Watch as a Blade Gradually Reveals Geometric Patterns Hiding in this Chocolate Cylinder

Studio Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter have engineered a gigantic cylindrical block of chocolate that contains beautiful geometric layers with unique patterns.

Called ‘The Chocolate Mill,’ this artistic endeavor was undertaken as a retrospective of Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch designer and architect. The Chocolate Mill is made up of ten layers and a crank-turned blade resembling a large cheese slicer reveals each underlying layer which contains a beautiful, unique pattern of chocolate shapes.

Watch the video above to see how each layer is unveiled.


Call it beautiful craftsmanship or a waste of chocolate but the question we have is.. who gets to eat all those chocolate shavings they sweep away?!

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Let Them Sit Cake: Food-Themed Furniture You’ll Want to Sink Your Teeth Into


You can sleep in a pizza, you can make a creepy sculpture of your face in white, milk or dark chocolate, so why can’t you sit and lounge on furniture in the shape of your favorite desserts? You can.

Italian designer Diego Gugliermetto has produced a series of food-inspired furniture in the shapes of cream puffs, cookies and chocolate bars. His food-themed poufs and sofas are not only inspired by a love of design, but a passion for food and what he calls ‘eating to enjoy’ not just eating to live.  Along the same vein, Viennese designer Dejana Kabiljo’s “Let Them Sit Cake” comprises fake flour bags stacked with what looks like some very real dripping chocolate icing. All in all, a sweet tooth’s house decorating dream.



So just how comfy is this dessert furniture? We’re not quite sure, but they look delicious. Too bad they’re just for sitting and not for eating.

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The Ultimate Birthday Present – a $900 cupcake?


Earlier this year we wrote about a sundae that costs $1000. Now the bakery gods have gone berserk again, this time with a $900 cupcake.

The owner of Toronto’s Le Dolci bakery, Lisa Sanguedolce, was approached by a client who wanted an extravagant cupcake created for his wife’s birthday.

So what exactly goes into a cupcake with a $900 price tag? Well there was a pastry cream filling, flavored with champagne that costs about $1,000 a bottle. Buttercream frosting, made with butter from Normandy, chocolate from luxury Italian chocolatiers, specialty coffee, French sea salt, organic cane sugar, and Tahitian vanilla beans. Obviously. Tiny champagne bubbles sprinkled over the cake were created using molecular gastronomy  and “diamonds” carved out of sugar were placed around the edge of the cupcake.  Fondant flowers  etched in edible gold and stylized gold strips crisscrossed the sides of the cupcake, complete with edible gold branches and leaves. And finally, because the previously mentioned items weren’t enough, there was a pipette of the Courvoisier cognac, to be drizzled on top before it was eaten.

The cupcake required the work of two pastry chefs, a cake designer, two days of labor and many hours of planning.

Whether the lady thought her husband was absolutely brilliant for doing this for her or absolutely furious for wasting all that money, no one knows.

H/T The Globe and Mail + PicThx The Province


Popular Foods Exposed and Repackaged in Clear Glass Bottles


Some processed foods we know and love do not necessarily look as appealing as they taste.

Tom Davie, an Oklahoma City-based mixed-media artist, decided to turn this concept into “Bottled Food” — a series of usually concealed popular food items that have been repackaged into transparent glass bottles. The repackaged foods  expose the  unattractive textures and colors found behind the facade of cardboard boxes and solid cans.

The food brands Davie features includes Trix cereal, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Bush’s Baked Beans and Armour’s Potted Meat. While the Trix isn’t so bad, we’re not too sure about the potted meat.



Picthx Tom Davie


This Pizza Bed Set Has Crust Pillow Cases, Tomato Sauce Sheets and a Pepperoni Comforter

Hopefully,  you can understand the excitement at the prospect of keeping the food love going even during the unconscious period that is sleep.

Artist Claire Manganiello has drawn a pizza bed which features ‘crust’ pillow cases, sheets like tomato sauce and a comforter covered in melted cheese and pepperoni (okay the cheese is not actually melting, that would be taking it too far), allowing the most adoring pizza fan and foodie to curl up with their favorite food and dream sweet cheesy dreams. Live food, breathe food and now sleep with food, without getting crumbs all over your bed (yay!)


This bedding is simply a piece of art for now (but will be real soon) but maybe that is a good thing. If this was available to the public, you would certainly be going to bed hungry every night… or at least having some very strange dreams.

H/T Nerdalicious


These Half-Pint Beer Glasses are Literally Split Down the Middle


Ever feel like you have to give an explanation when requesting a half-pint of brew rather than a full pint, for fear of facing ridicule for the rest of the evening?

This curious creation from The Fowndry is here to help everyone. If you really want or can only handle half a pint of booze, this split pint glass creates the illusion of a full pint of beer when in fact, it’s only half. Sneaky.

Apparently, two-toned beer glasses reinforce to the crowd that, yes, you are serious about your drink.

Available for purchase at The Fowndry, these glasses are no cheap deal. At $25 for a two-set, they’re not as economically feasible as simply ordering the half pints you so desire. The added “value” comes from its more aesthetically pleasing attribute, which is the allowance of one dark beer and one light beer on either side of the pint glass.

Of course, you can also just stop being a sissy and demand the bartender fill your regular, non-guillotined pint glass half way. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of, boo.


Lick Breakfast with Bacon, Donut and Waffle-Flavored Lollipops


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whomever ‘they’ may be referring to, I’m pretty sure they did not have bacon or doughnut-flavored lollipops in mind when trying to relay the importance of starting one’s day with a healthy nutritious meal.

For those who think ‘cooking’ an Eggo waffle is too much of a draining and time-consuming task, these new breakfast lollipops from ThinkGeek are designed to help every human fulfill the goal of getting some breakfast into their belly without having to exert the effort of chewing. Ugh.

The full breakfast lollipop set contains 2 bacon, 1 doughnut, and 1 waffle lollipop. According to the site, “The bacon tastes like bacon; the donut tastes like coconut (with strawberry frosting); and the waffle tastes like delicious maple syrup”. Hello breakfast replacement!


Tasty Sushi Notepads Come in Tuna, Tamago and Salmon ‘Flavors’


Writing down notes can be tedious, especially if it’s a to-do list full of things you don’t actually want to do. Cutesy notepads and stationary can be perceived as slightly unnecessary but there is something to be said for sprucing up the daily grind with something that takes the edge off monotonous tasks. Notepads resembling sushi might provide a nifty little solution to this quandary. The only downside is, looking at them might make you hungry and, you can’t eat them. Sorry ’bout that.

Each sushi notepad pack comes with four kinds of mini memos — tamago, salmon, tuna, and fatty tuna — and eventually, after working your way through the colorful ‘fish’ on top, you’ll be left with a stack of plain white sheets. These notepads should really peel from top-to-bottom (the multicolored side), so you can imagine eating a piece of sushi with each piece of paper you rip off. Although since you’re not actually eating sushi, that might be more of a cruel joke than it is appeasing.

Yours for $19, the sushi notepad quartet can be purchased here.




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