Artist Transforms Plain Chickpeas Into A Cast of Whimsical Characters


Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Certainly not Turkish artist Sadi Tekin, who stopped paying attention to that old adage a long time ago. Tekin finds inspiration and humor in food — specifically, when it comes to the ever-versatile chickpea, which takes on a personality of its own in his series, “mr. chickpea & friends.”

In “mr. chickpea & friends,” the once-plain legume becomes ever-expressive and seriously awesome with the help of hand illustrations and creative landscapes. Scroll below to see more of Tekin’s humorous character art series, and see the rest of his work at Behance.




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This Clever Mug Keeps Your Tea Bag from Sinking


We’re in love with the totally sweet design of the Tea Cup SlingsHot — which essentially solves one of the most annoying issues that tea drinkers often encounter: The moment the tea bag string falls into your hot tea and is lost forever in watery oblivion. It makes for a sorry sight as dismayed tea drinkers attempt to retrieve their dignity without scalding their fingers.


The Tea Cup SlingsHOT works by inserting the string through the groove — so you can easily pull the teabag up and back against the edge of the mug in case it does fall in, while also squeezing all of the liquid out of the bag.

A few criticisms though, courtesy of the commenters on Yanko Design:

User K. Denny writes:

A very clever solution and an attractive mug. Unfortunately it’s missing the mark on a few points. First, the previously mentioned problem of strings detaching from bags. Second, when making tea, you should not squeeze the bag – that makes for bitter tea. Finally, simply looping the string around the mug’s handle keeps it from falling in, so was there ever an actual problem to solve here? Perhaps a cup with a tiny cleat, hook or knob to wrap the string around would do it.

And user L-J brought up another point:

What stops the tea from being channeled down the outside of the handle, as the tea is squeezed from the teabag?

OK, so there may be a few pitfalls — including the difficulty of cleaning this beauty — and we have yet to see this lovely design by Samir Sufi come to fruition. ‘Til then, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and our teabags and kettles ready.

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Piñata Cake Stuffed with Lollipops, M&M’s, Jelly Beans & Wrapped Snickers


Let’s take a trip back into time: It’s your best friend’s 3rd-grade birthday party, and you’re in the backyard with colorful streamers, pizza stains on your favorite outfit, and a mouth painted in fruit punch. Then, someone’s mother announces, “It’s time for the piñata!” and kids line up to take a swing at the brightly-colored, paper mache figure hanging from up above the party. Now, you know what happens next: Everyone scrambles to grab their fill of sweets as the piñata rattles and all that priceless gold candy, falls to the ground.

Just short of getting an actual piñata at your next party, you can recreate that magical moment — with the Piñata Cake.


For those with a sweet tooth (or those who are just craving a bit of nostalgia), Victoria of A Subtle Revelry has created a sweet and unassuming cake filled with candy. But we’re not talking your standard chocolate filling here — we mean fully-wrapped snickers bars, lollipops, jelly beans and M&Ms. Curious about how she managed to make it all work? Impressed by her creative knack and artful design? Hungry and want the recipe? Peep the recipe here.

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WE CAN’T LOOK AWAY: Takeru Kobeyashi Devours Pizza In One Minute [Video]


Don’t eat so fast, you’re going to get a stomach ache, Takeru Kobeyashi’s mother probably told him (once, a long, long, long time ago, we’re guessing.)

But luckily for us, the little boy who didn’t pay his momma any mind would one day grow up to be the well-known Japanese competitive eater. His reaction? Relax, Mom — and watch me inhale incredible amounts of (name any old food here — say hot dogs, meatballs, or pasta) and not get sick!

While Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobeyashi is typically known for dipping his hot dogs in water (or soda) to make it all . . . slide down more easily, the champ didn’t have any tricks up his sleeve when it came to devouring an entire 12-inch Domino’s pizza in under a minute at a Super Bowl party this year — he just went rogue.

Watch the video below to watch Kobeyashi (it’s mesmerizing — we can’t look away) delve into his meal face-first.

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Got Fries? 42,000 Pound Ketchup Spill Creates Massive Traffic Jam


When a long line of cars pile up on the road, most of us think: There’s been a bad traffic accident.

Now, imagine driving past an incident where all you see is red liquid smeared all over the highway.

Pretty gruesome, right? But before you clutch your pretty little heart in terror, consider this: What if it was all ketchup, not blood?

