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Burger King Wants To Give You Coffee For A Quarter

Wunderman;Burger King

Remember when coffee used to be a measly 25 cents? No? Yeah, we don’t either.

But you know who does remember? Burger King — kind of. The fast-food giant might not have sold coffee for just a quarter until recently, but they DO know how much of a draw ridiculously cheap coffee can be.

In case you haven’t heard, the company is celebrating their new coffee blend, named BK Smooth Roast Coffee (how . . . er, clever), with a major 25-cent promotion.

BK $0.25 Coffee

The promo lasts until March 10th at participating Burger King restaurants worldwide; 12-ounce cups of their new coffee will be just 25 cents.

And if that’s not good enough, the new coffee blend is, according to a press release, a “custom 100 percent Latin American arabica bean blend,” which has been blended by Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Alright, coffee aficionados. Just a quarter for a cup of morning Joe is hard to beat. But will it be good coffee? We’re not too sure, as Mickey D’s already beat them to it.


Some Syrah with Your Bacon? The World’s Most Practical Wine Pairing Chart EVER


It’s happened to all of us before: You’ve got a nice meal planned, but you have no idea what wine would be best. Yeah, white wine goes with fish and a red wine goes with steak, but what about something like . . . smoked bacon? Roasted broccoli? Couscous? If you don’t just happen to have a neighbor who conveniently happens to be a wine sommelier, this wine-pairing chart might just be the next best thing.

Thanks to the awesome fine-diners at Wine Folly, this helpful chart will help to break down the tricky process — all you need to know is what food category your main course falls under. Is it fish? A rich fish, like lobster or grab? Is it vegetables? Are they roasted?

Or, conversely, maybe you have a nice bottle of Chardonnay that you don’t know what to do with. This chart will let you know that a brie is just fine, but a harder cheese won’t be all that pleasing with that particular glass of wine.

Added bonus? We’re pretty sure the stylish design of this easy go-to reference chart would look great hanging in our kitchen or living room. Check out the original visual here.

H/T Gizmodo


Drink Chocolate Beer Out of This Matching Chocolate Glass


Some of us like chocolate, some of us like beer . . . and some of us like both.

And for every chocoholic and beer snob out there, here’s a pretty awesome, close-to-perfect way to imbibe.

Introducing: A chocolate stout paired with an edible glass made entirely of chocolate. The geniuses behind this masterful idea? Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen, who has had an eye on chocolate beers for quite some time now. And they’ve decided to take it to the next level. Their newest endeavor includes a combo set of a 330 mL bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout, complete with a chocolate glass.

According to Rocket News 24, it’s entirely possible that the chocolate glass could counteract the bitterness of the the “ultra-dark beer” which has been “made with over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted ‘chocolate malt.'”

Chocolate on chocolate? Sounds delicious.

H/T Rocket News 24 + PicThx Damn Geeky


Watch Out for Fake Unicorn Sriracha & Other Tips on How to Spot Fakes


If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then it’s no surprise that there’s a fair share of knockoffs when it comes to everyone’s favorite hot sauce — that green-capped, clear-bottled, rooster-on-the-label-of-a-gem: Sriracha.

But now it seems that there are fakes cropping up all over. While we don’t know how the fake version tastes, the counterfeit Sriracha is easy to spot, according to Eat Drink & Be Merry blogger Dylan James Ho.

First off, the bottle boasts a blue cap — a clear fake. And secondly, there isn’t even a rooster on there — there’s a unicorn (magical, but not even close to the original Huy Fong Foods Inc. brand Sriracha.)


The Huy Fong Foods Incorporation has reported that the sauce is often poorly imitated — and has even gone as far as suggesting surefire ways to ensure that you’ve got the real deal in your hands. Straight from the company:

1. That taste is not identical to our product.

2. Below the green cap of our bottles, there is a protruding plastic ring, which is the same diameter of the green cap. The counterfeit product’s ring is much smaller.

3. Our product’s batch code consists of two lines printed with a laser etcher, which produces a clear, colorless imprint. The first line states the product/batch code (must start with an H) and the second line states the expiration date. The counterfeit does not have a product/batch code but has an expiration date that may be either be printed in black ink or hot-stamped resulting in a colorless, blurry imprint.

