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10 Sneaky Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or exclusively follow foodporn accounts on Instagram, you may have noticed the #fitspo lifestyle has completely taken over. 

From Fit Tea brand ambassadors to self-identified wellness models, ~healthy living~ has become a fad that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

And while you may think you’re ready to hop on this bandwagon, I’m here to warn you that many of your favorite “healthy” foods aren’t as healthy as you think.

So before you commit to a life of early morning workouts and sponsored micro-influencer posts, here are 10 foods you *think* are healthy, but are actually just as deceiving as the puppy Snapchat filter.

Dried Fruit

Photo: zeevveez on flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Veggie Chips

Photo: George Kelly on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though it seems like this should be illegal, just because something contains a variation of the word “vegetable” in its name doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Veggie chips are fried like normal potato chips and are high in sodium and fat. *Insert facepalm here*

Peanut Butter

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever fit the archetype of “broke college student” you’ve likely had many a meals that consisted of just a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. You may have considered this a healthy detour from your usual diet of pizza and microwaved mac & cheese, but truth is, that’s not quite the case. Peanut butter along with other nut butters have sugar added in the form of high fructose corn syrup making the “healthy” snack option really not.

Canned Soup

Photo: crayolarabbit on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Consider this good news: You no longer need to eat a sad bowl of canned soup in the name of health. Turns out that cheap, canned grocery store soup is loaded with high amounts of sodium that is not only unhealthy, but can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. If you genuinely enjoy eating soup, opt for homemade, it’s generally quite simple to prepare.

Trail Mix

Photo: Foodbeast

If you’re like the majority of society, when you eat trail mix you meticulously pick out the M&M’s and little mini chocolate peanut butter cups leaving the raisins, nuts and other ~less than~ ingredients aside. Not too surprisingly, this results in a sugary treat that lacks substantial nutritional value. For a healthier alternative, look for trail mixes made up of unsalted nuts, a little fruit and even perhaps a bit of dark chocolate.

Instant Oatmeal

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Extremely high in both carbohydrates and sugar, instant oatmeal may be quick and easy to make, but sure isn’t healthy. Try making your own if you’re craving the ooey gooey breakfast staple for a more nutritious option. Or ya know, just yolo eat a bacon, egg & cheese.

Flavored Yogurt

Photo: Rebecca Siegel on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you dismally eat yogurt while your coworkers enjoy morning treats like bagels or breakfast burritos in the name of nutrition, put the plastic spoon down now. Flavored yogurts are are made sweet with loads of added sugar and are thus not as great for you as you might suspect. Unfortunately, plain yogurt is a much healthier choice, but feel free to throw some fresh fruit on top for a little bit of natural flavor.


Photo: rusvaplauke on flcikr, CC BY 2.0

Though granola often appears on the “lighter fare” section of brunch menus, it’s really not that much better for you than some of the more inherently tubby options. A serving size of granola is a lot smaller than you probably think, so filling an entire cereal bowl with the sweet breakfast treat isn’t doing your beach bod any favors. It contains a significant amount of sugar so it’s better enjoyed when lightly sprinkled on top of yogurt or fruit than consumed in mass by itself. 

Bran Muffins

Photo: judam6 on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The sad but very real truth about any type of muffin is that they’re essentially cupcakes without frosting. Sure, some are slightly better than others, but even muffins’ most healthy iteration isn’t all that healthy. Yes, even bran muffins, despite their nutritional sounding name, are still filled with high amounts of sugar and fat. They also often contain more wheat flour than actual bran when purchased at a bakery or coffee shop.

Veggie Burgers 

Photo: Kathryn Wright on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though not all veggie burgers are created equal, some are pretty darn bad for you. Too often, store bought veggie burgers contain high amounts of sodium and not as many vegetables as you might think.  Most are made with rice, beans and are held together by a variety of oils and veggie proteins.

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13 Cheat Meals That Will Tempt the Strictest of Diets

No matter how many times you hashtag #fitspo on Instagram or assert that your Kardashian-esque diet is changing your life, sometimes all you want is a pizza (or sundae/ cheeseburger/ fried butter, etc.)

The key to life is ~balance~  and even aspiring Fit Tea modes shouldn’t give up the good stuff completely.

Carbs, cheese, and the occasional bacon wrapped donut, may not be the most nutritious, but they still feed the soul in a way kale never could.

