Slides & Soju: The Collaboration of the Summer

It’s been a long year of staying in and making the most of what we can in the comfort of our own homes, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t reminisced on a summer night in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, sippin’ on soju and making some (vague) memories with the homies. Channeling that same energy, HiteJinro and SANDALBOYZ have slid into my emotional DM’s and created a slide that blends the fresh new feeling of the season with the memories of my favorite summer nights — in two styles!

Inspired by the iconic Jinro’s Chamisul Soju bottle, the green and white SANDALBOYZ Court slide is a signature staple item for anyone who knows and loves Ktown. The collection also includes a red pair of slides, featuring a repeating print of HiteJinro’s toad logo.

HiteJinro is one of the most influential distilleries in Korea, and SANDALBOYZ is an Asian American-owned business run by an Indonesian/Taiwanese/Filipino trio. Both companies are keen on using this collaboration to educate and share more about the experiences of the Asian diaspora. This collaboration aims to inspire inclusivity and approachability in not only the Asian community but in everyone as illustrated by the distiller’s “smooth” and “fresh” brand vocabulary and the sandal retailer’s “be comfortable with who you are” messaging.

Whether you order a bottle at KBBQ or you always play the bottle cap flicking game with your friends, one thing’s for sure for all you Ktown lovers, enthusiasts, and OG’s: you’ve gotta slip into and sip on something comfortable this summer.

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Having Never Had Cholula Before, I Went Straight To Mexico To Taste the Source


I’ll admit it: I am not much of a hot sauce fanatic, and I can not handle the spice. My Korean ancestors are probably shaking their heads at me unfortunately, but it is what it is. With ketchup as my main condiment of choice for over 25 years, I have only recently decided to let my tastebuds venture to more flavors that fall under the same red color, but with scorching differences. From Sriracha to Tapatio to Tabasco, these new hot sauces were such interesting experiences in my mouth. However, when it was time to try Cholula, my friends enthusiastically and passionately gushed about how it was the best hot sauce. They would pull out mini bottles from their purses, and coworkers would reveal full-sized ones from out of their desk drawers. Clearly this wasn’t just a hot sauce — this was a lifestyle. Thus, you can imagine that when the opportunity came to go straight to the source for a Cholula-filled weekend, I absolutely jumped on that Cholula train straight to Mexico for my first official taste.

Two plane rides and three in-flight movies later, I checked into my hotel in Guadalajara, freshened up, and headed to cocktails and (most importantly) appetizers. Warm empanadas, seasoned chips, and fresh ceviche were spread across the bar beautifully, with the edges lined with Cholula bottles. I picked one up, only to realize that there were different flavors of Cholula, a concept I hadn’t even thought of before this moment! I took this as my opportunity to get the perfect first taste, when I bumped into a vivacious woman with a raspy voice. Araceli, who I later found out is the Director of Public Relations for Jose Cuervo as well as our generous hostess for the evening, exuded her genuine love for Cholula, her work, and her heritage as a whole.

“If you ever want to be the life of the party, always carry a bottle of Cholula with you in your bag. Take it out during a meal and you will for sure be the center of attention – I carry mini bottles in all of my purses!”

After I expressed that I had yet to actually try Cholula, she warmly encouraged me to taste it, handing over a bottle of the original flavor. I decided to drizzle it lightly onto a plain tortilla chip, and with my first bite, I was in Cholulove. There was a certain kick to the sauce that I had yet to experience with any other hot sauces, and the flavor didn’t overpower; it added dimension. It was spicy and complementary, and I knew this would be the first of many bottles I’d consume over the weekend.

Bright and early the next morning, we made our way down to Chapala to visit the Cholula factory, where we were given a quick history lesson, as well as a tour. We put on our gloves, hairnets, and facemasks, and were warned that the first room is extremely hot and that the spices might be a bit much for our senses. As we walked into the room with the highest quality arbol and piquin peppers, I choked back tears and held my breath (because I ain’t no baby). The peppers had already been sun-dried under constant supervision for about three days, and I watched as two workers drained a huge vat of the sun-dried and soaked peppers, conveying them over to another worker who had a hose in one hand and a brush in the other. He carefully washed and separated each pile of peppers in a way that retained quality and flavor, and then sent them off to the facility’s mill where they’d be meticulously ground into a paste.

