Moleskine Beer Journal For The Craft Beer Snob

Having trouble keeping track of all those fancy brews that you’re trying every night? Need to record the subtle notes in that smooth oatmeal stout before that buzz gets to your head — or better yet — while you’re still intoxicated? Want to document your homebrewing adventures with that new ale recipe, but none of your friends are quite at your level of brewmastery (or seem to care about just how long absolute perfection takes to ferment)?

Despite what others may say about your PBR and Coors-shunning habits, being born with good taste is hard work. No cheap $3 pitchers on thirsty Thursday, that’s for sure. But with the 240-page Moleskine Passions Beer Journal, documenting your life as a beer snob is actually kind of — dare we say it — fun.

In addition to a glossary, pouring tips, and glass types (because we all know that using a pilsner glass for a Belgian ale is heinous travesty), the hard-cover journal also includes “tasting notes, a homebrewing log, space for your recipes, your cellar, and your favorite beer addresses,” according to the product description page on the Moleskine website.

As if that weren’t enough, the journal also comes with over 200 adhesive labels to personalize your beer experiences. Seriously, what more could you want? Smell-o-vision? Taste-o-vision? There are stickers, for God’s sake.

So whether you’re a casual beer enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, you can get down with your bad self and go to town on describing those hints of dried fig.

Similarly, if you’re on the other side of this and are rather intimidated by someone who loves craft beers a bit too much, this is a brilliant under-$20 gift for the holidays. Although — yeah, it’ll just encourage his/her habit even more.

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Food Trucks

This Boob-Themed Milk Truck Delivers Nourishment

Food trucks are no recent phenomenon, but food trucks for babies are certainly something new.

And no, we aren’t talking about a trendy new gluten-free, veganlicious restaurant-on-wheels for toddlers… we’re talking about food straight from the bosom. Yep, old-fashioned style. Just like Mama used to make.


NSFW(ish): PETA Makes A Video About Carrot Penises

Forget Viagra. Why spend hours waiting for that little blue pill to work its bedroom magic when you can just pop a few florets of broccoli instead?


Hurricane Sandy Hurts Fishing Industry, But East Coast Stays Strong


Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, fresh fish won’t be on the menu — or at the grocers — for awhile.

Yes, in addition to leaving much of the New York and New Jersey coastlines flooded and without power, Sandy has also managed to wreck the mid-Atlantic region’s fishing industry.

Major issues with transportation and Atlantic fishing operations mean that restaurateurs as far as Ohio and Kentucky will have to go without some of the season’s most popular (and tasty) catches — such as lobster, crab and cod — for at least a few weeks, reports Business First.

And while snobby seafood-starved diners may complain about the lack of sashimi or moules frites, it’s nothing compared to what the fresh-fish industry is going through right now.

Last week, Columbus-based seafood wholesaler Frank Gonzalez said that he expected his sales to be down as much as 50 percent due to the post-tropical storm — something he’s never seen in his 20-plus years in the business. Ouch. “You can’t buy fresh fish and sit on it,” he told Business First.

And many others are in the same boat. According to The Daily Beast, one famous Chelsea fishmonger had to discard up to 2,000 pounds of lobster and 500 pounds of other seafood — yes, that’s one day’s worth of inventory — after losing power.

Yet it seems that the city that never sleeps has already figured out how to swim around the issue. The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that many New York City sushi restaurants returned with fresh inventory at the beginning of this week and shunned their limited post-storm menus for regular fare. Pretty impressive, NYC.

via Business First and The Daily Beast


Pop Open A Beer With This Gingerbread Zombie

Halloween may be over, but it doesn’t mean that ALL remnants of the spooky yet cavity-inducing holiday have left us just yet. Take, for instance, the urge to zombify just about everything in sight — including the arrival of the boozy holiday season — as seen by this nifty Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener.

Brought to us by NeatoShop — those purveyors of geektastic goodness — this bottle opener is made of tough urethane resin, solid steel, and lots of OH MY GOD I’M BEING EATEN ALIVE attitude. Bonus? These bottle openers, designed by Odd Art Fabrications, are hand-painted and “handcrafted by local artisans” who seem to understand the importance of celebrating the undead AND drinking in duo-holiday style. No shoddy mass-produced gingerbread man trinket for you, my thirsty friend.

For just under $13, you can gift this sweet-toothed and half-eaten little dude to anyone who wants to open up a bottle of their favorite winter brew while paying homage to the tragic zombie apocalypse in Candyland. Our hearts (and brains) go out to you guys.

[$12.95 @ NeatoShop]