So to prep for any upcoming cheat days you already have on the calendar, here’s the top 13 meals to indulge in.


Serendipity 3 – Golden Opulence Sundae

If you’ve got a raging sweet tooth as well as $1000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, make your way over to Serendipity 3. Located in New York City, Serendipity is home to the Golden Opulence Sundae, a dessert so #extra it needs to be ordered two days in advance.  The sundae is comprised of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, gold-coated almonds, candied fruit flown in from Paris, ‘sweet grand passion caviar’ and covered in 23-carat gold leaf.  

Katz’s Delicatessen – Pastrami Sandwich

Established in 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen has become one of the world’s most famous restaurants. The legendary deli is known for many things from its cranky staff to its late night crowd, but most importantly for its mile high, unreal pastrami sandwiches. Yet it’s not just the sandwiches’ absurd size that has made them so iconic. Since its inception, the restaurant has utilized old school cooking methods using no chemicals or additives which accounts for the pastrami on rye’s utter perfection.

Flour Shop – Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake

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NYC’s Flour Shop knows just how much everybody loves surprises and incorporates such in their latest crazy creation. Meet their Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake, an eye-popping treat that reveals a treasure trove of sprinkles and candy once sliced into. If cheat days are already a gift to ourselves, why not sneak in a bonus surprise like this sugar dream?

Bakers & Baristas – Fruity Pebbles Tres Leches Cake

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Rub your eyes all you want, but trust, you didn’t not misread the headline for this entry. Yes, a tres leches cake with Fruity Pebbles exists, and you can get it at Bakers & Baristas in Artesia, CA. This wild dessert is such a creative and fun play on cereal and milk, while also providing your feed with ample aesthetics.

Maison Pickle – 24 Layer Chocolate Cake

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Because everyone knows 23 just isn’t enough,  NYC’s Maison Pickle created a chocoholics’ wet dream by making a 24 layer chocolate cake. This notorious monstrosity of sweet is made with 12 layers of thin chocolate cake and 12 layers of smooth chocolate filling. Perfect for sharing, but it really wouldn’t be a cheat day if you did, now would it?

Myeong-Dong Market – Footlong Soft Serve

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When exploring through Myeong-Dong in Korea, make sure to fill your IG feed and tummy with the absolutely bonkers footlong soft serve cone. It’s a great way to chill out after shopping through the famous luxury shops and marketplace. That’s treatin’ yoself times two!

Black Tap –  Crazy Shakes

Though the freak shake trend may have peaked in 2016, it’s really never too late to indulge in a comically decadent milkshake. These aptly named, outrageous desserts can be found in a number of places, but Black Tap is perhaps the most famous. Sweet, massive and still super #instaworthy, Black Tap’s shakes are a must try.

Caked Up – Bacon Croissant

A wise man probably once said, “everything’s better with bacon.” Caked Up Cafe in New York City clearly got this memo because they created bacon stuffed croissants that are absolutely amazing. More things in life should be stuffed with bacon. Maybe even bacon.

Jaburritos – Jachos

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You know that feeling when you’re hungry and can’t decide between nachos and sushi? We’ve all been there. Luckily, Jaburritos in Las Vegas offers the ultimate (and delicious) solution to this universal problem. “Jachos” are tortilla chips doused with spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura, and chipotle mayo. Yeah, get you a dish that can do both.

Pizza Barn – Giant Slices

If you wanna do cheat day proper with pizza, head on over to Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY. A good indicator of a pizza that qualifies as a proper cheat meal is if it’s practically half the size of you. Check. Pizza Barn passes that test with flying colors.

Clinton Hall – Doughnut Grilled Cheese

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In what may be a triumph in #foodporn, Clinton Hall’s Doughnut Grilled Cheese should be a go-to when you’re looking to collect some calories for the heck of it. Picture this indulgent scene: a glazed doughnut fashioned as a grilled cheese sandwich, hung up on a hook that dangles itself precariously over a steaming bowl of creamy tomato soup. Ugh. Excuse me while I go fan myself.

Café du Monde // Beignets

The beignets served at Cafe du Monde are like a childhood fantasy come true. Made with only two ingredients, fried dough and literal mountains of powdered sugar, the famous pastries are a heavenly sugar rush waiting to happen. Not to mention, these beignets have delighted the taste buds of many a celebrity ,so if you wanna feel ~famous~ I’d recommend getting to NOLA as fast as you can!

