your third grade class, and in food, go beyond French Asian fare. And what better way to infuse America into the French via the way of the macaron?

You guessed it: Bacon. Offered up from the Macaron Parlour, the candied bacon with maple cream cheese macaron promises to please both the masculine and feminine appetites in any person’s soul. The perfect Ying and Yang of the petite burger-looking pastry world.

The Macaron Parlour, co-founded by the rather erudite baking duo of Christina Ha and Simon Tung in 2010, breaks the boundaries of macaron convention. The Macaron Parlour are true innovators of the petite world, serving up odd yet sensational flavors like candied bacon with maple cream cheese, s’mores daringly made with brown sugar, lemon basil, and Earl Grey.

For a while, the Macaron Parlour operated nomadically, like pastry guerrillas, whose sweet confections could only be found online, through roaming the streets, or scouting events. The duo has recently taken the plunge into opening their own storefront and no, it isn’t a miniature.

Photos courtesy MacaronParlour


TODAY: Suntory Releases Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whiskey

The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Suntory Whiskey

2012 represents some large landmarks: the end of the Mayan calendar, the two-year anniversary of Lebron’s Decision, James Bond’s 50th Anniversary, and the Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary. In conclusion, what would a celebration be without the booze? Not much of a celebration at all, actually.

So, to celebrate their formation some fifty years ago in 1962, The Stones have teamed up with Japanese whiskey maker, Suntory, to release a limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey that’s set to release today, October 30th. Suntory will release only 150 bottles of the rockin’ whiskey, at a price of 500,000 yen, or $6,300. At that price, you must make a deal with the Devil, Faustus.

The bottle dons The Rolling Stones signature tongue and lips. And the whiskey has been described as having a complex aroma, a rich heaviness, and a smokey aftertaste. So, sip carefully and enjoy the complex flavors, cause remember, each sip costs you about $200.

Because they’re only making 150 bottles with a steep price tag, I suggest the following:

1. Go to where ever it is that you buy alcohol.

2. Get a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

3. Bring the bottle home, open the internet to a picture of The Rolling Stones’ Whiskey, throw on a record, and drink the Maker’s Mark while staring at the picture and listening to your record. Close enough, right?

Photo courtesy DJStorm’sBlogMadeMansion

Food Trucks

The Lime Truck Founders Go Brick and Mortar With TLT

You may know The Lime Truck as The Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race Season 2’s winner, or from chowing down on some of their tacos during your lunch break, or even from this interview they did with CNN Money but now, you can get to know them in a whole new way.

The Lime Truck has recently gone brick and mortar with their new restaurant, TLT, in Westwood, CA. As co-founder Daniel Shemtob puts it, “Now 2 years and 500+ dishes (off of a truck) later, we came up with our brainchild, TLT!” TLT seeks to bring the same hip, chef-driven flair that is a staple from their truck, while offering affordable and delicious beer and wine to pair with the food. Like The Lime Truck, TLT’s menu is eclectic, offering you an assortment of foods that invite you to try different combinations and plates, rather than being tied down to just one dish.

After two years of driving around and serving up great food, they deserve to be driven to. Though fear not, the truck is still running!

Photo Courtesy OC Register


Disney Might Buy The Food Network…We Imagine Miley vs. Paula Showdown


Apparently owning the happiest place on earth, a publisher, a comic book publisher, the largest sports news network, movie production and your own channel just didn’t do it for Disney. With the recent news of the Scripps Networks’, which owns The Travel Channel, HGTV and The Food Network, controlling family trust disbanding, Bloomberg has reported that Disney may just be the top candidate to take over. According to the report, this allegedly would be a move to draw a larger female audience. Who knew I wasn’t supposed to love The Food Network and HGTV… at least they didn’t mention the DIY channel!

So what would a Disney owned Food Network look like? Here are some thoughts and moments that I, for one, am excited about:

When Paula Deen tells Miley Cyrus that cigarettes will kill her, and Miley turns back to Paula and says, “Really? Butter check yourself!”

When Mickey tells Robert Irvine to stop making people cry.