Moving downstairs, we saw huge metal chambers where the peppers were being mixed for consistency, and blended to achieve that signature flavor. Once the blending is complete, the sauce undergoes a rigorous quality control process. Once its fully met the brand’s highest standards, the Cholula is sent to the bottling area.

If you could imagine Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but with Cholula, that was basically what I walked into. I was absolutely mesmerized by the huge contraptions lining up bottles, evenly distributing sauce, slapping on labels to perfection, and capping each bottle with Cholula’s distinctive wooden cap. Each bottle was separated by hand on the conveyor belt before moving on to final packaging, and it was hypnotizing to see it go from the peppers straight to our tables for a fresh tasting.

Using jicama, popcorn, chips, and cucumbers as neutral tasting foods, we tried each of the six hot sauce flavors on the patio of the factory: Original, Green Pepper, Chipotle, Chili Lime, Chili Garlic, and Sweet Habanero. The crowd favorite was Green Pepper, which I understood in a larger scope of things, as it tasted like salsa verde with a little kick, but my favorite had to be the Chili Lime. With a perfect blend of heat and tang, the Chili Lime took the win, and the Chili Garlic came in close second. After tasting five out of the six, we had the Sweet Habanero left, and I was not ready for it, as I took a hefty dip into it with my jicama. My taste buds felt betrayed, as the sweet chili flavor hit my lips innocently, only to have the habanero heat come at me without any warning; it basically took over my lips, mouth, tongue, and throat, and it was a wild ride that I did not sign up for.

Nevertheless though, it was pretty lit (get it).

From our evening cocktails to our American-style brunch at the Cholula La Fonda restaurant in Tequila, Cholula was a part of any and every dish you could possibly imagine. The flavour was never overbearing, but rather complementary (even in the cucumber-habanero sorbet we had at the Cholula restaurant – yes, you read that right). Having never tasted Cholula before, I was absolutely spoiled with my flavorful adventures in Mexico, but I am confident in being a self-proclaimed Cholula connoisseur for life!

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15 Bacon Desserts That Will Leave You Squealing For More

We live in an age where bacon can go on just about anything. Add bacon to your burger? Absolutely. Add bacon to your fries? Who wouldn’t? Add bacon to your ice cream? …that sounds like a terrible idea.

Terribly amazing, that is. Here are a few more terribly amazing bacon desserts that you need to try immediately.

Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon… on ice cream? Our taste buds are 200% curious. This bacon ice cream features a caramel rimmed cup, filled with our 100% organic milk soft serve and candied bacon! This dream treat was available for a limited time only at Milkcow Australia this past September, so we’re high-key jealous of our friends Down Under!

Bacon Pie Shot

A post shared by The Pie Bar (@thepiebar) on

The Pie Bar in Long Beach, CA serves up a mini pie shot called the Bacon Me Nutty that has us saying “Pie Felicia!” to our diets. What this epic bite consists of is a maple hazelnut cream with candied bacon and toasted pecans. It’s a seasonal Fall flavor only, which might be a good idea, because we’d hate to be tempted this bad all year long!

Bacon Brittle Milkshake

A post shared by B R I T T A N Y (@brittyola) on

Your milkshake proooobably already brings all the boys to the yard, but add a little bacon brittle and you’ll give Kelis a run for her money. Not only do you get bacon brittle in this milkshake, but it’s also made with bacon ice cream and garnished with chocolate-covered bacon. Found at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium in Orlando, FL, this milkshake will definitely leave you checking if you have some teeth left.

Bacon Popcorn

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Bacon popcorn tastes a lot butter when it’s free. At Great Jones Craft & Kitchen in Northern Ireland, you can enjoy a cup of complimentary bacon popcorn after you order your food and drink! Tbh, we might be down to go just for the complimentary bacon popcorn, but we’ll see…

Bacon Cheesecake

Bacon cheesecake? Why not!? For National Bacon Week, Goodwood Quality Meats in Australia decided to make a cheesecake topped with delicious maple bacon, and just by the looks of this photo, we wish every week was National Bacon Week, sigh.

Chocolate Bacon Toffee

A post shared by Tommie B (@tommiedelsol) on

Say it with us: Chocolate. Bacon. Toffee. Individually, these three are delicious nonetheless, but when put together to create a tasty snack, we basically have died and gone to bacon heaven. You can find chocolate bacon toffee at Whole Foods or even order them from Sugarfina for a friend! And by “friend” we mean “yourself,” obviously. Because treat yoself.