Elbows – Pizza Mac N’ Cheese

Elbows in Los Angeles created a mac n’ cheese pizza hybrid, and it’s just as magical as it sounds. People might say this combo is too much. But don’t listen to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


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10 Foods That Look Like One Thing, But Taste Like Another

They say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but it turns out we also can’t judge a fruit by its peel or a veggie by its skin. In our unpredictable, often chaotic world, our food has become equally as erratic and mercurial.

For better or for worse, what you see is not always what you get. A grape can now be evocative of your favorite carnival treat and even seemingly standard produce can taste like your go-to breakfast staple.

And while this volatility may sound frightening, these surprising flavors shouldn’t spur concern. Only when cake starts tasting like kale, and bacon like quinoa should we really start to worry.

Cotton Candy Grapes

Grape news! Though grapes are one of the more benign fruits, able to satiate even the pickiest of eaters, you can now find ones that taste like your favorite festival fair. “Cotton Candy Grapes” are now a thing thanks to horticulturalist, David Cain. Without genetic engineering or artificial flavors, Cain created this new strain of grape simply by classic plant breeding. His aim was originally to restore the “natural flavors” of grapes that often get removed in the shipping and storage process. The result? A fruit that your mom would approve of while delighting the sugar crazy child inside of you.

Blue Java Bananas

William Shakespeare once wrote, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Scholars may disagree, but when it comes to the opening of this avowal it seems pretty obvious to me he was referring to the Blue Java Banana. Produced organically from nature, without any interference whatsoever, blue java bananas somehow taste like ice cream. Aptly known as the “ice cream banana” these fruits possess a natural vanilla flavor and a creamy, fluffy texture. Now I’m not saying they rival the delicious artificiality of real ice cream, but as far as bananas go, they’re pretty darn good.


Now these are berry special. While pineberries may simply appear to be typical red strawberries who look like they’ve just seen a ghost, they’re actually a crossbreed that boast a tart flavor reminiscent of pineapples. These frosty fruits, like a celebrity marriage or biweekly paycheck, aren’t available for long. Pineberries have a very short season compared to their crimson counterparts, so if you enjoy their citrus flavor, you should probably buy these baffling berries in bulk. Say that five times fast.

Ackee fruit

Jamaican me crazy, ackee fruit. A breakfast staple of the Caribbean country, ackee looks like a bug eyed video game character, but tastes like scrambled eggs. When cooked, the tropical fruit has a creamy, delicate texture that not only tastes like your go-to breakfast but looks like it, too. Ackee served with saltfish is actually Jamaica’s national dish and is basically the Caribbean version of lox and eggs.

Miracle Berries

Have you tried “flavor tripping?” All the cool kids are doin’ it. Though this practice may sound like the latest teen faux drug craze like beezin’ or dusting, it’s actually driven by eating a harmless berry. “Miracle berries” of the Synsepalum dulcificum plant, mostly found in West Africa, contain a protein that temporarily numbs the taste buds. When eaten (or taken in pill form), foods that are tart or savory are instead experienced as strangely sweet. Some foods that have produced some of the most extreme reactions to these miracle berries include lemons, beer, and even chilli peppers.


More polarizing than the ending of How I Met Your Mother, black licorice has been tearing loved ones apart practically since its inception. If you find that the “candy” is a point of contention in your household, try eating fennel instead! Reminiscent of celery, fennel is a root vegetable that tastes like black licorice. Bitter, sweet, and salty all at the same time, fennel may just be the new black (licorice).


From puppies to sunshine to Forest Gump, only a few things in this world are universally adored, but none so much as BBQ. Even vegetarians salivate at the sight of pulled pork, and thanks to the jackfruit, these omnivorous creatures can now enjoy the barbecue favorite without sacrificing their ~green~ lifestyle. Native to South and Southeast Asia, the jackfruit is the largest tree-born fruit in the world and, when cooked, looks and tastes like pulled pork. The fruit can weigh between 10 and 100 pounds, so be sure to pace yourself and have extra BBQ sauce handy.

Black Sapote

There’s no other way to put it except that black sapote is proof of a higher power. A green fruit that looks mediocre at best, yet when sliced open reveals a deep brown color that has the consistency and taste of chocolate pudding. Maybe that’s why this species of persimmon is also known as the chocolate pudding fruit. Though it’s possible (and delicious) to scoop the tropical Central American and Caribbean fruit from its skin and eat it right then and there, there are countless innovative recipes that use black sapote as a chocolate alternative. Read: chocolate cakes and meringue pies. You. Are. Welcome.


