Literally Eat Yourself . . . In Gummy Form


Are you a narcissistic foodie or know someone who is? Thanks to the innovators at Japan’s FabCafe and White Day, you can indulge your sweet tooth while basking in the sight of a miniature gummy replica of you.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, the process is fairly simplistic. First is a trip inside a 3D full-body scanner, which creates the beginnings of your gummy self. With scan now complete, a custom human-like mold of yourself is made to be filled with gelatinous, sugary wonder.

So if you have roughly $65 to spend, plus money for a plane ticket to Japan, this isn’t a tough choice. Not to mention it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “eat me.”

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Dip These Mini Corn Dog Muffins in Sriracha Sauce


This simple recipe puts a spin on the classic corn dog while using a bit of imagination and ingenuity in the process. The traditionally corny batter is given a makeover with the addition of green chilies for a hint of spice but not overwhelmingly so — that task is left to America’s new favorite condiment, Sriracha. Yes, these bite sized morsels are paired with spicy sriracha sauce for dipping, just in case you felt the need to eat a fireball. Did I mention everything is placed inside a mini muffin tin and baked in the oven?! Too cutes.

So for the love of county fairs, crack out the cobwebbed muffin tins you once believed to be useless and give this one a shot! Peep the recipe here.

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Finally, Teaches Us How to Make Ice Cubes

ice recipe

For most of us, making ice manually is an inconvenience thanks to built-in ice machines, but not a complicated task. Then there’s the rest of the world that requires a recipe. Kudos to for filling us in on the art of ice making. Enjoy the user commentary below and remember, shut the freezer door, it gets warm in here.



ice ice baby









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Gumbo Cupcakes Are Bite-Sized Morsels of Mardi Gras


If you can dream it, it can be transformed into a cupcake. This is the motto Stefani Pollack of Cupcake Project kept in mind as she brainstormed her latest creation, the Gumbo Cupcake.

These bite-sized savory treats are packed with all the best Mardi Gras inspired flavors without the need for cutlery. Filled with smokey andouille sausage, topped with a slightly sweetened glaze, and crowned with a perfectly grilled shrimp, your brain may question the motive behind eating such a mysterious morsel but your mouth will surely thank you.

For those of you brave enough to step out of the chocolate and vanilla world we live in, check out the recipe here.

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The ‘World’s Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich’ is $237


The Bacon Bling sandwich, dubbed by the World Record Academy as the worlds most expensive bacon sandwich, clocks in at $237 (£150). This porky behemoth can be found at the Tangberry coffee house in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and contains an impressive list of ingredients that will undoubtedly tickle the fancy of bacon connoisseurs around the world.

Some of the ingredients included on this list are 7 rashers of rare breed pig bacon, sliced truffles, saffron, a free range egg, and of course, edible gold dust. After all, what good is a bacon sandwich without some edible gold.

Currently Guinness World Records does not consider this monster of a sandwich to be considered a record setter, but owner Paul Philips is hoping to change this by establishing a new category devoted to the worlds most expensive commercially available bacon butty. (That’s UK speak for sandwich.) While bellies are being filled and wallets are being emptied, know that the $237 you drop will be donated to charity, which is the reason behind the sandwich initiation, not gluttony. Surprise!

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Eat Your Way Out of This Cotton Candy House


From the maker of mannequin nutcrackers comes the sweet, fluffy, carnival-like wonder of this cotton candy house. This latest installment from artist Jennifer Rubell has everyone’s mouths watering, using nearly 1,800 cones of the pink clouds as insulation, the structure is sure to bring back childhood memories to those who witness its glory. Let’s just hope it hasn’t been overrun by a cannibalistic witch with a preference for small children.


New cotton candy padded cells! Complete with fruit roll-up straight jacket!



There goes the neighborhood . . .


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Science Says Alcohol + Diet Soda Gets You Drunker


Calorie counting alcoholics of the world rejoice! A new study has shown alcohol mixed with artificially sweetened beverages, like diet soda, can cause an increase in intoxication levels more so than its calorie heavy equivalent. Woo Hoo!

Published in the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, the study had sixteen participants (8 male, 8 female between the ages 21-33) who received vodka with either regular soda, diet soda or, for the unfortunate, a placebo.  Afterwards, a breathalyzer test was administered, a few timed computer tasks were performed, and a series of questions were asked which included how inebriated they believed to be (because everyone’s more honest after a few shots of vodka, uh huh). Long story short, those who consumed the vodka and diet soda showed an increased level of impairment when performing the computer tasks as well as a significantly higher breath alcohol concentration (BrAC).

Although, ask yourself this: Do you really want to be that guy/gal asking for a Whiskey Diet Coke?

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Mountain Dew’s ‘Kickstart’ Aims to Become New Healthier Breakfast Alternative


Have you ever received judging looks from co-workers for chugging a neon green bottle of Mountain Dew at 8 in the morning? Well fear no more dewheads, PepsiCo Inc. has developed a breakfast beverage claiming the same great taste as Mountain Dew but with a whopping 5% juice, Vitamins B and C, plus an extra dose of caffeine. That’s “5% juice,” folks. The name of this new drink hitting shelves this month: Kickstart.

Kickstart will come in flavors such as “energizing orange citrus” and “energizing fruit punch.” The new breakfast soda is designed for fans hoping to find a new alternative to their standard morning fare.

In a world infamously known for loving energy drinks with enough caffeine to cause heart palpitations and diabetic levels of sugar, Kickstart aims to separate itself by being the opposite with nearly half the caffeine as traditional energy drinks and artificial sweeteners. With a predicted decline in beverage sales over the next year for similar categories, maybe Mountain Dew’s latest drink with be enough to “Kickstart” a new wave of fans.

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