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Aussie McDonald’s Goes ‘Macca’s’ for Australia Day


I’m going to start thinking of a kangaroo pun now, but in the meantime, here’s the deal.

Everyone has their cute little nickname for McDonald’s. It’s a fast food staple. We can’t help it. Mickey D’s, the Golden Arches, Ronald’s Place, Supersize-Me-Guy’s Tiny Square of Heaven. In Australia, it’s Macca’s, at least according to 55% of the entire population. Well, 55 is the magic number down under, because 13 locations throughout the country are changing their signs from McDonald’s to Macca’s, starting this week in celebration of Australia day. Mike Lollback, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s Australia said this:

“What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than by changing our store signs to the name the community has given us?”

I think I would start with free food, but to each his own.

The change, though temporary, started Tuesday in Sydney and Queensland and is said to “reflect McDonald’s place in Australia.”

Macca’s anybody?

H/T Finance News + PicThx Food World News

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