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It’s widely known that it’s not easy being green, but it’s made that much harder when you’re both green and reek of old gym socks. Most prominent in Southeast Asia, Durian  is a spiky, peculiar looking fruit that smells like rotten onions but tastes like ice cream. Despite its pungent odor, the citizens of Southeast Asia have deemed Durian “king of fruits” due to its sweet, almond-like flavor. Apparently Durian’s stank is worth the taste, but I’d still recommend plugging your nose to fully enjoy it.  

Electric Daisies

~Officially~ know as Acmella Oleracea, electric daisies are a strange flower that when eaten, leave your mouth slightly tingly and anaesthetised for up to 15 minutes. Oh, and it also smells like a chocolatey mint. When consumed raw, electric daisies initially taste more or less how you think they would (grassy and earthy) but can be included in a number of clever recipes. Electric daisies takin’ ‘flower power’ to the next level.

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8 Hangover Cures from Around the World To Try On Your Worst Sunday Mornings

They say, “no good deed goes unpunished,” but as any party-goer or frat star could tell you, this tenet also rings true when it comes to drinking. However, while you may be taken aback by your drunk alter ego sending a series of “You up?” texts or discovering she stole eleven coasters from the bar, suffering from a hangover is rarely a surprise.

Luckily, to avoid this inevitable fate there are things you can do to stop the ringing in your ear (that only you can hear) or that pounding headache. From greasy meals to uncommon stews, here are eight hangover cures from around the world that go beyond an Egg McMuffin and yellow Gatorade.

Pickle Juice // Poland

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Just like licorice, mayonnaise or Carrie ending up with Big in Sex in the City, pickles are pretty darn polarizing. Yet, while at least half of the population can preach the deliciousness of pickles, essentially no one can say the same for its juices. Apparently, pickle brine is a popular hangover cure in Poland due to its high concentration of electrolytes. Virgin pickleback shot anyone?

Poutine // Canada

Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like indulging in a greasy and alarmingly unhealthy meal after a night out. In the good ol’ USA, this usually comes in the form of anything off the McDonald’s drive-thru menu, but in Canada, their Happy Meal equivalent is poutine. Made with French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds, poutine is so beloved by our northern neighbors that a group of poutine lovers prompted a “poutition” to make it the National Dish of Canada.

Umeboshi // Japan

For most of us, plums or apricots are hardly our go-to fruit choice, but it turns out, we might need to rethink that. In Japan, pickled plums known as umeboshi or ume (closely related to apricots), are regarded as the hangover cure said to help quell nausea and promote digestion and liver function. I’d like to see an apple do that.

Buffalo Milk // Namibia

Though drinking milk produced by a buffalo is a thing, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Prevalent amongst party people in Namibia, buffalo milk is actually an alcoholic milkshake of sorts that is made by combining vanilla ice cream, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur, and heavy cream. While this supposed cure sounds scrumptious and ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth, buffalo milk’s dairy and sugar content makes its ability to soothe stomach pain or a headache questionable at best.

Belizean Michelada // Belize

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One surefire way to not get a hangover is to simply never stop drinking! Though the “hair of the dog” method may not be totally sustainable, it at least works to delay the imminent headache, nausea, and shame. There’s a number of means to this particular strategy, one of the more tasty ways hails from Belize. The Belizean Michelada is regaled as the ultimate hangover cure in the South American country and is virtually a beer-infused Bloody Mary.

Katerfrühstück // Germany

For those unfamiliar with the delicate and dainty language that is German, Katerfrühstück is pronounced Kah-Tah-Froy-Stoock. What it directly translates to is the first meal of the day after a night of turning way too up. The meal can consist of marinated herring, pickled gherkins or cucumber, or even raw onion. This meal is said to replenish electrolytes and assuage those post turnt-up shakes.

Ciorba de Burta // Romania

So don’t be alarmed, but ciorba de burta is a tripe soup and one of Romania’s most popular hangover remedies. Tripe (the stomach lining of a cow) frightens many self-described picky eaters, but in reality, consuming tripe isn’t fundamentally different than eating any other part of the cow. The flavor is quite unique and when combined with a salty broth & dollop of sour cream it’s foarte gustos!

