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Foodbeast’s Exclusive Look At The Emmy Awards Dinner

The Television Academy is having its 68th Emmy Awards this Sunday, Sept. 18, recognizing some of Hollywood’s elite, and what better way is there to show appreciation than with an exclusive after-party promising some pretty bomb, yet elegant food?

Foodbeast was fortunate to get a taste of the culinary world behind Television Academy’s Creative Arts Balls this year. Patina Catering, part of Patina Restaurant Group (PRG), has been catering these celebratory events for the past 21 years and obviously, they always bring that fire.


Patina Restaurant Group caters the largest, annual formal sit-down dinner in the country and will serve a total of around 7,400 guests this year with three dinner celebrations… That’s a ton of food.



It looked like Narnia’s garden with “Nature’s Elegance” being the theme of this year’s Creative Arts and Governors Balls, which are hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center.



Patina Catering brings about 200 chefs and 18 executive chefs to work on-site in the massive kitchens behind the scenes. On top of that, there were around double that amount of servers.



The “from-the-earth” concept is something that PRG’s Master Chef and Founder Joachim Splichal and Culinary Director Gregg Wiele wanted to highlight that allows “natural flavors and ingredients to shine.” They work with the Television Academy’s Governors Ball Committee to decide on on one final 3-course menu of over 50 recipes developed.



Check this out: Guests are welcomed with the first course salad consisting of pistachio-goat cheese “bonbons,” blood oranges, preserved lemons, roasted eggplant puree, baby fennel confit, Lolla Rosa, black olive “soil,” and a tangelo vinaigrette.



Executive Pastry Chef Frania Mendivil is a master of the sweets! She created two different desserts that will be served for this year’s Creative Arts Ball and Governors Ball.



The dessert course, AKA our favorite plate of the night, was created specifically for the Creative Arts Balls and consists of a triple chocolate mousse cake with banana biscuit, pecan nougatine, and passion fruit.
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The Poke Craze Is Here, But Is It All Good?


Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Poke, a Hawaiian dish consisting of diced raw fish mixed with flavored sauces, has lately been trending all over California and the East Coast. On Yelp you can find over 20 listings of new poke places just in Orange County alone.

Despite the popularity poke has gained on the mainland, some see it as just another incessant food trend and a delicacy that’s quickly losing its cultural authenticity, I for one, included. The meaning of poke is rapidly changing as more restaurants are opening left and right, and I generally don’t see that as a great thing.

Having visited Hawaii many times throughout my life (thanks to family living there), I’ve tried true Hawaiian poke and the exclusivity of having it on the islands. The most important aspect of this dish is obviously the quality of the fish, and for anyone who enjoys fish, it’s really all about the freshness.

Growing up in the Asian culture, when someone mentions poke, I automatically think “diced raw fish by the pound.” The difference between traditional poke and the current poke trend that’s sweeping the country is that here in California, when someone mentions poke, they’re usually talking about diced raw fish, numerous mixed toppings to accompany it, and a liberal, albeit borderline criminal amount of sauces, all creating a mountain over a bowl of rice.

Orange County restaurants like PokiNometry and The Low-Key Poke Joint serve this very poke bowl concept containing various toppings that overpower the original favor of the fish itself.


Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Foodland, a grocery store chain throughout the Hawaiian Islands, takes pride in being “Hawaii’s Home for Poke.” When you walk up to the store’s deli, you can immediately see the long row of freshly diced raw fish marinating in various sauces waiting to be ordered by the pound. Yes, they do also serve poke bowls, but their poke bowls only consist of your choice of fish on top of rice. That’s it. Nice and simple.

The poke trend is becoming more complicated and therefore losing the simplistic quality that made it enjoyable to Hawaiians in the first place. When you have a list of different spices and toppings that can be added to the fish in unlimited combinations, are you really tasting the important freshness of the fish like the Hawaiian culture intended?

The notion that people have to constantly be innovative with food is a positive and exciting quality to have in the food industry, but some people tend to distort food trends by relentlessly changing a culture’s specialty. If one forgets the history behind certain dishes and foods just for the sake of popularity and hype, traditional cultures become misrepresented.

However, let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment: maybe this poke trend is just a new concept being born in our modern-day subcultures? Would it seem more acceptable if it wasn’t called poke? There’s no doubt that poke bowls are becoming wildly more popular and the demand is exponentially growing. The satisfying concept of customizing your own bowl makes eating that much more fun and exciting, which is what we Americans seem to crave in this industry. Culinary excitement can simply be the touchstone of this trend.

With that said, though, the hype with poke should encourage us to remember where it originally began and that sometimes, less is more.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss News

Detroit Woman Wins Free Pizza For A Year, Donates To The Homeless


Michigan resident Hannah Spooner spontaneously entered a raffle at Little Caesars and was pleasantly surprised when she got the winning call for a $500 value of pizza for a year.

To quickly break it down for you, that’s like getting 100 boxes of pizza equaling roughly about 800 slices throughout 365 days. Needless to say, it’s a pretty generous amount of pizza for anyone.

Whether you enjoy Little Caesar’s super cheap $5 “HOT-N-READY” pizzas or not, free pizza for a year is FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR, and it’d be crazy not to get excited about that.

