This Guy Bought Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Domain Name & Created A Hilarious Fake Menu


Apparently Guy Fieri doesn’t understand the internet. ‘Cause if he did, getting a domain name for your business is step number one. But he didn’t, and like getting to the Gold Rush in 1856, Fieri missed out, and Brooklyn’s Bryan Mytko jumped his claim. Venture over to and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a truly innovative and inspired menu. While Burger King’s twitter account was hacked earlier this week, Mytko did his damage completely legally, preying on Fieri’s ignorance towards the modern world.

Mytko tweeted out


Lucky for us he didn’t just take the domain, but he created a hilarious alternative menu. Remember to get your mouthful of Guy’s Big Balls, I hear it’s the tits.


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FINISH HIM: ‘The Last Barfighter’ Arcade Game Pours the Winner a Beer


Is there anything better than adult versions of things you loved as kid? Whether it’s Pokemon beer pong or Quidditch pong, drinking while reminiscing may be the most satisfying feeling. And while both those riffs off beer pong are excellent, this Last Barfighter Arcade game is a next level hadouken to your drinking game.

Like the classic Streetfighter games we all grew up loving, The Last Barfighter pits two characters against each other. Set in a classic bar setting, these characters fight it out with various kicks, jabs, headbutts, buttslaps, etc. Pretty standard for any arcade drinking game. But rather than gaining some lame ass tickets to go buy some parachute men and paper finger traps, the winner of this game gets the satisfying sip and slurp of a beer poured straight from the cabinet. While this may just be a promo piece, here’s to hoping someone makes this into a reality.

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Gotta Drink ‘Em All — The Pokemon Beer Pong Table


Drinking creativity continues to astound with this latest evolution of the age-old game of beer pong. Like any good alchemist knows, by mixing two disparate ideas you render an even greater and more creative iteration of the previous forms. Right? Right.

From Quidditch Pong to now, such is true with this absolutely amazing beer pong table turned Pokemon battle arena. Whether you played the Gameboy game, collected the trading cards, watch(ed) the TV show, or did all three, this Pokemon Beer Pong Table is a dream come true. We all wanted to be Ash, roaming around with that mission from Professor Oak to fill the Pokedex and to stop Team Rocket from using Pokemon for evil. My only gripe is the use of Blastoise over Bulbasaur, an amateurish mistake I can kindly look past just this once.


If played correctly, your game of Poke-Pong should look something like this:

H/T + PicThx ObviousWinnerYouTube                                                                                                                                                                                                       


‘Meat America,’ A Photo Series of American Culture [Re]imagined As Meat

meat america

In a photographic journey on par with Dorothea Lange’s “Dust Bowl,” Dominic Episcopo has graced us with “Meat America,” an epic chronicling of America’s obsession with meat. If you are what you eat, then America truly is made of meat.

In Dominic’s words, “Meat America is a state of mind, an eye-opening and artery-closing tour of America’s spirit of entrepreneurship, rebellion and positivity.”

1. Elvis: He likes his meat like he likes his love, tender.


2. Lincoln: Lincoln Cow Killer was the backup pitch.


3. Don’t Tread On Meat: The first and last rule of things you aren’t supposed to do to meat.



Check out Episcopo’s quick video, and then check out his KickStarter


This Paper Growler is Beer Origami for Adults

beer-cartonThe Crafty Carton is adult origami at its finest and holds 32 ounces (2 pints) of beer. Craft beer is trending hard these days and this eco-friendly option is the ultimate one up. Anyone can drink craft beer out of a glass, but out of a carton? That’s some slick underground work.

So, why would a brewpub, bar or taproom carry these? Easy. They cost quite a bit less than glassware, they reduce the risk of broken glass cleanup, and they open up a whole new market of beer drinkers who want to take their taste “buds” home. The only downside to the Crafty Carton is the super short shelf life until your beer begins to taste flat. Drink it within two days tops, or run the risk of making a sour milk face when taking that first swig.

Exercise those paper-folding skills here.

H/T + PicThx TheDrinkNation


A Nutritional Guide to Popular Video Game Food [Infographic]


With our nutrition label conscious society brimming to a healthy boil, it only makes sense that our video game characters ought to know what’s in their food before they consume it. While the FDA may not approve of magic mushrooms or cannibalism, it’s a video game, so it’s OK. Here are some nutritional guidelines by Complex to think about next time you troll the city playing Rampage and other vintage games:

Super Mario

With the D.A.R.E program in full swing as a kid, it bothers me now that one of my favorite video game heroes could eat magic mushrooms and I was completely OK with it morally.




I’m not saying I’d do it, but there’s never been a better argument for cannibalism than this.



Pac Man

If you think about it, it’s just like eating a lemon drop.


For more video game nutritional information, please see here.

H/T LaughingSquid + PicThx Complex


We’re Gonna Pop Some Tabs – 10 Awesome Beer Can Designs

Now that we’ve learned craft beer is on the rise, thanks to Budweiser’s admittance, let’s take a look at an offshoot of the craft beer craze. It’s one thing to drink craft beer; it’s another to drink it out of a can. I love a good beer in a can. It combines the joy of having a beer, with just enough nostalgia to make for a wonderful experience. Drinking beer from a can hearkens back to a past world, an homage to the working class of the 50’s. Or at least that’s what I think while I drink. Paste Magazine recently came out with their 30 best beer can designs. I picked my top ten but you can get the full list here.




10.  Cervecería Sagrada, Mexico: Craft brew meets Mexico in this fantastic masked can.



9. Westbrook Brewing, South Carolina: Love the type face, and the seemingly hand-typed details.



8. Santa Fe Brewing Company: Simple design. Geographically relevant. Spot on.



7. 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco: You can never go wrong with putting historical figures at the forefront of your marketing, just ask Lincoln the Vampire Slayer.


6. Austin Beerworks, Austin: That is one bold A.



5. 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco: Dick Tracy anyone?



4. Brindle Dog Brewing Company, Florida: Now this is bringing that 50’s nostalgia to plain sight.



3. Payette Brewing Co, Idaho: If cowboys drank beer in modern saloons, this would be their go-to drink.


2. Stella Artois: There’s just something about a Stella in red.



1. Churchkey Can Co., Seattle: Great design, peep the old-school punch top can.


H/T + PicThx PasteMagazine


Free Baskin-Robbins Sundaes Every Hump Day in March


Wednesdays may just be getting a bit louder, as Baskin Robbins announces a buy-one-get-one sundae offer every Wednesday through March. Given that free ice cream induces screaming, we’ll all be screaming every hump day.

How exactly do you procure this free sundae? Easy, by buying a two-scoop sundae. And, with the economy tightening everyone’s belt, you can finally ask that lucky lady out to grab some ice cream without breaking the bank. She may just give you two scoops for the price of one after that.

However, let it be noted that this deal applies on Tuesdays and not Wednesdays if you live in NYC. Apparently, their Wednesdays are actually Tuesdays. NYC, go figure.

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