Svioasulta // Iceland

Would you like to try an Iceland delicacy? Chopped up lambs head. Delicious plain, or on toast. 😉🐑 #sviðasulta

A post shared by embla bára sveinsdóttir (@emblito) on

You may want to hold onto your drink for this one. Popular in Iceland, svioasulta is a terrine made from, wait for it, sheep’s head. It looks about as peculiar as it sounds, but hey, whatever works right?


10 Foods That Help Keep Your Teeth Looking Clean And Healthy

Though closed-mouth smiles and sultry smirks have grown increasingly popular — likely due to the influence of the Kardashian clan —it’s not an excuse to abandon the health of your teeth.

While you may choose to hide them underneath a pouted duck lip or even a blank, lifeless expression, you should remain prepared for when smiling comes back in vogue.

Luckily, there is no need to seek out expensive treatments in planning for the smile’s imminent return. There are a number of foods that naturally keep your teeth healthy and sparkling. Even more fortunate, is that this list includes cheese.

Now that’s a fact that would even have Kanye West smiling.


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Foods that are high in calcium and protein are paramount in strengthening tooth enamel. Fortunately for dairy lovers, this accounts for the majority of delectables that exist within that food group. Yogurt in particular, however, is full of probiotics and healthy bacteria that help fight cavities. You go, yogurt.


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If you needed another reason to vindicate your cheese obsession, you’re in luck. Turns out, not only is cheese good for your soul, it’s good for your pearly whites, too. Similarly with yogurt, cheese contains high levels of both calcium and protein. Eating cheese was also found to raise the mouth’s pH level, thus lowering the risk of tooth decay.


A post shared by @fruityandfabulous on

Not being one to readily fuel the Kale mania, it has been found to be unparalleled in promoting the health of your teeth. It’s high in calcium for strong enamel, contains folic acid which reduces the risk of gum disease, and chewing the (ahem) garnish also forms sufficient saliva which naturally cleanses your mouth.


A post shared by Killer Tofu (@vegan_mage) on

The high fibered fruit is typically known for the good it does leaving your body as opposed to going in. However, apparently not only are beans beneficial for healthy digestion, but for healthy teeth, too. As is the way with kale, beans cause your mouth to salivate when eating them. The saliva washes away bacteria while the food itself scrubs your teeth.


“An apple a day…” While the old saying does not hold true for many things such as a case of the flu or broken bones, it is in fact pretty accurate in terms of your dental health. Apples are high in fiber, and like beans and kale, can rinse away bad bacteria. Additionally, however, they contain fluoride, which is found in most toothpaste, and helps lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


Though not necessarily health related, strawberries do help you achieve a whiter smile. And what’s the point of healthy teeth if light can’t bounce off of them in a selfie? Strawberries contain malic acid, which naturally whitens tooth enamel. However, be sure to floss out any lingering seeds before you switch to your front camera.


So apparently there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to carrots. Eating carrots reduces the risk of cavities and contributes to the good bacteria in your mouth. They’re also full of Vitamin A, which assists in strengthening bones including teeth.


Like many of the other foods topping this list, almonds are tooth health superstars by being high in calcium and protein and low in sugar. Feel free to go nuts with these nuts as they strengthen enamel and keep your mouth healthy.


Celery is an ideal snack for improving your dental health if cheese and apples are just too exciting for you. Full of water and vitamins A & C, celery helps promote healthy gums. Chewing the rather bland vegetable also assists in scrubbing unhealthy bacteria off your teeth.


More than a Thanksgiving side dish or a means to finishing off that pesky UTI, cranberries foster healthy teeth. Recent studies have shown that eating cranberries interrupts the formation of bacteria that causes plaque. I think I’ll go for an extra serving this November.

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Read These Crazy True Stories of the Most Generous Tips Left For Servers

For those who have ever worked in the service industry, you recognize that the worst types of people who inhabit this earth aren’t slow walkers or mouth breathers or even loud chewers. No, you know that the most miserable humans are undoubtedly those who leave pathetic tips at restaurants.

These wretched individuals always have some sort of excuse as why their tips are so dismal, but usually the real reason is simple: they’re assholes.

However, horror stories of bad tippers often get counteracted with anecdotes of benevolent, kind-hearted patrons who recognize serving is no walk in the park. For every incubus who tips $2.00 for a $500 dollar meal, there is a gentle soul who shells out thousands of dollars for an otherwise cheap dinner that helps me believe in humanity again.

