Australia’s Pizza Game Is Strong, Chef Creates 99-Cheese Pizza

The 99-cheese pizza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is as real as your feels right now.

Johnny Di Francesco, a notable Melbourne chef, made dreams everywhere come true by creating a cornucopia of cheese that may or may not have dough beneath it.

Di Francesco starts with a blend of 94 cheeses from all around the world that are melted together to form the base. The resulting cheese is blast-chilled to create a solid block, a delicious product in and of itself that should be available to the masses. Atop the base of the pizza, fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese, ricotta and shaved raspadura are layered down like a warm, cholesterol coat.

The reigning world pizza champion (there’s totally an international pizza competition) tested out the recipe six times before achieving the winning formula.

With the most recent iteration of TMNT coming out on Blu-ray tomorrow, it’s the perfect time to pretend it doesn’t exist, buy the original movie and be inspired by one man’s quest for ALL THE CHEESE.

The new TMNT might have a pizza van giving out free pizza across the country, but that only has one, maybe two cheeses on it.

A man in Melbourne knew what the world really needed this week: a $23 cheese pizza.

My body is ready.

H/t & picthx The Guardian

By J. Fergus

J. is an overbearing pizza snob who loves putting as much sugar as possible in cupcakes and coffee. They eagerly awaits diabetes.

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