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New Caffeinated Overnight Oats Could Overhaul Your Entire Morning

Making breakfast often sucks. Waking up early? Trash. Cooking while half awake? No thanks. Cleaning up afterwards? Even more trash than waking up early, somehow.

But not making breakfast at home can run up a check, either on your wallet or your malnourished body. Oats Overnight hopes to have the solution to all that with their new flavor of overnight oats — vegan chai latte.

The “meal” is a mixture of whole grain oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, maca root, black tea, and chai spices. It also weighs in with a hardy 20 grams of protein and 80mg of caffeine. So, not only is it your breakfast, it’s also your morning coffee. 

All that’s left to do is throw the mix in a cup with a lid, add 8oz of milk (or “mylk,” as Oats Overnight calls it), shake it up, and leave it in the fridge for a couple hours.

Eventually the oats and seeds will soak up the milk and you’ll have an on-the-go breakfast comparable to oatmeal, except it’ll taste like your morning chai latte and give you that needed caffeine buzz. It’s a win-win-win.

For now, packets of the new flavor of oats will run you $45 for a pack of 12 and can be bought only on and Amazon.

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9 Food Urban Legends and the Story Behind Them

There were quite a few scary stories our parents told us about food growing up. Legends like swallowing your gum would cause it to stay in your stomach for seven years or eating a lemon seed would cause a tree to grow inside your body had us freaked out.

As we grew older, we discovered more food urban legends. We kept Mentos and Coke as far apart as we could from each other, for fear of a sugary explosion. 

With all the food legends and superstitions plaguing us in the corner of our minds, let’s take a look at the history behind some of the most popular ones out there. 

Pop Rocks & Soda Death

Photo: Carolina Alves on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

They say if you combine Pop Rocks with soda, the chemical reaction will cause an explosion in your stomach. In fact, the legend says that “Little Mikey” from the LIFE cereal commercials way back when, died because of the lethal combination. Turns out this was false, and that Mikey himself grew up to be a pretty well-adjusted member of society. 

Carrots Help You See In The Dark

Photo: Scott 97006 on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Growing up, we’ve always been told to eat more carrots as they would help us see better in the dark and improve our vision in general. Unfortunately, while carrots are good for your eyes, they don’t really improve your vision or grant you night vision. That legend was created by the British Ministry of Information in WWII to get people to grow more carrots for the Royal Air Force so they could spot German bombers better. While carrots do contain Vitamin A, essential for the general well-being of your sight, you won’t suddenly see better after putting down more carrots. 

Gum In Your Stomach for Seven Years

Photo: daveynin on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Fortunately, for those who have the tendency to swallow their gum, the myth of it staying in the pit of your stomach simply isn’t true. While the origin is a bit unclear, many know the saying every time the piece of gum almost slips down their throat. 

Like with most foods you eat, gum will simply poop itself out not too long after you swallow it. Still, you probably shouldn’t just swallow a bunch of gum as it could eventually lead to intestinal blockage. 

Mentos And Soda Killed Two Kids

Photo: Doug Tammany on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

There was a rumor years back that a mixture of Mentos mint candies and Coca-Cola were responsible for the deaths of two kids after they consumed the two products at once. This was proven false as there was little, if any, concrete details surrounding the alleged ordeal. As we’ve seen with many science videos, combining the two creates a pretty volatile reaction. Definitely do not try to knock down a bunch of Mentos and chug some Coke. Combining the two in your body can still cause some damage to your digestive system. 

McDonald’s Burgers Break Down

Photo: Chris Bloom on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve seen many videos and stories of McDonald’s burgers and fries standing the test of time, looking nearly the same as if it came straight from the drive-thru. The legend that McDonald’s burgers don’t rot is, actually pretty true. The explanation behind this phenomenon is that thanks to the low amount of moisture in the product, the chances of microbes causing rot is reduced drastically. Not that you should be eating 20-year-old McDonald’s burgers though. 

Graham Crackers Curb Sexual Appetite

Photo: Scott Akerman on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It was long rumored that Graham Crackers were invented to curb sexual appetite. Turns out it’s actually true. Nineteenth Century Minister Sylvester Graham deduced meats, booze, and foods high in fat led to stronger sexual urges. His solution: introducing bland foods to curb sex drives. Clearly this was simply some misguided science as there is no concrete evidence to back that nutty claim up.

Washing Raw Chicken Before Cooking

Photo: Emilian Robert Vicol on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It’s Sunday night and you’re about to prepare a family feast for your loved ones. You pull out the raw chicken from the fridge and turn on the sink, ready to wash it. Turns out you’d be doing yourself a disservice. The myth behind washing raw chicken before preparing is actually false, and all it actually does is spread the germs around your sink and kitchen. Cooking the meat is the only surefire way to kill the bacteria, then thoroughly washing your hands afterwards. Personally, we believe that frying chicken is the best way to get rid of all those bacteria. 