Instead of wildin’ out on garlic crust and crazy bread for a whole year, Hannah Spooner and her boyfriend decided to donate their winnings to a local Detroit homeless shelter for the youth named Covenant House Michigan. With the homeless epidemic running across cities in America and the world, Spooner’s humanitarian efforts is one to be admired.

“They were really happy. I could tell it was actually going to make a difference, like I would actually see people who would be benefited by it,” Spooner told Inside Edition.

Spooner may not have the prominence of the Pope and his nobility for feeding pizza to the homeless, but her charitable act is surely something that exemplifies how selfless Americans can be. Hopefully those pizzas are going to be doused with that crazy sauce seeping all into the cheesy crevices because the homeless deserve top-notch Little Caesars, too.

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You Can Now Eat Camo-Inspired Ice Cream From Blue Bell

Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Americans have yet another American thing to rejoice about, food-related, of course. Just yesterday, Texas-based Blue Bell Creamery released a new fall flavor of ice cream called Camo ‘n Cream. It consists of three different flavors: Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate, and Cream Cheese all swirled together to create a camouflage look and a medley of deliciousness.

“You see the camo design on everything these days, so we thought why not create an ice cream flavor that looks camouflage?” Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell, said on a press release. “We tried a few different combinations but chose these flavors because they compliment each other so well.” And indeed they do, Breed.

Let’s not all jump the gun, though. Evidently, Blue Bell’s ice cream is quite hard to find in Southern California. The company’s website currently shows that no locations in California sell their brand of ice cream, but with my obsessive need to find extremely limited items, I reigned supreme and found one small shop that has this exclusive new flavor.

Whipp’d, a soft-serve shop with two locations in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, not only offers Blue Bell ice cream, but also Dole whip and Carbolite ice cream among other goodies. These dedicated souls travel all the way to Texas to bring California a rarity in the ice cream world.

Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Now, let me be a straight shooter here: It’s really freakin’ good. The Milk Chocolate isn’t overbearing, the Pistachio Almond provides a good amount of nuts in your mouth, and the Cream Cheese adds a slight tartness to the cohesion and overall unity of flavors in this special ice cream. Breed was right about the complimenting combination!

Blue Bell’s new Camo ‘n Cream truly holds its camouflage quality in California because of how rare this cold treat is to find here. It may be a steep $14.50 per half gallon, but bite the bullet and try it because Blue Bell knows how to make quality ice cream.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Lobster Festival Forced To Serve Hot Dogs After Lobsters Go Missing


Guests who attended a local lobster festival in Canada’s Northern Alberta community of Cotillion were forced to eat hot dogs because of a common shipping nuisance: a misplaced package.

Air Canada was supposed to deliver 100 live lobsters to the Grande Prairie Airport in Alberta on Aug. 13. When the organizers arrived to pick up the shipment, they were surprised to hear that the package wasn’t there.

Jackie Panasiuk, who helped her sister organize the festival, told CBC News that they had people come from all over Alberta to attend the event, and they were expecting 145 pounds worth of lobsters. Sadly, the VIP guests were a no show.

Apparently, there was severe weather that caused their shipping package to be grounded in Toronto, thus resulting in a missed connecting flight for the clawed crustaceans.

When the delayed shipment finally arrived at Edmonton Airport, Panasiuk spent hours on the phone with airline agents trying get the lobsters to their original destination at Grande Prairie, about 4.5 hours away. She was ultimately forced to wait for the shipment after declining the option of paying $750 out-of-pocket to taxi the lobsters to Cotillion. We feel the frustration.

Panasiuk was hoping the lobsters would be transferred to a different flight or some other travel alternative to avoid this mishap, but an Air Canada representative said it wasn’t possible. Isabelle Arthur made a statement to CBC Edmonton stating that the airline can’t transfer shipments to another airline unless it has been pre-approved, which is a process that takes longer than a day.

The lobsters may have dodged their fate a few extra hours, but they finally arrived – most of them rotten – 18 hours later than expected and a day after the festival. “We cooked and froze them and distributed them to community members because nobody has enough freezer space for that many lobsters,” Panasiuk told CBC news.

After the incident gained much attention, Air Canada finally tried to butter up the situation by offering reimbursement for the shipping cost and cost of the seafood order, which the organizers accepted, of course.

Unfortunately, the lobster-less festival wasn’t all it was cracked out to be, and Panasiuk said they don’t plan on organizing future lobster-slash-hot-dog festivals for Alberta guests.

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Some Fools Made Boozy Peach Tea Popsicles And #SUMMER

During one of the hottest summers in America, the Foodbeast team tries to stay cool as best as possible. So, we’ve prepared a popular frozen treat strictly for the 21 and over folks.

To get started, let’s talk about the three main ingredients you’ll need: sweet peach tea, your choice of a good bourbon, and of course, peaches (or white nectarines, whichever floats your boat). Next, soak some sliced peaches in the bourbon for a few hours so they can absorb all the alcoholic goodness. Add them to your pop maker. Then, fill the mold with sweet peach tea, top it with the holder, and set them in the freezer.

After a few more hours, the Sweet Peach Tea Bourbon Popsicles will be ready to cool your mouths down and hopefully get you a little tipsy.

To find more recipes like this one, check out our Toasty creations on Facebook.