Chocolate Bacon

Chocolate covered anything is amazing tbh — yes, we’re all one of those people who wants a huge chocolate fountain at our weddings, ok? Chocolate covered bacon at Bacon Bacon in San Francisco, CA is nothing less than stependous, and it’s bacon our hearts that it isn’t currently in our tummies.

Bacon-Flavored Chocolate

Ok, chocolate covered bacon is one thing, but a whole bacon-flavored chocolate bar? We don’t know whether to be excited or concerned, so we choose to be excited because #bacon. Dylan’s Candy Bar went all out with these bacon flavored chocolate bars, and we’re lowkey down to make it part of our balanced breakfast.

Chocolate Covered Bacon S’more

Did you read that right? Chocolate covered bacon… s’more? The baconeers at Bacon Bacon have one-upped themselves by adding toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs to make their chocolate bacon strips a little s’more extravagant than ever.

Bacon Caramel Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a bacon caramel apple might not fall under that category. Nevertheless, a bacon caramel apple from Chewy’s Gourmet Kitchen in Detroit, MI is everything your inner 8-year-old needs. Dipped in caramel and then coated with a layer of candied bacon bits, this is definitely going to be the apple of your eye.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious as is, but why not upgrade it with some bacon bits? If you’re near Spartanburg, SC, pop by Le Spice Restaurant and Bakery for their IG-worthy bacon chocolate chip cookies!

Biscuit Cinnamon Roll with Bacon

Roll call! Cinnamon rolls with bacon bits on top are bacon us crazy just thinking about them. The biscuit cinnamon rolls at the Denver Biscuit Company in Colorado are flakey and baked to perfection, and with the added bacon, it becomes a brunch treat that makes all the calories worth it.

Chocolate Bacon Truffle

Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of the whole “chocolate bacon” thing, we discovered chocolate bacon truffles and needed 13 of them immediately. At Piece, Love & Chocolate in Boulder, CO, these chocolate bacon truffles are topped with sea salt and candied bacon.

Bacon Roses

Stop and smell the… bacon? These dark chocolate dipped Candied Bacon Rose lollipops by Chef Erika Urso are perfect for when your S.O. has some groveling to do. Or you can just ditch them and make this bouquet your new bae(con). We won’t judge.

Bacon Caramel Toffee

A box of Vosges Uncured Bacon Caramel Toffee is something we absolutely need in our stockings this holiday season. Found in grocery stores or online at, these bacon caramel toffee bites will make going to the dentist worth it (maybe).

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These Are 8 of the Saddest Meals We Found On @cookingforbae

When we get into a new relationship, most of us try to impress bae with the life skills we’ve acquired. Some of us might use our skills of being cute AF (is that a skill or a gift?) to woo our partners, while others use decisiveness to impress their significant others (very important).

And then, there are those who want to WOW! our baes with our amazing cooking skills. However, some of us just aren’t as culinarily gifted as others, as represented on the @CookingForBae account. Sure it’s all fun and jokes, until someone gets a stomach ache…

This Dress Is Hand Krafted

I will never look at cheese the same. #struggleslicesunday

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Bae is always looking for a one-of-a-kind #ootn for date night, so why not go the DIY route and get a little Krafty? At least she’s taken and not Single; she’s doing something right. She just needs to make sure to stay in a cool setting, only warm enough to melt the heart of her soulmate (and not her dress).

“I Just Want A Little Of Everything”

In what welfare line was this created??? 🤢🤢🤢 #welfare#foodporn#cookingforbae#breffusforbae#gmfu

A post shared by Amber♡🧜🏽‍♀️ (@amby_latte) on

Sometimes, bae can be a little indecisive, but it’s okay — that’s why you have to show bae that you’re into variety. From a side of not so Lucky Charms to a wiener that looks more like a loser,  @amby_latte certainly found a solution for someone with a rather… wide palate. Bae has so many options, how can they be upset?!

Men Are From Mars…

When bae asks you what you want for dinner and you tell him you need space, he takes it to a whole new dimension. @andrewtweeddale clearly hits the essential parts of the food pyramid: greens and sweets. What more could you ask for in a man (besides cutlery maybe…)?

Do You Like Your Cheese Shredded or Chunky?