$100 Lemonade Stand

The only thing potentially more polarizing than this past Presidential election is the Kardashian/Jenner clan. However, I know at least a few youngins’ who are undeniably Team K. This summer, the youngest Jenner sister, Kylie, was cruising around Los Angeles with her longtime bestie, Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou, in tow when they happened upon a lemonade stand. In true Kylie fashion, the then 18 year old starlet documented the whole escapade of her pulling up to the stand and purchasing a glass of lemonade via Snapchat. She’s seen giving the proprietors of the lemonade stand a crisp $100 bill for their product and offering a “We love you!” before driving off into Kardashian wonderland.

$6,100 To Pay For Tuition

In January of 2014, Abigail Sailor was an archetypical young college student struggling to pay her tuition. A freshman at North Dakota’s Trinity College, Sailor worked at a Cracker Barrel to support herself through school. One day, two customers walked into the restaurant and asked to be served by the grumpiest waiter to see if they could make him or her smile. When told they didn’t have any grumpy servers, the pair were seated in Sailor’s section as she was deemed the happiest waitress. When prompted, Sailor told the pair about her rough upbringing from losing her mother at a young age, to growing up in foster care and being abused by her foster father. Evidently touched by her story, one of the guests, who also happened to be a Trinity Alum, wrote her two checks: one a $5,000 tuition check and the other a $1,000 check for supplies. He also left a $100 tip for good measure, which Sailor gleefully split with a coworker.

$10,000 Pizza Hut Tip

Though admittedly I haven’t been to a Pizza Hut in quite a while, I’m fairly certain the pies don’t inherently warrant a $10,000 tip. For Jessica Osborne, however, this was the case when a family of regulars gifted her the life changing tip. In 2007, Osborne was 20 years old and a recent college dropout due to financial struggles thwarting her from continuing her education. She shared this with a regular patron named Becky, who also had been going through a tough time having recently lost her husband and eldest daughter in a car accident. After hearing Osborne’s story, Becky thought it’d be the “right thing to do” to use money garnered from the accident’s large settlement and help Jessica finish school by granting her $10,000.

$47,000 From Paris Hilton

It’s no secret the notorious heiress of the Hilton fortune is stupid rich, so to speak, but sometimes we just need a little reminder. In September of 2014, the eldest Hilton sister did what she does best (no I don’t mean DJing) and went out to a ~trendy~ Nightclub in New York City called Marquee. Joined by a slew of her fellow one percenters, the table ended up with a bar tab of $230,000 after ordering giant bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, and 11 bottles each of Patrón, Cristal, and Grey Goose. Having been raised right, Paris left about a 20% tip which ended up equating to $47,000. Though I’m sure working that table was no easy feat, it’s likely worth it for a tip that could buy you a brand new Audi.

$20,000 From A Benevolent Millionaire

Melissa Mainer distinctly remembers that Benjamin Olewine’s bill was only $3.45. However, that didn’t stop the 92 year old do-gooder from tipping Mainer almost 5,800 times that amount. On track to become a registered nurse in April of 2014, Mainer was working at the Peachtree restaurant in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. 92 year old Olewine was a regular patron as well as Chairman Emeritus at Sysco Central Pennsylvania, a food distribution company. Working to pay off her massive nursing school debt, Olewine took the opportunity to share his wealth and pay off all her tuition bills amounting to about $20,000. Mainer is currently a debt free registered nurse thanks to her kind hearted benefactor.

$4,000 Tip Courtesy Of Johnny Depp

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Johnny Depp–his knee quivering good looks, his dramatic relationship with Amber Heard, or how he may or may not be the man behind the Brangelina split (Google It). Yet, whatever you want to say about the 53 year old A-lister, one thing you can’t say is that he’s not generous. When filming Public Enemies, Depp frequented Gibson’s Steakhouse where he was often served by one Mohammed A. Sekhani. After a night of poppin’ bottles totalling around $500 worth of wine, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star tipped Sekhani $4000. He was obviously elated and said of Depp, “I have waited on a lot of stars like Sean Connery and Robert De Niro but Johnny Depp is my favorite. He is a very soft spoken guy who is very charming and sweet… He may be one of the most famous actors in the world, but he is a very humble guy and a really cool dude.”

