Your Childhood Crush to Your Drunken Mistake, As Told Through Pizza

You know how the old joke goes. “Sex is like pizza. When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” It’s an often-quoted analogy that has invited many an innuendo-laden response.


What a Mouthful: Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Oreo Brownies

Anything with the phrase “triple layer” has me hooked. Triple layer cake: done deal. Triple layer chip dip: yes please. Triple layer ice cream sundae: see you in a week, guys. So it comes as no surprise that this Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Oreo Brownies recipe from Averie Cooks had me running to my kitchen to see if I had all the necessary ingredients (below).

Luckily, this decadent dessert doesn’t require triple the steps. The base is all about Cool Mint Oreo Cookies, the frosty, festive stepsister to your basic Oreo. Crumble those, along with a swirl of minty marshmallow mixture (marshmallow fluff, peppermint extract, green food coloring) into basic brownie batter.

While that’s bakin’, make the all-important middle layer by melting white chocolate chips, buttercream frosting, and more minty marshmallow mixture. Refrain from eating straight outta the bowl.

And the top layer is just another heaping handful of crumbled Cool Mint Oreos. For detailed instructions (and some majorly mouth-watering photos), click here.


via Averie Cooks


Crocheted Nutella, for Cozy Foodie Cuddling

There are days when the only thing you want to do is reach for the Nutella. Rainy days, flavorless days, and blah days can all benefit from a spoonful of the is-it-chocolate-or-is-it-hazelnut spread (which I believe sprang from the loins of the magical Ferrero Rocher fruit).

Lugging a jar of the sticky stuff around in case of emotional emergencies is inconvenient though. That’s probably why Instagram user bon_chic opted to crochet her own chibi-style Nutella jar, via the art of amigurami.

In case you decide to do the same, remember, this lil’ thang is best as a keepsake or desk decoration or cat toy. Do NOT actually attempt to eat, unless you like the flavor of yarn.

via Neatorama


Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies Made From Nutter Butters

As a semi-professional sloth, I can tell you that cookies are pretty much the perfect couch potato snack. They’re compact (albeit a bit crumbly, depending on the make and model). They fill your house with good smells (which is why they make candles that copy that fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma). And they’re comforting, like putting on a pair of soft slippers after a long day.

Beth from Hungry Happenings combined these two classic elements of comfort– cookies and slippers–  to make Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies.

The recipe is fairly simple, as all couch-potato recipes should be. First, split Nutter Butters in half. Scrape out the peanut butter filling. Mix filling with fudge, and scoop a little ball. Smush onto cookie, then indent the inside (like making a cave) in order to create the opening of the slipper. Aw, look how cute that is.


For the pink part, dip the slips into melted pink candy coating. Then, grate some hard pink candies with a cheese grater and sprinkle all over the cookies for the fuzzy effect. Freeze to set everything.


And voila, cookie slippers! Now, how do you make that matching cookie bathrobe…

Find the full recipe here.

via Hungry Happenings


This Popsicle Coffin Puts the ‘Fun’ Back in ‘Funeral’

Comedian Nick Swardson has a funny bit where he says that funerals should be a good time since they’re technically your last party on earth, ever. Multimedia artist Olaf Breuning must agree with him since he designed these eccentric coffins and commissioned Ghanaian casket makers to create them (kooky corpse boxes are the norm in Ghana).

The caskets are shaped like a popsicle, a snowman and a chocolate bar, and are made even weirder with their anthropomorphic features. Crazed cartoon faces and enthusiastic thumbs ups (handles for the pallbearers?) seem to say,”Yeah dude, lower me into the ground! Let’s get this party started!”

Famous for his infantile sculptures, playful installations and laconic lyricism, Breuning’s art is absurdist and humorous, like the art equivalent of Arrested Development. Art with a perpetual punchline, you could say. And what’s a better punchline to the punchline of all punchlines — death — than spending eternity in a giant melting popsicle?

via Beautiful/Decay


Hot Cocoa Just Got Better With These Edible Candy Cane Spoons

candy cane spoons

And a spoon made of sugar makes the sweet stuff go down

The sweet stuff go down

Sweet stuff go down…

This is what I’d be singing if I was using one of these Peppermint Candy Cane Spoons by Collections, Etc (purveyor of seasonal keepsakes/accessories like Snowman toilet seats and Santa pants tote bags). With thick, short handles and a bowl that looks a bit too shallow, they’re probably more equipped for stirring rather than scooping, but hey, they’re so festive! And minty! Which makes them, like, way yummier than your typical metal-flavored spoon.

Peppermint Candy Cane Spoons (Set of 6): Amazon


Chicken Skin, the New Foodie Trend?

Be honest: the best part of the chicken is the skin. Forget about the white meat or the dark meat, breast piece or thigh piece: that unctuous, fatty piece of poultry flesh is what my family fights over at the dinner table. My brother likes to devour it right away, but I’m more of a save-the-best-for-last kind of gal.

As indulgent as fried chicken skin may be though, no one really expects it to feature on any fine dining menus. Chicken sous vide, or roasted chicken with rosemary and thyme, but chicken skin alone?

Blame it on the foodie culture, and Foodbeasters’ (like you!) search for interesting and intriguing ingredients.

Restaurants all over the country are joining the trend. Chicago chef Dirk Flanigan makes a downright delicious salad with a slightly off-putting name that reminds me of The Devil’s Rejects: his “Skin Salad” consists of chicken skin, pork skin, salmon skin and, oh, why not throw a little bit of lettuce in there, all dressed in horseradish vinaigrette. Then there’s the spicy chicken skins (below)  by chef Brandon Boudet, who compliments them with blue cheese dipping  at Tom Bergin’s Tavern in Los Angeles. Douglas Rodrigues, chef du cuisine at Boston’s Clio, uses chicken skin instead of bread for his petite sandwich filled with goat cheese, chives, tambouri, and pickled onion berries. In fact, chicken skin in its various incarnations (cracklin’, chicharon, etc.) is becoming the crispy, crunchy component in a lot of dishes, replacing croutons, chips, and tortillas.

Now, I have to be honest: this news thrills me. Excites me. Makes my heart beat frantically like the fluttering flaps of a chicken’s wings.

via Nation’s Restaurant News/ photo courtesy of NYT


“This Is Not A Pipe,” It’s Actually A Drink


Do you smoke it or do you drink it? It’s a cocktail served in a pipe? What kind of sorcery is this?!?

Sorcery of the Giovanni Martiniez variety, apparently.  Mixologist extraordinaire Martinez works at Sadie in Hollywood, one of those glamorous, Prohibition-era bars I was talking about before where it feels like you’re sitting in your grandfather’s private den covered in chocolate leather, mahogany wood and antique light fixtures. Even their spirits list is old fashioned, with an impressive list of international whiskey and brandy.

Martinez prepares different drinks each season, and this fall’s menu had his most interesting concoction to date: the “This Is Not A Pipe,” named in honor of the artist Magritte’s iconic painting. You know the one.

Just looking at the cocktail evokes the same sense of surrealism and mystery as Magritte’s paintings. There are three layers to the drink– warm Galliano, Frangelico, and a vintage combination hilariously called the “Bosom Caresser” (Mount Gay rum, coconut, and egg yolk). Each component is meant to be sipped from the stem in an ordered progression. It’s bottoms up, literally.

Because what’s more badass than sippin’ the sauce through a German glass port-pipe?! Nothing, that’s what.

via Grub Street LA