Just…….why?? #UncalledFor #BaeAlmostHadItRight #StruggleSliceSunday #ChunkyCheese #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Conceptually, it’s all there — who doesn’t enjoy some cheese with their steak and eggs? The execution of the dish is a solid 2/10, seeing as bae wasn’t quite sure what form of cheese was necessary to make this dish an 11/10. Bae might melt our hearts, but bae needs to melt the cheese too.

Spa-Get These Noodles Out of My Tacos

Happy Cinco De Mayo y’all! Spaghetti tacos on deck. #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

So maybe bae was trying to show you the different blends of cultures or maybe bae was trying to be innovative, but either way, this Mexitalian cuisine might be too, uh… ahead of its time. Sure, you can make pasta stuffed shells, but the recipe probably isn’t calling for taco shells. Bae tried it, but we’re going to have to give it a hard pass #CincoDeMayNO.

“I Know How To Keep My Man”

…keep him on the toilet, yikes. @tees_and_pearls finishes our thoughts on this dish, and there are so many things to discuss about this plate, we don’t know where to begin. The hard boiled eggs, the corn, the cheesy pasta all revolve around a quite vibrant (and disturbing) hue of orange/yellow, making even the unhealthiest of people crave a salad or veggies. GIVE US COLOR!

Cheese Reduction Sauce

You already know what it is. #struggleslicesunday

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Bae went all out with the Kraft reduction sauce and a side of Kobe beef hot dog on this special evening. We’re just wondering if the night ended with a session of Netflix and chill or sweet, sweet cuddles with the porcelain throne.

Caviar Waffles 

Where is Waffle House when you need it. #wafflesandfeet #cookingforbae

A post shared by Cooking for Bae (@cookingforbae) on

Is it wrong that all we can think about when looking at this is Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus Andromedon singing “Pinot Noir”? Vogues to “Caviar, Myanmar, Mid-sized car, You don’t have to be popu-lar, Find out who your true friends are…”

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CELEBRITY RIDERS: All The Food 8 Celebs Ask For Backstage

Imagine being so famous and so wanted that you can demand for anything from a private jet to only having blue M&Ms prepared for you. Celebs put in hospitality riders whenever they perform or make appearances, making (negotiable) demands for room temperatures, flowers and decor, and certain brands of alcohol — not to mention, particular amounts of bottles #turnup. It sounds pretty over the top, but also like… we highkey want that life immediately. Curious as to what your fave celebs have on their riders for food/drink selection? Let’s find out.



A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

If you’re reading this, it’s too late to show up without a bottle of Pinot Grigio. According to Complex Magazine, Drake sticks to his half Jewish culture by demanding for pork-free food, as well as Pinot, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Patron Silver, Grey Goose, and Hennessey. With all these alcoholic demands, we hope he doesn’t plan to Drake and drive.


A post shared by Adele (@adele) on

She could have had it allllllllll, but Adele only has a *few* simple food requests. The soulful singer needs 12 small bottles of still spring water at room temperature, 6 new, washed, and dried large tea mugs with 6 metal teaspoons, 2 “squeezy” bottles of clear honey (not organic), a bottle of the very best quality red wine, and an assortment of chewing gum. She also enjoys a small plate of assorted freshly made and individually wrapped sandwiches to include chicken salad, as well as a selection of fresh fruit — but you’ll be saying hello from the other side if you include any citrus fruit, yikes.

Mariah Carey

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Known to be one of the biggest divas in the industry, Mariah’s food requests are… well, you can decide if she’s truly a diva after reading it:

12 1 Liters of Fiji Water
3 Bottles Chardonnay — Chilled
12 Cokes
12 Diet Cokes
12 Vanilla Protein Drinks
6 Sparkling Water (Pellegrino)
12 Melon Flavor Gatorade
6 Red Wine Glasses
6 White Wine Glasses
Fried Chicken (warm)
12 Small Bottles water (room temperature)
3 Whole lemons and honey
Sugarless gum

…yeah, and these are just the food requests on the rider. We’re sure Mariah gets a lot of hate for these demands, but she probably just shake, shake, sh-shake, shake, shakes it off.

