[VIDEO] How To Peel An Orange The Russian Way!


Really, is there any other way than the Russian way when it comes to life? You might be expecting a vodka injected orange, but no. Watch as YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker (yah, we know) shows you his personal technique to the art of orange peeling. While there is nothing ostensibly Russian about this outside of his accent, I’m just going to trust it’s “Russian” because I want nothing to do with him or his Babushka.


Beer Beer Goggles, Good Friends Always Hop Block [Video]


It’s the end of the night, and what are you drinking? Better not be slumming it with that macro brew. Keep that on the DL, ‘cause no one wants to be seen with you while you drink that Natty Light. You’re better than that. Come on man, you don’t have to settle. That dank Belgian stout has been wanting you all night, just man up and say hello.

Beer beer goggles. Sometimes you just need a friend to hop block. Thanks College Humor for looking out.

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Ashtray Cake Looks Real Enough To Smoke


In this case, you can make your cake and smoke it too. This ashtray cake, made by Natasha of Nevie-Pie Cakes, is completely edible (outside of the glass ashtray on top). The piece was created for a “hen party” — a term used for bachelorette parties in the UK.

If you want to recreate this cake, I might suggest a little alteration. Place a few real cigarette butts along the sugary ones and watch as your friends go to town. For added realism to this “Night Out” theme, spill some Captian Mo’ on top of it and a few crushed cans of Bud. Hey, go big or go home.

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Beer Mission: Florida Brewers Push to Legalize 64oz Growlers


Florida’s attempt at continual crystallization of the past should easily be undone as beer enthusiasts push to allow the legal sale of 64oz beer growlers. Currently, Florida allows the sale of both 32oz and 128oz growlers, even allowing consumers to buy multiples of each. 64oz growlers, though, are the undisputed perfect size for beer enthusiasts. However, the state prohibits the sale of 64oz growlers. It’s one of three states in which the 64oz growler is illegal. Why the disparity?

It really comes down to beer enthusiasts and small breweries wanting to buy/sell the 64oz growlers against beer distributors who want to protect larger beer producers like Anheuser-Busch from losing customers. There are currently two bills filed which push to allow the legal sale of the half-gallon, but can they get past the resistance?

Proponents of the bills are finding ample amounts of support, as common sense seems to say it should be so. “It’s really silly. I have in my office a 32-ounce, a gallon and a 64 to show people. And I ask them, ‘Which one do you think is currently illegal?’” said Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, whose lobbying for the law to be passed. “They all think the gallon is illegal. They say, ‘Oh, you’re trying to legalize the big one!’ and I say, ‘No, it’s the one in the middle,’ and it’s like, ‘Why is it not legal?’ They don’t get it.”

However, lobbyists for beer distributors have the law and history on their side. One of the lobbyists fighting against the bill cited the rationale for the law as a protection of the three-tier alcohol distribution system, aka a method that requires customers to first go through distributors when obtaining alcohol, a system that has been in place since the end of the Prohibition Era. Oh, but consumers can still buy the other sizes without going through a distributor first. There are obvious other exceptions as with wine bottles being sold directly at a winery, and of course, 32oz and 128oz beer growlers from breweries.

Another reason is that smaller breweries shirking the three-tier system means less people buying from larger beer producers — a classic example of David vs. Goliath. The smaller craft breweries want to be allowed to sell what their customers want, but are finding it difficult because of laws which protect and ensure that the larger companies remain the cash cows they have been for years.

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Skittles Swaps Green Apple Flavor with Lime, Changes ‘Original’ Rainbow


Someone in Skittles Candy Land really screwed up. I’m not looking to get anyone fired, but who the hell decided to change one of the original Skittles flavors? Apparently, after conducting some sort of poll, the team over at the Skittles Kingdom chose to replace the Lime-flavored green Skittle with Green Apple. In a move that has left many feeling as betrayed as when Monopoly changed the Iron to a Cat, the negative outpour should be cause for concern in the Rainbow Factory.

The green Skittle has always been Lime. It should always be Lime. This Green Apple Skittle just feels wrong. Who’s going to pal around with Lemon now? Is this meant to be some sort of affront to citrus lovers? It’s like when your favorite band loses an original member; it’s hard to retain the magic or ever get it back.

Since the decision, there has been much outrage. A Facebook group entitled, ‘Bring Back Lime Skittles,’ has begun. People have desperately turned to the Internet to find answers, and the candy blogosphere has erupted with outrage.

Simple suggestion for Skittles: Why not make a Green Apple flavor in a different shade of green? I’m sure the people over at Pantone would be happy to help.

The question now becomes, do the makers of Skittles have the integrity to no longer use the word ‘Original’ on their labels?

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Hoptimus Prime Transformers-Inspired Beer is Punny, Also Completely Unoriginal


So this is awkward. Robinson Brewery, based in the UK, announced a seasonal beer punnily called Hoptimus Prime. Pretty clever and funny, but completely unoriginal. It’s been done before by Ruckus Brewing Co.


A few possibilities as to how this could have occurred:

  1. They’ve been trying since the Revolution to get back at the US?
  2. I don’t know, maybe Transformers didn’t hit the UK until the 90’s?
  3. Stealing names is legal and totally OK with people across the pond?

Either way, looks like they should have gone with ‘Hoptimus Second’.

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This Epic Bloody Mary Is Topped With a Bacon Cheeseburger, Crawfish & Beef Jerky


A crawfish, a bacon cheeseburger, a shrimp, some cheese, beef jerky, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, green beans, okra, onions, tomatoes, olives, a pickle and a half pint of beer. No, this isn’t my grocery list. Just the list of ingredients in the most ridiculous Bloody Mary concocted at the Anvil Pub in Dallas, TX. Well, the most ridiculous Bloody Mary since this.


I am honestly hesitant to call this thing a beverage. It’s an alcoholic meal, thrown together under the guise of a Bloody Mary. After drink-eating this you could go to the bathroom, say Bloody Mary three times and scare the hell out of any ghost.


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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Man Steals 75 Chopsticks, Hides Them in His Pants


A Madison man, accused of trespassing in the Hong Kong Café, was found in a nearby McDonald’s last week with 75 chopsticks shoved down his pants after being searched by police.

The 60-year-old Michael Arms was allegedly trespassing in the Hong Kong Café, but by the time the police arrived, he had left, along with 75 chopsticks.  The police found him across the street at a McDonald’s. Although the owner had originally called the police because of trespassing, he was surprised to find out that the real crime was theft.

“The owner said the suspect was asked numerous times to leave since he was just hanging out and not dining,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. “He eventually sat down on the dining room floor in the middle of the restaurant, asking ‘Why are you hating on me?'”

“Why are you hating on me?” A great question posted by the alleged, to which I have a few questions of my own: Why steal 75 chopsticks? Don’t you need 76? What good does one chopstick do without its mate? I guess you could poke food. And since he was found in a McDonald’s, eating fries with a single chopstick can’t be that difficult. It’s at least easier than eating rice with only one chopstick, no matter how sticky the rice. And, a Big Mac eaten with a single chopstick immediately classes up the meal. It becomes Asian-American fusion, or a Big Mac hors d’oeuvre.

In the end, can we really fault a man for wanting upward food mobility? Yes, because this is why we can’t have nice things.

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