Believe it or not, a ketchup-covered commute actually happened in real life — early Thursday afternoon, just outside of Reno, Nevada, when a tractor trailer lost control and spilled its delicious, tomatoey guts all over the highway.

What could have been a potentially traumatic incident yesterday was only tragic in the sense that there was a ton (literally) — we’re talking 42,000 pounds — of ketchup lost.

According to The Associated Press, Nevada Patrol Sgt. Janay Sherven said there was “red everywhere.” She told the newspaper, “No bodies, no people, just ketchup.”

While it’s great that no one was hurt, it was less than a fortunate situation for drivers — who were held back in traffic for more than an hour.

And, sadly, all of that lovely ketchup went to waste. But at least the gruesome murder scene turned out to be nothing more than a French fries-lover’s dream. Potato party, anyone?

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Science Says, ‘Don’t Like Fruits and Vegetables? Blame Mom.’


Some of us just don’t like fruit and vegetables, to the dismay of our well-meaning and concerned mothers who are always telling us, “Eat better! Eat healthier! More fiber! Are you eating your veggies?”

Well, Mommy Dearest — it’s not our fault that we don’t like ’em, according to a new report by The Telegraph. In fact — it’s yours.

Researchers have known for a while that expectant mothers’ diets actually play quite a role in their future children’s food preferences — since food eaten by mothers are essentially transferred during pregnancy and again through breast-feeding. That means that mommies-to-be who shun vegetables in favor for other foods might be passing along a slight predisposition to avoid the food as well.

It’s one of those things that sounds a bit ludicrous — because after all, are those first few months after conception that delicate? If so, could a predisposition to love sardines and ice cream come about for those expectant mothers who have odd food cravings?

According to researchers, infants already are (naturally) attracted to salty and sugary tastes — it’s just the bitter flavors in green vegetables which are harder to learn how to like.

Researchers explained to The Telegraph that the aversion to bitter foods is, quite natural — a “warning system triggered by eating unfamiliar food,” while the “early experience of the flavour teaches infants to tolerate it more quickly.”

While the validity of the findings is questionable, (one study involved a sample size of only “46 babies,”) it’s something to think about the next time you shun your beet salad.

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According to New Survey, Democrats Prefer KFC, While Republicans Opt for Chick-Fil-A


Curious about whether someone’s a Democrat or a Republican — but don’t want to ask them about their political affiliation directly? Well, just ask them about if they prefer KFC of Chick-Fil-A. Apparently, that’s one surefire way to find out.

A new survey released this week by Public Policy Polling insists that Democrats and Republicans definitely have different food preferences. For example: Democrats like KFC better than Chick-Fil-A (39/18) while Republicans take Chick-Fil-A over KFC (48/29).

What else?

According to the study:

  • Democrats are cool with vegans (a 48/22 favorability rating) while GOP voters have a negative opinion of them (31/41).
  • Democrats prefer regular soda (47/31) while Republicans prefer diet (42/34).
  • Democrats are the party of bagels (34%) and croissants (32%) while Republicans prefer to eat donuts (35%).

And strangely enough — Republicans are more likely to believe that Olive Garden constitutes “a quality source of authentic ethnic food” (43/41), while Democrats (41/44) think it doesn’t. (We can’t help but to ask, incredulously: Really? What authentic ethnic food is this, exactly?)

It seems that both parties can agree on a few things, though: dinner is their favorite meal of the day. What else do they agree on? Things like fast food (both parties agree it’s awful for you) and (gasp) Coke over Pepsi.

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Move Over Horsemeat, Unicorn ‘Cuts’ Are All the Rage


Even if you’re a vegetarian, chances are that you’ve heard about the different cuts which make up beef: chuck, sirloin, rib, brisket, and the list goes on.

But unicorn meat? Not so much. If we had to take a guess, we’d have to say sugar, spice, and everything nice — but unicorns aren’t exactly little girls with superpowers . . . are they?


Naw — it’s more like fairy dust, cupcakes, rainbows, sunshine, and kittens. Oh, and sporks. At least, that’s what designer Luis Diaz thinks. His clever design, which can be found on t-shirts and iPhone cases at Threadless, breaks down these ever-elusive, magical creatures — for those who have never seen them in the flesh.

And that glittery, majestical horn? Yes, you can chalk that up to the power of bacon.


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