Alicia Keys

A post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on

Though she might keep on falling in and out of love, she will surely stay hydrated with all the room-temp Evian and Aquafina that she needs. Alicia also asks for cans of chunk white tuna, Nutri-grain bars (blueberry, cherry, apple, strawberry), individual packets of Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal (brown sugar, apple cinnamon), and an assorted fruit platter with strawberries, seedless red grapes, bananas, mango, blueberries, cantaloupe, and raspberries. She also requests for two cases of beer — one imported and one domestic. No one, no one, NO ONE can keep her away from her seafood and Italian restaurants either, as she requests for three different menus of local restaurants to order meals from as well.

Taylor Swift

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@lurkingtaylor) on

Some people probably question how any performer has so much energy for them to perform so amazingly night after night on tour, but T Swift’s food/beverage requests might be the answer to that. Aside from her stick of butter and 3 boxes of mac/cheese, she needs 2 four-packs of Red Bull, a bag of Twizzlers, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and a pint of their Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt. The sugar overload doesn’t stop there — if she is to arrive before 11 a.m., she needs a grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet-N-Lows, a grande iced Americano with two Sweet-N-Lows and soy milk, and a slice of pumpkin loaf from Starbucks. Hopefully she keeps up regularly with her dentist, or else she’s going to have a blank space baby, and it’ll be where her teeth used to be before the cavities took over.

Rae Sremmurd

A post shared by Rae Sremmurd (@raesremmurd) on

Rae Sremmurd ain’t got no type, Spicy Crunch Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell are the only things that they like. No but really, their rider requirements include two of the aforementioned tacos, 2 dozen chicken wings, 2 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne, 2 bottles of Moet Chandon, and a bottle of Hennessey. Oh, and they also ask for small Super Soakers, beach balls, $300 in single dollar bills, and a 15 passenger van equipped with a stripper pole for airport transfer. That van will be anything but a no flex zone tbh.

Meek Mill

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Take a look at his not-so-meek list of food requirements.

100 mild or lemon pepper wings
5 lbs of seasoned turkey meat
potato chips, cookies, Doritos
2 half gallons of Simply Raspberry Lemonade

Fresh baked, fried or grilled fish
Real jerk chicken
Oxtails, rice and peas
Mixed Grill, including ribs, steak, BBQ chicken, and shrimp
Roast turkey
Orange Roughy
Chinese Stir-fry
Collard greens, veggies, red beans, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, etc.


7 bottles Moet Chandon
3 bottles Brignac Brut God Ace of Spade
5 bottles Ciroc
2 bottles Patron Silver

We can only hope that he’s planning to share this with his crew, yikes.

Jason Derulo

A post shared by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

Jason’s long list of demands includes very particular food/drinks, including what he is not down to swallalalala — like Dasani water or Tropicana orange juice. For his gig at Wright State University, he requested a huge list of items, but the best part (imo) is the “medium breed dog” he wanted to play with during the day, because tbh same.

“NO DASANI WATER OR PURIFIED WATER” This demand is so serious since the rider included it in the contract at least three times.
One small to medium breed dog to play with for the day
100% fresh squeezed orange juice (no Tropicana)
3 healthy clean meals and after show food
Real knives, forks, spoons, plates, and napkins ONLY.
Room should be set to 72 degrees.
1 juicer and assorted fresh fruit and vegetables
2 boxes of Uncrustables
5 liters of Gatorade (2 lemon-lime/3 orange)
6 individual bottles of coconut water (NO PULP)
Fresh quality bread

However, his demands don’t stop backstage — check out his entourage and tour bus needs:

5 different menu options which need to include vegan and vegetarian options (Stay away from pizza).
3 10LB Bags of ice
1 bag of Tortilla chips
1 jar of fresh medium salsa
Package of dry Almonds
Organic Moroccan mint tea
6 real coffee mugs
Make your own salad bar
No greasy fried foods
Cold cuts or sandwiches must be accompanied by hot selections in order for it to be acceptable.

The healthier options on the bus make it seem like it’s a Subway on wheels #TheDeruloTrain.


10 of the Most Unexpected Foods You Can Find in a Vending Machine

There’s something indescribably satisfying about the vending machine experience. You insert a few coins into the slot and hear the *clink clink* of approval that grants you permission to press buttons with letters and numbers on them. Instantly after, you watch the machine work its magic in the form of a metal circle rotating slowly counterclockwise, and you hear a *thud* of fulfillment. Kneeling down and reaching your hand into the flap that opens to a 35 degree angle MAXIMUM, you retrieve your goodie and feel accomplished.