McDonald’s Milkshakes Made with Animal Fat

Photo: Willis Lam on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The term Animal Fat associated with McDonald’s Milkshakes confused customers, leaving them to wonder if the creamy beverage was made from fat from animals like the pig. McDonald’s themselves state that “Animal Fat” was a term that was used to describe fats derived from meat products. None of these fats, however, were included in the milkshakes. 

The Five-Second Rule

Photo: Dan Keck on flickr

Often, we drop food on the ground only to pick it up instantaneously claiming it falls under the “5-second rule.” No, that rule actually does not apply to everything. In fact, all food will be contaminated instantly once it hits the floor. The level of that contamination, however, depends on the surface it falls on and the water content of the food. A French fry hitting the surface of a table will have a lower contamination level than an ice cream cone hitting a dirt road, even if the latter was for less than five seconds. 

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Stranger Things-Inspired Waffles Are Taking LA to The Upside Down

Photo: Wafflejack

In honor of Stranger Things’ impending third season, Los Angeles-based waffle shop Wafflejack is rolling out two new themed waffles from June 29th to July 14th. 

The first, aptly named the “Eleven Waffle” after the show’s Eggo waffle-obsessed main character, has one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, raspberries, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, both caramel and Nutella drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles. 

The second, the “Demogorgon Feast,” comes stacked with an Oreo cheesecake spread, strawberries, Oreo cookie crumble, strawberry drizzle and Nutella drizzle.

Wafflejack joins other brands, such as Baskin Robbins and Burger King, in celebrating the show’s new season.  

Not one to be outdone, Wafflejack has also made some changes to their packaging. Their usual beard graphic that appears above a pair of lips on each waffle sleeve has been swapped out for a nosebleed graphic to represent Eleven’s recurring nosebleeds in the show.

If you’re in LA and a fan of Stranger Things, or maybe just a fan of nosebleeds, go make Eleven proud and get your hands on Wafflejack’s newest creation.

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Subway and Halo Top Announce Their New Collab Milkshake

Photo: Subway

It appears to be the year of the healthy fast food brand, with restaurants from Burger King to Del Taco attempting to health-ify their food with options like plant based protein. The newest challenger to appear in the ring is Subway, who just announced their partnership with Halo Top and their plans to introduce a milkshake using Halo Top’s trademark low calorie, high protein ice cream.

Starting July 22nd, the milkshakes will be available in nearly 1,000 stores in six different test markets: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Hartford, Connecticut; Longview and Tyler, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Toledo, Ohio; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

There’s three flavor options: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Halo Top made a splash in the ice cream market a few years back by offering pints of ice cream that could be shamelessly killed in one sitting, as each pint ranges from 280-360 calories and carries 20g of protein. Finally, there was a way to kill a pint in bed after a bad day and not just feel worse afterwards. Finally.

The new milkshake hopes to offer the same highs of a sweet treat without the lows of that shameful, bloated walk to the trash can with an empty pint. Each one carries 350 calories or less, 20g of protein, and 30% of your daily calcium intake.

As a Halo Top fanatic, this is the first thing that gave me an impulse to step in a Subway in years. If you’re in the test markets, make sure to go try one out, guilt-free, since I can’t.

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Longhorn Steakhouse Introduces Steak & Bourbon Flavored Ice Cream

Sweet and savory is a flavor combination that’s been loved since, well, the beginning of cooking. Now, starting on July 1st, Longhorn Steakhouse is taking aim at the trusted combo with their new Steak and Bourbon Ice Cream.

Yes, you heard that right. Meat and alcohol flavored ice cream. 

The steakhouse’s vanilla ice cream is mixed with a “swirl,” if you will, of steak bits that are akin to end-of-the-bag beef jerky crumbs. While the ice cream is the star of the show, it’s served in a sundae complete with bourbon caramel and whipped cream. Rounding out this meat-and-greet, the sundae is dusted with steak sprinkles, two words that I never thought would appear after one another. 

We recently got to try the sundae and, as expected, the flavor lives up to its name. The ice cream itself tastes like a smoky salted caramel, while the steak flavor isn’t immediate, but becomes quite apparent after the sweetness from the caramel dissipates. Imagine chasing a bite of beef jerky with a shot of heavy cream. Sweet, salty, fatty — what more could you ask for?

After some brief convincing, my fellow Foodbeasts around the office gave the new sundae a try. Small bites were taken and eyebrows were raised, but most went in for a second bite. A couple went in for more. The sundae was resoundingly solid. “It’s actually kind of good,” said managing editor, Reach Guinto, as he took a fifth, sixth, and seventh bite.

For steak ice cream, I would say “kind of good” is a win.

So, if you’re ever sitting around after a nice steak dinner deciding on a dessert, and somehow still haven’t gotten your steak fix, worry not! Longhorn Steakhouse has your answer.