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Betty White Credits Her Long Life to Vodka and Hot Dogs

Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Okay, let’s be real. If Betty White is throwing a birthday party, I would like to get my hands on an invite. After all, the 96-year-old Golden Girl credits vodka and hot dogs to her long, healthy life. Can you imagine how much of a blast it’ll be? Vodka and hot dogs? And “lots and lots of it.”

Now that I’m a quarter century, my eyes have been lingering longer on the eye creams and wrinkle-reducing masks at Sephora. The number of supplements I take every day is kind of frightening. The truth is, while I may not be an OC Housewife, searching left and right for the next Fountain of Youth, I too dread getting older.

Well, according to White, a little bit of booze and processed meat is the key.

Okay, that doesn’t mean everyone needs to go hard on multiple bottles of Grey Goose daily, but she may be onto something.

A study indicates people who drink moderately were over 20% less likely to die early of any cause.

White also adds an optimistic mindset leads to happier life.

“Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

True that, sister! Cheers to the true queen and happy birthday!

Now, who wants to come to my barbecue party this weekend? I’ll get the vodka and hot dogs ready!

I taught Cam everything he knows. #SuperBowl #SB50

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5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Might Actually Ruin Your New Year’s Resolution Diet

Most of you would be lying if you say you’ve never had eating “healthy” foods as your New Year’s resolution. If you’re anything like me, that goal is probably already down the toilet.

Despite my daily trips to Whole Foods and Nekter, I wasn’t really eating healthy. But it’s not because I ate ice cream for the last 15 days (which I did). No, that’s not why I failed my 2018 resolution already. It’s because those “healthy” foods I was consuming were actually ruining my diet. All those times I chugged a cup of green juice and snacked on trail mixes? Well, no wonder I can’t diet properly to save a life.

Below is a top 5 “healthy” foods that may actually be ruining your diet.

1. Gluten-Free Food

Yes, some GF snacks indeed are healthier alternatives. But if it’s processed or packaged, even if it’s “gluten-free,” it can be significantly higher in calories and lower in carbs. So if I’m not gluten sensitive, why add the extra calories without the satisfaction of biting into a cupcake?

2. Green Juice

One word. Sugar.

Cold-pressed juices are loaded with veggies and fruits. But a popular bottled green juice has 260 calories, 60 grams of carbs and 52 grams of sugar! That’s more sugar than five Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts!

Alternative? Drink a green smoothie. Unlike the juice alternative, smoothies retain the fibers from the veggies.

3. Fat-Free Anything

Health Tip: If you eat the center, it’s 100% fat free. 😉 🍩#WorldHealthDay

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“Oh, it’s fat-free! It must be healthy.”

No. No. NO! Get that fat-free chocolate pudding out of your cart! Research shows fat-free/low-fat foods have up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar. By removing fat, food loses its flavor. To compensate for the lack of flavor, companies add additional flavoring and sugar.

4. Trail Mix

Don’t say you never grabbed a handful of trail mix to pick out all the chocolate. Ok, maybe I tried to be a little bit “healthier” and ate the peanut butter chips too. Hey! Peanuts have protein, right? Well, it turns out that you are better off munching on some unsalted nuts. If you’re having a chocolate craving, opt for some dark chocolate.

5. Acai Bowls

You’re tempted. Those acai bowls are so pretty and totally Instagram ready. And you know what? It’s healthy for you, right? Nope.

You’re getting an acai bowl because acai is a superfood. You want that glowing skin and super immunity! Unfortunately, most acai bowls are high in calories and sugary. Why? Some bowls are made with frozen yogurt instead of a puree. It is also packed on with various toppings like fruit, granola, and honey. While acai itself is low in sugar and packed with antioxidants, think of all the extra calories the toppings and hefty portions add!

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Weed Wine: Getting Buzzed Without the Hangover

Edibles? Not quite. Drinkables, more like it. And no, it’s not the nasty bong water your old frat brother convinced you to chug drunk. It’s wine. Pot wine to be more exact.

That’s right. What if I tell you, you can get tipsy without the dreadful hangover the next day? Think of how many Tylenols you can save!

If you’re still skeptical, let me throw out some fancy words for all you wine snobs out there. It’s sauvignon blanc. That citrusy, green-grape white wine from France. A THC-infused sauvignon blanc to be exact.

Okay, to be honest, I pretended I was a wine connoisseur when I visited Napa. But that plan fell through real quick when I twirled my sparkling wine and the sommelier smacked my hand. So I’m not the best person to learn about wine from… Oops.

Anyways, this marijuana creation, a non-alcoholic wine “that smells like weed but tastes like wine,” is the brainchild of a California-based Rebel Coast Winery. Yes, unfortunately it’s non-alcoholic because federal regulation prevents mixing THC with alcohol in products.

Just told Chip what he’s getting for Xmas (plot twist- it’s cannabis wine).

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But each bottle of this cannabis vino holds 16 milligrams of THC, the element responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed. That’s approximately 4 milligrams of THC per glass, a perfectly modest amount to help you get the “nice, euphoric, mild high.”

I wouldn’t want to be mind-blowingly stoned anyways. That high will gift me with a couple extra pounds from the munchies. No. Thank. You.

So do I want to try it? Sure, why not? I’m not getting any younger and my body can’t gracefully bounce back from the hangovers anymore. I hear that Powerball jackpot is $450 million. Got to go now! Time for me to go buy that lottery ticket so I can have a cellar full of THC wine.

Golden State residents can expect shipments as early as January once the recreational sales of marijuana begin.