Though vending machines can bring you happiness through delicious snacks, we cannot neglect the rather odd items you can find in them. From whole pizzas and cupcakes (yum!) to live crabs (…not so yum?), here are some of the weirdest things you can find in a vending machine!

Cavi-are You Serious?

Yes, yes we are. Some may associate a bag of Hot Cheetos or M&Ms to a vending machine, but in a few Southern California shopping malls, caviar is the snack of choice. Created by Beverly Hills Caviar, the machine provides high quality and expensive caviar that attracts an assortment of people, ranging from the inquisitive shopper to chefs who integrates caviar into their dishes. We cavi-aren’t kidding about this guys — you can find this machine at the Westfield Topanga, Burbank Town Center or at Westfield Century City!

Go Green

Have you ever noticed that when you want to eat healthy, the only option available is something unhealthy? Not anymore! Located in Chicago, the Farmer’s Fridge is the perfect solution to those healthy cravings (yes, healthy cravings exist!). Starting at $8 and providing options such as proteins and sides, this vending machine will really toss your salad!

We’re Going Bananas

A post shared by Mike (@mkang81) on

Do you find yourself running low on potassium constantly? Well luckily, Japan understands your needs, k (get it)? You can find this vending machine in Tokyo, offering Dole bananas in plastic packaging! This machine is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

PepperOH YES!

No matter the time or place, we somehow are always craving pizza. People in the UK understood this craving as an opening for a new vending machine market and to make all your dreams come true. You can choose between three toppings, and your pizza will be hot and ready in just three minutes! Apparently, the pizza vending machine has made its way to America, existing at Ohio’s Xavier University. WE WANT A PIZZA THIS VENDING MACHINE ASAP!

Wine or Dine

A post shared by Dee (@manxdee) on

TBH, this wine vending machine just looks like a regular supermarket wine aisle, but we’re not ones to complain and whine about it. Located in Pennsylvania, the wine vending machine offers the reds and whites that you need. If we can have pizza vending machines and caviar ones, wine not this one too?


Everyday can by Fry-day if you try hard enough. Find yourself a French fry vending machine and enjoy the delicious and crispy treat whenever you feel like it! These are pota-totally worth the extra calories on a cheat day, we promise.


A post shared by Debbie Blanken (@debblanken) on

OMELETTE YOU FINISH THIS ARTICLE, BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT THIS VENDING MACHINE EGG-SISTS. Another Tokyo attraction, the egg vending machine provides people with cartons of eggs directly from the chicken. The price ranges from 340 to 570 yen, and the eggs are kept warm and fresh. If you’re an egg lover, this will definitely egg-cite you!

Just Throw it in the Bag(uette)

A post shared by Kiki (@kikfila) on

Originating in Paris, the baguette vending machine truly rises to the occasion. The dough is partially prepared in the morning and delivered to the machine daily, to which it is stored and baked throughout the day. You can expect your fresh baguette to be in your hands in about 20 seconds, and — are you bready for this? — San Franciscans can find these machines at the Castro! If you’re a carb lover, you knead this vending machine in your life (alright, we’re going to calm dough-n with the bread puns).

Not-So-Krusty Crab

JapanProbe dot com by pubjapaned

This vending machine features the Shanghai Hairy Crab, costing between $1.50 – $7.50 and is guaranteed to be alive upon vending. They’re kept at a certain temperature where the crabs go into hibernation, coming to life after you’ve inserted your money in. Why go to the ocean/the market/sleep with a random stranger to get crabs, when you can go to a vending machine in China!

The Rough Draft (Beer)

A post shared by Michael (@locknatious) on

If you’ve gone to any university in America, you’ve most likely encountered a hot cocoa or coffee vending machine, where you put your cup underneath and a concoction of caffeine comes out. Well the Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to vending a beverage. You can find a draft beer vending machine in Japan, costing about $12 a pint. Who needs a bar when you can just hit up this machine for pint night, right?! Right!

Drinks FOODBEAST Tastemade/Snapchat

7 Things That Tell You You’re Way Too Dependent On Caffeine

Some people get their energy from positive people or good vibes. You, however, are not one of those people, because you get your energy in the form of any and everything caffeinated. Tea, coffee, chocolate, soda — you’re an addict and you aren’t afraid to admit it. Here are a few ways to know that you’re way too dependent on caff— er, we mean, here are a few ways to know that you’re a caffeine enthusiast!