$3 Million Winning Lottery Ticket

A classic for a reason, the tale that inspired the 1994 film It Could Happen To You is one of the most iconic anecdotes of tipping gone right. Robert Cunningham, who’s portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the movie adaption of this story, was a long time regular at Sal’s Pizzeria in New York. He had a favorite waitress at the restaurant named Phyllis Penzo who had been working there for over two decades. One day, in lieu of a tip, Cunningham offered Penzo a deal to split a lottery ticket he had in his pocket. She accepted and they chose the numbers together for Cunningham’s $1 entry in the New York State Lotto Competition. Ironically, on April Fools Day Cunningham discovered the ticket was worth $6 Million dollars. The two, as promised, split the money evenly amounting to a payout of $285,715 a year over 21 years.


Oh, Canada! We Thank You For These Foods

From being the home of Justin Bieber to doling out neon colored currency, it’s not totally surprising that Canada is often considered the “Miranda” of North American countries.

For those unfamiliar with the Sex and the City reference, our northern neighbor is one that lacks the respect it deserves. Americans are quick to note the differences between themselves and their Canadian counterparts, while identifying, with hubris, the benefits of living just south of the International Boundary.

However, in many regards, I find we are too quick to judge. The bright Canadian dollar is reminiscent of a simpler time (think Monopoly) and the Biebs has made a stellar comeback. Though it may be “too late to say sorry” for our past Canadian criticisms, we should move forward by recognizing all the good things Canada has to offer.

For just as Miranda had an underrated wit and strong sense of self, Canada has poutine and maple syrup. Beyond those, here’s more foods that we have Canada to thank for.


One the most Canadian of all Canadian cuisine is undoubtedly poutine. Originated in Quebec in the 1950s, these gravy and cheese curd-slathered french fries have taken many different names depending on their host region. In southern states such as Louisiana if you have a craving for poutine you’ll need to order “boo fries,” whereas in Jersey you’ll be having the disco fries. In Canada, this dish has so much national pride that a group of poutine lovers prompted a “poutition” to make it the National Dish of Canada.

Maple Syrup

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Beating out poutine when it comes to food that has become synonymous with Canada is, of course, maple syrup. Canada, namely Quebec, produces about 75-80 percent of the world’s syrup supply. The maple leaf is also the symbol featured on the Canadian flag as well as the name of Canada’s famed ice hockey team: the Toronto Maple Leaves. So the next time you’re indulging in a big stack of pancakes, shout out Canada for the rich maple syrup that’s about to cascade down its sides.

Canadian Bacon

Likely taking the bronze in most stereotypical Canadian foods is Canadian bacon. While many Americans feel the same love for bacon as Canadians do, this becomes a point of contention as the two are vastly different. Bacon, as we recognize it in America is cut from the pork belly, whereas its Canadian equivalent comes from pork loin. This leads to theirs appearing more like ham rather than the crispy, smoky bacon we’re used to. My personal thoughts on the issue: just eat both.


Don’t let the startling name of this pastry make you skip to the next item on the list. First imagined in the 1980s, BeaverTails are a fried dessert garnished with toppings of your choosing from berries, whipped cream chocolate etc. The sweet confection gets its name from its shape where it’s meant to resemble, you guessed it, a beaver tail. If you’re skeptical on how it tastes, reach out to President Obama. Yup, our POTUS couldn’t help but indulge in one of these classically Canadian treats when he visited in 2009.

Nanaimo Bar

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Don’t fret if you also just had to Google the pronunciation of this Canadian dessert. Originating from, you’ll never believe it, the city of Nanaimo, these bars have been enjoyed since their inception in the 1950s. A no bake treat (yes please!) Nanaimo bars are comprised of a wafer crumb base topped with a layer of custard and chocolate. Canada, you the real MVP for this one.

Kraft Dinner

You read that right, these impossibly cheesy and delicious mac ‘n cheese dinners are a Canadian staple. Canadian adults look to the meal with nostalgic fondness, whereas for kids, it’s likely one of the only dishes they know how to make. Regaled as the ultimate comfort food, Canadians are said to consume 55% more Kraft dinners than Americans.


Considered a French Canadian delicacy, tourtiere is a meat pie made with either pork, veal, or beef. Though in Montreal, the dish is typically made with ground pork, some chefs include all three meats. The dish is usually associated with the holidays and eaten at Christmas. However, zealous tourtiere lovers can enjoy it all year round if they wish. One suggestion: don’t watch Sweeney Todd prior to consumption.