When they come out with a new show: Phineas and Herb: How to cook with spices and plants.


When Ted Allen looks at Zac Efron and says, “I’m sorry Chefron, but you’ve been chopped!” Looks like it’s Seventeen Sous Chef Again for you Zac.

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This Ninja Turtles Pizza Has Us Missing Our Childhoods


If you,  like me, were born in the late 80’s, there were only two shows that truly mattered. Sure, you could argue for shows like Rugrats, or Hey Arnold! or even, Doug (which, admittedly, was one of my favorites). Yet in the end, it came down to two: Power Rangers and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Those masked anthropomorphic crusaders, whose love for pizza and hatred for Shredder, were cause for hero worship. I’d don TMNT shirts on the daily; I still have TMNT dolls action figures (thanks for saving those mom!). So, you can imagine the intense and overwhelming childlike glee sparked in me when seeing a true-to-form TMNT Pizza.

Whether your favorite fighter was Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Leonardo, you’ll love this pizza.  Everything about it is perfection. An obvious choice of select pizza topics and kudos to foo-gos  for attempting to make it healthy, a ninja’s gotta be stealthy. To see how they did it, check out the ingredients list.

Cowabunga! Here’s a little TMNT Theme Song, just in case you weren’t nostalgic enough.

P.S. Let me know which turtle was your favorite! And I’ll let you know if you’re right.

Photo courtesy of  Gamezone/ Via Foo-Gos


iTunes has Nothing on Chocolate Vinyl


Could there be two more disparate ideas or words than chocolate and vinyl? It’d be difficult to think of two. And yet, when you see Breakbot’s newly released album, By Your Side, you gotta give it to ‘em, pressing the album onto a chocolate record is pretty rad. For obvious reasons they only made 120 of these.

Now, I am a lover of music and books, and so it warms my heart seeing these types of innovative moves towards keeping tangible versions of these mediums alive in an ever increasingly digital world. I’m no Luddite, but I do think pushing the envelope with creative, new ideas that can’t be replicated digitally is a good thing for all of us, as it forces us to interact with the medium in a more real way; hell, you could eat the record if you wanted. So, unless something like what Wonka invented with Wonkavision ever comes about, I’d say score one for the lover of records and tangible objects with this new album.

Also, a little advice from me- ALWAYS listen to your chocolate vinyl before you eat it.

Check out this video of the making of Breakbot’s chocolate record, By Your Side.

Photo  Courtesy of DesignTaxi YouTube


James Bond Trades Shaken & Stirred for Heineken Beer


Before Don Draper, there was James Bond. And like Draper, Bond’s reputation has been built around his unrelenting manhood, and his penchant for partaking in his share of martinis. Now as many of you know, the new Bond film is set to have Bond drinking a Heineken [Insert some sort of not shaken, not stirred joke here]. While this news fell like hell from the sky for most fanboys, Heineken decided to say, “Screw it,” and came out with a Skyfall inspired bottle as part of their new line of “Star Bottles.” These released in New York mid-September, and will be available nationwide on March of 2013.

I guess they thought, “What the hell, we’ve already pissed everyone off, why not throw it in their faces now?” And why not? If Heineken decides to ransack a Bond tradition (like Lucas ransacking his own Star Wars tradition), why not go through with it unapologetically, with the brashness of, well… Bond. Thus, Heineken chose to celebrate its monumental feat by featuring the new Bond movie on one of its bottles.

heineken-skyfall These new “Star Bottles” are said to sport a sleeker, more modern look, and even have a thumb groove, for our holding convenience and improved grip. You read that right, A THUMB GROOVE! I know I’m not the only one who’s had to put down his share of beers because of thumb fatigue. And, if that wasn’t enough, the thumb groove, according to the Heineken release statement, “encourages people to hold the bottle at a lower point, keeping the beer colder.” Modern science continues to marvel me.

So whether you’re shaking your fists or stirring in your boots (I get one right?), about the Bond/Heineken soiree, grab a six-pack of these Heinekens. It’s still beer and you still like drinking, and at least your thumbs won’t hurt tomorrow.

Photo Courtesy of M16/Mudl