You drink coffee, tea, or both — neither is NOT an option.

A post shared by Tony (@basketballfreak6) on

Coffee connoisseurs get upset when people say they prefer tea over coffee. Tea tasters roll their eyes at coffee enthusiasts, categorizing them all into basic PSL lovers. Caffeine fiends, however, love any and all drinks. Whether their caffeine comes in the form of a bean or a leaf, caffeine-free drinks are just not acceptable. Seriously though, when’s the last time we’ve had just plain water? Yikes.

You drink coffee more as a routine, not because you need it.

Wake up, press the snooze button a few times, brush teeth, turn on coffee machine, get dressed, drink coffee, start the day. Your morning routine without coffee is a thing of the past, and you need to go through the motions of pouring yourself a cup and inhaling that coffee smell to really get your day going. Does the caffeine help physically? Who knows. Does it help mentally? ABSOLUTELY.

Withdrawals occur anytime you haven’t had caffeine, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Moments in the day that you don’t have sugar or coffee in your hands are moments of weakness. Without caffeine, even for a few minutes, your life begins spiraling downwards and your withdrawals range anywhere between irritable AF to crashing on your desk for a few minutes. You basically need caffeine just to stay alive.

You can drink an energy drink and then take a nap easily.

A post shared by Aylin Serin (@doga.dann) on

To some, energy drinks save lives. They can take a few chugs of a Monster and be set for a cram session for their final the next day. For you, however, energy drinks are just another beverage choice to go along with your afternoon snack or evening meal. You’re just a Rockstar when it comes to drinking energy drinks, and most people think you’re wingin’ it #redbull.

You travel with your own Keurig pods in your purse.

You swear this is just because you have your own preferred flavor of choice, but we all know that’s a lie. You keep a Keurig coffee (or tea!) pod in your bag for any and all caffeine emergencies, but you also constitute “1:15pm” as a caffeine emergency. You dream of finding a random Keurig and popping your emergency pod in there, because that thought is more realistic to you than imagining a day without caffeine.

Some people like shots of alcohol. You prefer yours in the form of espresso.

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You might have partied hard in college, handle pulling for days, drinking mysterious concoctions out of red cups, and taking shot after shot of cheap vodka. However, you’re (sort of) an adult now, and the only shots that you’re interested in are espresso. The best part about these shots is that you don’t need to drink them at a party setting for it to be socially acceptable. As Lil Jon once might have exclaimed, “Espresso SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS, EVERYBOOODAAAY!”

Your barista gives you your extra shots for free because you’ve already paid for a lifetime supply of them with all the drinks you’ve bought.

Extra shots in your drinks are a bit pricey but 200% necessary. However, you visit the coffee shop more times than you visit your parents within a year, and you’re basically in a committed relationship with your barista. After your 100th consecutive drink with your extra three shots of espresso, your barista doesn’t even charge you.


10 of the Tastiest Fast Food Mash-Ups You Can Create Now

Burgers, tacos, churros, mac n’ cheese bites filled with Cheetos — you name it, a fast-food joint has it. The people of the world (mainly, the internet) have exercised their creative rights of combining popular items from the wide variety of yumminess on any and all fast food menus. From Animal Style burgers at In-N-Out to the notorious McGangBang at McDonald’s, a Combo #2 with a large drink is not the only combination you can dream of. Like Taco Bell, we want to think outside the bun and, most importantly, outside of the menu — it’s 2017, most fast-food joints are within walking distance of each other, and integration is totally a thing. Here are 10 fast-food hybrids that you need to try, most likely on a Saturday at 4am.

1. Fries Cream Paint Job

Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

This combination may be old news to some, but let’s take a moment to enlighten the population of people who have not yet been blessed with this perfect combination of cold, creamy, sweet goodness with the salty, warm, crunchiness of a potato. Fries and ice cream are like peanut butter and jelly, except ten times better and most likely not very delicious between two pieces of bread. The combination tastes best with McDonald’s fries and vanilla ice cream cone (ask for a cup so you can stick that cone in there and call it a day), but the options are endless: a Wendy’s Frosty or an In-N-Out vanilla shake will suffice with a fry of any shape or size. We don’t discriminate against criss-cut, and neither should you!