4. Finally, our bottle has ‘Huy Fong USA’ embossed on the bottom of our bottle. The counterfeit does not.”

Ho found the counterfeit condiment in Little Saigon near Los Angeles, but we haven’t managed to get our paws on this phony yet. Have you seen this knockoff Sriracha before? Let us know in the comments.

H/T Artifacting + PicThx Eat Drink & Be Merry


Scan Your Screaming Face on Chocolates, We Heard it’s Super Romantic

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.54.12 PM

How many of us have heard the phrase, “You’re so cute, I just want to eat you up?”

Now, you actually can eat someone up — if they decide to create a likeness of their own face in chocolate, that is.

Because, yeah, that’s actually a thing, and you can actually do that. According to Japanese news site Kotaku, a wonderful DIY-style restaurant in Shibuya, Japan by the name of FabCafe allows customers to scan their faces and afterwards, print out customized molds. Then. . . success! A chocolate truffle’d version of your face to terrify your beau (or soon-to-be-ex.)

Imagine the look on their faces when they see your own face set in chocolate. What more could someone want, right?

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 7.04.06 PM

Just look at that expression of love!

Unfortunately, this special promotion by FabCafe is only open to females, since women are traditionally the ones to give chocolate to their significant others for V-day in Japan.

Sorry men, you’re just going to have to wait for your own creepy chocolate face to gift to your lover.

H/T Kotaku


Lather Up with Urinal Mint, Bacon, Beer & Popcorn Soap


Introducing: ManHands soap — which comes in so-called “manly” scents like brewed coffee, beer, red wine, buttered popcorn, margaritas, and bacon. (There’s also the less-appetizing Baseball Glove, Cash, Top Soil, Urinal Mint, Muscle Rub, Bonfire Cannabis, Cedar Log Cabin, Fresh Cut Grass, Nag Champa Incense, Obsession Cologne, Republican, and Democrat.)

Exotic perfumes and expensive colognes don’t impress everyone. For some, the aroma of favorite food or drink might be more effectively enticing. After all, what better what to impress your food-loving partner than to arrive on your Valentine’s Day date smelling like a bouquet of fresh roses freshly-popped, buttery popcorn?

Maybe your beau isn’t really into musk and magnolias — but margaritas really do it for him. Or perhaps your wine connoisseur girlfriend would much prefer that you reek of Bordeaux than body odor.

While these inventive, interesting-smelling soaps might be geared towards gentlemen, we’re sure that more than just a few lovely ladies would like to leave their showers smelling like bacon (yeah, it’s becoming a religion) or buttered popcorn.

Despite the fact that the company is strangely insistent that “Guys should be using Man Soap,” we’d like to issue a kind reminder: Don’t leave the girls out, ManHands!

Man Hands Man Soap $7 @Gadgets & Gear

H/T Laughing Squid

Fast Food

Only Not in America: The Domino’s Quesadilla Pizza


Ever been eating a quesadilla when suddenly, you think, “Hey, I could really go for some pizza right now?”

Fear not, indecisive foodie friend, you can fulfill both cravings — at the same damn time.

Since 2011, Pakistan’s popular purveyor of pizza goodness — Domino’s, to be exact — has been offering up the Quesadilla Pizza. According to food news blog Brand Eating, the pizza features “cheese and your choice of various chicken, beef, or veggie topping combinations sandwiched between two thin crust pizza rounds and served with marinara and sour cream on the side for dipping.”

Yes, it’s all of our cravings come true; the only probably is that it’s just another one of those offering not available in America. Shucks.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating

Celebrity Grub

New Katy Perry-Themed Popchips Are Surprisingly Not Candy Cane-Flavored


When we first heard that popstar Katy Perry was going to team up with snack company Popchips for a new flavor, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

Candy cane-flavored chips? Marshmallow? Whipped cream?

Not so much. It seems that the Popchips won’t be another extension of the superstar’s Candyland persona. However, the Popchips investor/brand ambassador (didn’t you know?) will still have an influence on the flavor of the snack.

“Katy’s Kettle Corn” features — what else — the sweet and salty taste of kettle corn, and is described as, “sweet. salty. sinless.” The bag features the colors pink and purple (arguably Katy’s favorite colors) and a “stylized heart” to dot the “i” in the Popchips logo.

This will be one of the first sweet flavors for Popchips, whose usual flavors include sour cream, barbecue, and salt & vinegar. While the new sweet and salty item sounds delicious. . . pink and purple? Which one’s the “salty” color?

H/T Brand Eating