Saskatoon Berries

What looks like an engorged blueberry but tastes like a cherry/grape/almond hybrid is what is known as a saskatoon berry. Containing high amounts of antioxidants, Saskatoon joins the ranks of acai and avocado as a fellow superfruit. Due to it’s health benefits, the American market is eager to get in on this fruity Canadian action. However, there’s been some love lost on this endeavor as American marketers are keen on calling the powerful fruit, “juneberries.”


The 10 Best Hershey’s Kisses Flavors Ever Made, Ranked

They say there is nothing sweeter than a kiss from your true love, and I would agree only if your professed “true love” is of the chocolate variety.

One of Hershey’s most iconic sweets, the chocolate Kiss, is a near perfect creation. Whether you choose to indulge in a single one, or enjoy the whole bag in one sitting, you’ll be left feeling satisfied, basking in it’s chocolatey goodness.

Since its inception, the chocolate kiss has taken many forms, but not all are created equal. As Hershey’s began veering from the traditional milk chocolate recipe, the company took a few wrong turns. Though each does have something to offer and, of course, any type of kiss is better than none at all, some are simply better than others.

Here is the definitive ranking of all of the Hershey’s Kisses variations.

10. Pumpkin Spice

Perhaps I’m too jaded by the negative connotation currently associated with anything pumpkin spice to give this kiss a fair judgement. With the rampant fear of being deemed “basic” I can admit, I’m averse to the seasonal fall flavor. Though even when I attempt to rid myself of this bias, I can’t help but be disappointed by how this kiss tastes.

9. Cherry Cordial Creme

I’m confused who the target audience was for this seasonal take on the Hershey’s Kiss. I’ve always found when people accidentally choose the cherry filled chocolate from a gourmet selection to be unhappy with their choice. So why make a bag filled with them? Keep your fruit Hershey’s, all we need are the basics.

8. Vanilla Creme Filled

vanilla creme filled kisses

Now here’s a seasonal recipe I can get behind. Made for easter and adorned in pastel colored foil, these kisses are both festive and delicious. They are a bit sweeter than regular kisses, however, thwarting me from consuming endless amounts.

7. Special Dark

This lower ranking of the Special Dark may be controversial to all you dark chocolate lovers, but it falls short when compared to some of the other flavors. Though a classic in it’s own right, the Special Dark offers a rich flavor other kiss types don’t. Sporting it’s vibrant purple foil covering, fans of the bittersweet chocolate can spot it right away.

6. Caramel Filled

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The decadent taste of caramel combined with chocolate proves there must have been some divine intervention when pairing the two ingredients. These bite sized wonders explode in your mouth, driving you to seek out more. Though sometimes a bit too sweet, it’s best to try to eat these in moderation.

5. Cookies and Creme

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If you’re obsessed with the Hershey bar that rocks this flavor, then you’re likely mystified by the fact that these bite sized kisses are somehow even better. The heavenly taste of “cookies” paired with the smoothness of white chocolate is almost overwhelming. As one not typically drawn to white chocolate, this flavor exceeded expectations.

4. Almond

It’s difficult to compete with the classics, and the Hershey’s Kiss with almonds is no exception. With very little flash and flair, this Kiss satiates your sweet tooth with an added crunch. Not much more you could ask for unless, of course, you’re allergic to nuts. If so, read on for the top three.

3. Candy Cane Mint

Not only are these seasonal kisses so cute with their red and white coloring, but they also taste amazing. The festive treats have a mild crunch which is ideal when paired with creamy white chocolate. Their flavor is reminiscent of peppermint bark, but the Kisses are undoubtedly the better option as they take minimal to no effort beyond picking them up at the store.

2. Original Milk Chocolate

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It feels problematic to give the flavor that started it all the number two spot, but adhering to my journalistic integrity I must express, what I feel, is the truth. There is something to be said about being the “first” and this original Kiss flavor has passed the test of time with flying colors. The iconic silver wrapping and sweet, pure taste will certainly allow the OG Kiss to outlive us all.

1. Hugs

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And the best Kiss flavor is none other than Hershey’s Hugs! The swirled combo of silky white chocolate with the classic milk has my mouth watering just thinking about it. This flavor is both aesthetically pleasing with its near flawless striped design and tastes as good as it looks. It’s not a huge divergence from the traditional recipe as some of the others are, but still adds that touch of innovation and pizzazz the others lack. All in all, Hugs are the perfect sweet treat.