2. Livin’ Burrita Loca

Chipotle Burrito, El Pollo Loco Chipotle Avocado Burrito

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Finishing a burrito at Chipotle in itself is a fairly amazing feat, but a burrito WITHIN a burrito? That’s just loco. Grab yourself a Chipotle Avocado Burrito from El Pollo Loco and stuff it into a burrito from Chipotle, and you’ll have yourself a crazy epic burrito that Ricky Martin himself would (maybe) appreciate. If you want to go even more loco, try stuffing a burrito within a Quesarito at Chipotle — a burrito with a cheese quesadilla as the burrito shell!

3. Hot Crossed Bundts

McDonald’s McCafe Bundt Cake, Del Taco Caramel Cheesecake Bites, Chick-fil-A Nuggets

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Who could forget about dessert? A warm, soft, and gooey bundt cake from McDonald’s is enough to get you on a sugar high, but that hole in the middle was meant to be stuffed. With what, you ask? If you’re going for full on dessert vibes, stuff those bundts with Del Taco’s Caramel Cheesecake Bites and get ready for a sweet time. If you’re looking for that blend of sweet and savory, a Chick-fil-A Nugget will fit perfectly in that hole, and it’ll fill that hole in your heart because yes, this combination is everything you’ve needed in your life.

4. McCrunchwrap Egg-streme

Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

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We’re taking something supreme and making it EXTREME. The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme is eight points of heaven, wrapped in a crunchy shell filled with seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, but how can we turn this mouth-watering experience into an EGG-sperience? The Egg McMuffin, that’s how. Stuff that Crunchwrap with the cheese, egg, and Canadian Bacon and blend those nations together to achieve world peace in your stomach.

5. Chicks in a Blanket

Jack in the Box Crispy Chicken Strips, Domino’s Pizza

The perfect sleepover snack for a girl’s night in! Grab a crispy chicken strip from Jack in the Box and place them on slices of pizza from Domino’s. Wrap them up to create your Chicks in a Blanket! For best results, grab your girls and get under a blanket and watch a movie, so you can be chicks under a blanket eating Chicks in a Blanket. You’re welcome.

6. The Starfish

Carl’s Jr. Chicken Stars, McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

Why go to an aquarium when you can create your own marine hybrid? Sure, almost every fast-food joint serves chicken in the form of strips, fingers, or nuggets, but are any of them shaped like the star that you are? We didn’t think so. The chicken stars from Carl’s Jr. inside the Filet-O-Fish will make all our Filet-O-Wishes come true, and save you a trip to the nearest aquarium that is most likely 50+ miles away.

7. Single Ladies

Burger King Onion Rings, In-N-Out Burger

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As the song that plays at every wedding goes, “If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” Queen Bey, we listened. We love our In-N-Out burgers so much that we decided to put an onion ring on it from Burger King in order to declare our long term relationship status together.

8. In-Don-Ut Burger

In-N-Out Cheeseburger, Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut

There’s just something about that combination between sweet and savory that makes our tummies happy and our mouths watering, so why not combine it on a whole ‘nother level? Order yourself a cheeseburger from In-N-Out and replace the buns with a classic glazed Krispy Kreme donut cut in half. Your mind (or your doctor) might be telling you no, but your heart is telling you that this In-Don-Ut burger is really what a hamburger’s all about.

9. The Seven Dwarves

Five Guys Burger, (2) Burger King Whopper Jr.’s

Snow White may have only had an appetite for apples, but her dwarves are another story. Create a hearty burger at Five Guys and then stack them up with two Whopper Jr.’s from Burger King! Sure, you will have five guys and two small kings, but there will be seven in total and that is all one could really ask for #squadgoals.

10. Pokemon ta-Go

Taco Bell Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, Del Taco Mini Quesadilla

We can not neglect the fact that Pokemon Go took over our lives at some point in the recent past, so why not our meals? In the spirit of the game, order a Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme from Taco Bell with the fiery red taco shell as the top half of a Pokeball. Then, head on over to Del Taco and order a mini quesadilla as the bottom half, and now, you’re officially ready to catch ‘em all. Please don’t attempt to throw this at anything/anyone though!

Fast food menus deserve a little creative integration here and there, so why not mix and match your favorites from all different restaurants? Your imagination has no limits, and neither should your tastebuds!