This Alcoholic Pizza Requires a 21+ ID


If you’ve ever wondered how to re-hydrate dried out cherries, look no further. The Boston-based restaurant Salvatore’s has offered a genius solution: Soak them in vodka. Betcha didn’t think of that one.

The restaurant’s alcoholic pizza is infused with enough vodka to warrant ID checks for 21+ patrons. As corporate chef Victor Paone told the Boston Herald: “We got some dried Italian cherries, and we cooked them, and they were too tough…Obviously, we had to soak them a little, so I decided to soak them in raspberry vodka.” Sheer genius.

Along with the vodka-soaked cherries, the pizza comes with sliced prosciutto, Gorgonzola, orange blossom honey and fresh mozzarella. The adult-only pie has also sparked a liquor-friendly trend at the establishment; in mid-October two more 21-plus pizzas will be added to the menu. Keep an eye out for the “Drunken Pig,” braised pork marinated in Kahlua with caramelized Granny Smith apples, spicy hot honey and ricotta cheese, and the “Calabria Peach,” rum-infused peaches with soppressata picante, mascarpone, basil and more fresh mozzarella.

I wonder if they deliver to California? Hmm…

Via Boston Herald


Beer & Bacon Deep Fried White Castle Slider Will Fill Your Belly, Obviously


Whenever I think of White Castle, I think of that epic scene from Harold and Kumar where they drool over a White Castle commercial as if it’s Playboy’s special Christmas edition. Ever since then, I’ve gained a certain respect for their classic sliders, as they conjure up images of impromptu foursomes and sport punks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then tsk tsk.

Now, thanks to DudeFoods’ latest foodie invention — a Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Slider — I have a brand new way of looking at these tasty snackers. They seem to have solved the problem of efficiency when it comes to eating White Castle’s classic sliders. Often, a basic meal at the joint requires an order of six to eight of the mini burgers to fill you up (hey I get really hungry, cut me some slack).

The solution? Create a batter that is equal parts beer and flour, throw in a hearty handful of fried bacon bits, fry it all together in a skittle for a few minutes and BAM! You have bonafide sliders cooked in everything that is a vegan’s nightmare and a bacon lover’s wet dream. Just three of these babies will probably fill you up, but if you’re a BAMF you’ll go for the entire eight just for kicks.

[Via DudeFoods]