This Tokyo Cafe is a Slice of Video Game Heaven


Pico Pico Cafe is situated atop an 8-story building in Kichijoji, Tokyo and has won the heart of gamers and coffee lovers alike.

Joseph White and his wife, Natsuko White, created a warm abidance that greets you at the door. The decor appeals to gamers, as Rocketnews points out, by incorporating “subtle dashes of video game culture in every other nook and cranny.” I’m not a gamer myself, but the small details, like the miniature farmer placed in the soil of a planter and the dated video game consoles, are what wins me over. This is certainly a go-to spot if you’re ever in Tokyo, and a place that hopefully unearths around our own hometowns.

More photos of this slice of video game heaven here.


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Baconsaurus for Jurassic Appetites Only


The Jurassic Park voiceover starts out like this: “Since the beginning of time, man has searched the earth for evidence of his past. But while some have looked for clues to the mystery, one man….” has decided to build a dinosaur made of bacon.


Let Mr. T Tea Bag Your Tea


Mr. T has a long history of dabbling in various fields: wrestling, acting, music, etc. Now, he’s taking on a new arena — tea time. Yes, here’s your chance to chill with Mr. T himself, his arms sprawled along the lip of your china, every time you take a sip of that Earl Grey.


The Bagel Bites of Gourmet: Tiny Lasagna Cupcakes Ready in Just 35 Minutes

The cupcake sheet just reached it’s zenith with lasagna cupcakes. I’m talking baked cheese and sausage stuffed  in three layers of pasta to make bite-sized lasagna that cooks in just 20 minutes (35 minutes total with prep). This is great for party snacks and appetizers, but most of all it’s perfect for those nights where you can’t decide between lasagna and another main dish. Solved. Make these petite lasagna cupcakes and bring on the main course. These are bagel bites made gourmet, and expect guests to devour these delicious treats, then subsequently realize the horror when they eat more than their belt loops are prepared for.

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Join the Darkside: DoubleTree Has Chocolate Chip Martinis Garnished with Cookies

DoubleTree by Hilton sure knows how to lure a customer to the darkside: Upon arrival each hotel guest receives a chocolate chip cookie.  But it doesn’t end there — if you make your way over to the bar, you can order yourself a Chocolate Chip Martini garnished with a cookie. Forget reading consumer reviews when deciding which hotel to stay at. Chocolate Chip Martinis are the new deal breaker.

Fortunately, you don’t have to skip town to try it. Just fill a shaker with 1.5 ounces of vodka, half an ounce of butterscotch liquor and another half ounce of Bailey’s. Shake, shake, shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cookie. Drink your dessert.

Get the recipe at Mommy Factor


These Margarita Cake Pops Are Made With Tequila & Limes

When somebody offers you a Margarita Cake Pop, you don’t ask questions: You just eat it. How often do the words margarita and cake come together in the same sentence, let alone inside your mouth?

All you need to know is that tequila has made it into the baking arena to create cake pops with a soft, chewy center that tastes like sweet, sweet margarita. But in the event that you need to know how to make them in order to gorge on an entire batch yourself —  and, if you must, to take to a party to share with everyone —  love + butter outlined the steps to make this alcoholic treat on a stick. But, please, eat responsibly.

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This Caffeinated Soap Wakes You Up in the Shower

Every caffeine addict’s dream just came true: you can now bathe in coffee — well, sort of.  Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap is a bar of soap that contains caffeine to give you the morning jolt as you lather your skin with its peppermint smell. It promises that your skin will absorb 200 mg of caffeine per shower, which is just 60 mg of caffeine less than a tall Starbucks cup of coffee. Now on those days you wake up late, you no longer have to be stuck with the conundrum: hygiene or caffeine? You can have your latte cake and eat it to. Each bar of soap contains 12 “showers,” so for $6 a bar, it’s cost efficient, duh. So how do you take your coffee? With soap, of course.

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap: $5.95 @ Amazon

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DIY: Transform Vodka Into Gin Within 36 Hours

Forget gifting homemade jam this holiday season. Jam doesn’t help make the holidays merry, but Gin? Gin does. This homemade gin kit gives you the tools you need to transform vodka into gin within 36 hours. (Vodka not included.)

You begin with your choice of vodka, and incorporate the kit’s spice tins to create a gin that popping with flavors of lavender, juniper, sandalwood and green cardamom. As recommended by The New York Times, serve with just a spritz of lime or French 75 on the rocks.

Admit it, this is so much better than homemade jam. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and besides you can never be too prepared for the next apocalypse scare.

Homemade Gin Kit: $39.99 @ homemadegin

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